Friday, 19 August 2005

Wonder How Things Are Being Transported?

I should have blogged about this back then but I was kinda lazy plus quite edgy due to the haze.

It was 11.17pm on the 10th August. Hubby and I were on our way back home via Jalan Kuching. Guess what??? We got stuck in a traffic jam. Could you believe it? It was already 11.17pm!!!! What the heck? See how long the crawl was... and mind you it was pretty hazy then too. Later as we by passed the "curve", blardy hell, they closed one lane to continue with their construction work, 3 lanes squeezed into 2 and it's not helping when inconsiderate people start to use the emergency lane.

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Eh, suddenly I spotted a lorry amongst the vehicles that got stuck in the jam. I checked with hubby just to double confirmed what I saw. Check out what are those stuff inside the huge black plastic containers...

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Can't see clearly ahhh??? Ok I zoomed in just for you... darn, I wished I had my dinosaur 10x zoom digicam with me!

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Can you guess what are those whitish thingy? Hahahaha... It's hard to tell yah? Let me tell you... those were loads and loads of TAUGEH (beans sprout)!!! Yes, no kidding. I think if the lorry flipped, I could be drown to death by them and next morning headline - Woman drown in a sea of taugeh! Hahahaha... omigosh.


  1. babe,

    Have seen this taugeh lorry before!! Its amazing how much taugeh there is isnt it? Its just amazing!

    -Makan Kings-

  2. So that's how they transport taugeh, must be from Ipoh since they have the best ones around?

  3. q, funny ha?

    makan kings, yeah can u imagine if your mom punish u by asking u to count the taugehs kekekeke

    boo, maybe huh?

  4. walao.. "wide open to pollutions"



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