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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 18 August 2005

Multi-Coloured Capsicum (BellPeppers)

Look what I found on the supermarket shelves???

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I was captivated with the various colours in a bag of capsicum or also known as bell pepper and different bags have different colour combination. I can't resist picking up one. On the bag it has a label that said "Compost Grown"... what does that means? Organic? I don't think so cos they isn't any organic label on it. Maybe grown using compost prepared by the growers.

Check out how colourful they are...

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Frankly speaking, it was my first encounter with a dark purple and light yellowish green. I was very fascinated by them. The inner portion of the dark purple capsicum is green in colour!! Whoa... paiseh, me very sua koo hahaha... ("Sorry I'm such a country pumpkin" in Hokkien literally).

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Do come back and see what I did with the capsicums.


ac said...

babe jie, i've seen and eaten the light yellowish green one b4. there's even white capsicum (which i think u have in the pic). infact, there could almost be a rainbow colour (except blue la)

me berry fascinated by the purple capsicum worr :P got purple cabbage,carrot and now capsicum :D which supermart has the best selection? jusco?

NickTay said...

Very well done babe. I actually like to use all the different colours when I cook. makes the meal look very tasty.

q said...

looks very nice! i love roasting different-coloured bell peppers - well red, green and yellow ones so far - to mix with the tri-coloured spiral-shaped pasta.

do they taste different?

Babe_KL said...

ac, i got them at jusco, hv yet to see so colourful ones elsewhere.

nick, the colour make the food more appetising

q, they tasted the same actually, no difference but very colourful for salads said...

Awww sooooo cute.....I love 'em. But no way will they bring them to Penang marts. I love the looks, not the taste. Look forward to your creations.

Babe_KL said...

lilian, u dont like capsicum taste?? u shld start wid the yellow ones cos those r sweet! y cannot sell in penang?

boo_licious said...

I like the colour of the plate and the purple capsicum, nice contrast. G.C stands for Grace Cup which is an organic farm.

Babe_KL said...

boo, thanks for the head on. i hardly walk into organic shops hehe