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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 17 August 2005

The Swensen's Experience

Guess where is this???

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Haha this is the all too familiar lamp shades at Swensen's. It has been a long long time since I last stepped into Swensen's. They closed down for a few years many years back, by then the popular Haagen Daz, Baskin Robbins and the various gelato brands flocked the Malaysian shore till we're such a pampered lot. However, when one mention Swensen's... the immediate picture that come to mind is the Earthquake that consists of EIGHT huge scoops of ice-creams of your choice!

It has now branched out in serving meals instead of just a plain ice-cream joint. I went to one outlet recently to celebrate a colleague's birthday and was delighted with the choices there. Checking out their promo, they have Executive Lunch where one can order the few selected items on the menu and you can get complimentary Soup of the Day, a scoop of ice-cream and coffee/tea.

I've selected a Teriyaki Chicken Pasta. Service was rather prompt as our choices of tea/coffee came... but hey, don't they come at the end of the meal?? Just normal Lipton teabag for my tea...

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Then came the soup... *slurp* hmmm creamy chicken soup... that came from powdered form. Nothing to shout about.

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Bowls were not even cleared when the main attractions came. This is Teriyaki Chicken Pasta (RM17.80++), marinated teriyaki chicken accompanied with pesto spaghetti and stir fried seasonal vegetables. I know my two neighbours, BamBam and Gummi Bear, were gawking over my chicken hehehe and they said looked good... I took one bite of chicken... it was nice. Well marinaded. I offered the boys some chicken since the portion is kinda large to handle on my own. I dug onto the pesto spaghetti... wahh not bad leh and very generous with the pesto sauce, in fact I ate more of this than the chicken...

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*burrrppp* I was quite stuffed already when the two boys decided to order additional ice-cream. OMG, when Gummi Bear's Chocolate Crunch (RM13.80++. Chocolate ice cream, hot fudge and loads of crispy chocolate morsels.) and BamBam's Coit Tower (RM13.80++. A tower of Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream, strawberry and chocolate fudge toppings, fresh banana slices, almonds, whipped cream, jimmies, cherry and wafer.) came... it was my turn gawking at them... eh not them but at the ice-cream sundaes hehehe. I helped myself to some Chocolate Crunch as poor Gummi Bear was struggling to finish it. It was so chocolaty and I can see from his eye balls that he was floating on air on the way to Heaven. BamBam's nickname is Human Incinerator hahaha so he have no problem gulping down his dessert.

Now this is Gummy Bear's Chocolate Crunch.

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When our single scoop of ice-cream came, they really paled in comparison. Duh... all of us get the same flavour - Chocolate Malt which after tasting those smooth and thick chocolate ice-cream, it sorta leave a powdery after taste. I checked with the wait staff just to confirm the name cos we thought they gave us sub-standard ones since it's complimentary but apparently not kekekeke... the guy said that is how Chocolate Malt tasted like.

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Overall, everyone gave a very satisfying value for money deal. Food was ok but the company was greater. I won't have an issue coming here again. I've eyed some goodies to try next time!

On our way out, these little balls captured our attention, thanks to this hahahaha

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p/s: all photos taken with EX-Z750 under restaurant lighting without flash

I've read about Julia's (of Aroma Cookery) Executive Lunch experience over in Singapore. I did a comparison... well, we do not have designer's soup nor dessert! Not fair huh??


boo_licious said...

Ah, it's been quite a while since we went to Swensens. I like the lamb chops and baked rice there. Coit Tower is also a must whenever we're there.

NickTay said...

Hehe...Yes, that lamp is classics. Brings back many a memory of first dates! :)

Babe_KL said...

boo, yes Coit Tower i agreed, its a must have hahaha

nick, wahhh i see plural there hehehe... so how many first dates in Swensen's??

Unknown said...

Happy belated burpday guys!

Anonymous said...

Seems like the Swensens outlets in SG and KL are clones of each other. We even have the same Executive Lunch promo and menus! Only difference is that in SG, we have a more dressed-up version of the single scoop ice-cream, heh. :)

Babe_KL said...

hamsta, it was not the boys burpday la hahaha...

julia, i think the msia & spore are from the same management as they both shared the same website??

Julian said...

Haha, you're right... the first thing that always comes to mind whenever Swensen's is mentioned is their Earthquake.

Never, ever tackled it with less than three friends present. It was a great 'socializing' dessert - just grab a spoon and dig in!

Babe_KL said...

ya man, julian!