Tuesday, 23 August 2005

INDEX - Review: Food


Pastries, Cakes & Sugary Stuff
Sweet Things Are Made of These....
Mid-Autumn Festival
Glamour Delicacy for Glamour People??
Heard of Agar-agar Cake?
More Layered Goodies?
Let's Date!!!Indulgence!!!
Of Eclairs And Cream Puffs...
Goodies From Ipoh
More Goodies But This Time From Philippines
Un-traditional Swiss Roll?!??
Far Sang Woo
Egg Sponge Cake
Modernised Ais-Krim Potong
Still on Birthday
The Famous Kueh Lapis from Indonesia
Lapis Legit Happy
Review: Beard Papa at MidValley Megamall
Review: Buns From Federal Bakery
Review: Cuppacakes by +wondermilk
Review: Curry Puffs at Ikea's
Review: Butter Pastry Egg Tart from Tong Kee Brothers Confectionery
Review: Durian Cream Puff from Happy Meal
Happy Days
Review: Pastries from Yik Kee Restaurant
Review: A Little Bakery at Semua House Food Court
Review: Happy Grass - Fruit Bean Curd Pudding Powder
Review: Gardenia's Banana Walnut Loaf

Traditional Goodies
Bad Stick???
Glutinous Rice Dumpling aka Bak Chang
Alkaline Glutinous Rice Dumpling aka Kee Chang
Yet Another One On Glutinous Rice Dumpling
Ghee Hiang Tau Sar Pneah
Pandan Tau Sar Pneah
Fuzhou Bao
Review: Sin Eng Heong's Mini Kaya Puff from Ipoh
Review: Let's Log 'n Roll (Shifted to Ikano Power Centre, opposite A&W)
Review: Webbed Feet Delight
Review: Ipoh Mali Dai Bao and Dai Dai Lup Yue Tarn
New World Mooncakes
Teo Chew Mooncake
Something That You Can't Stop Digging In... (Honey Bacon from Wing Heong)
Review: Y E Traditional Dumplings' Healthy Brown Rice Chang

Kuih Koci
Ang Koo And Wong Thong Koe

Frozen Packages
Instant Tummy Warmer – Kawan Chapati
Review: Kawan Mini Rice Dumplings
Sweet and Sour Veaty Bites
Review: Veaty Bites - Pandan Chicken Style
Review: Pacific West Tempura Fish Fillets

Review: Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade with Roasted Garlic

Fruits & Vegetables
Multi-Coloured Capsicum (BellPeppers
Duku Langsat

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