Friday 27 February 2009

Review: Weng Hing @ Imbi Is Now Win Heng Seng


I've read a while ago boo_licious had posted about some changes over at Kedai Kopi Dan Makanan Weng Hing. Just like her, I hate changes but there are so many things going on with the eateries in the Klang Valley that it's so hard to keep up with. One day they are open, the next day they're gone!

One evening, Capt'n Hook drove to this corner shop hoping to eat the delish Hokkien Mee and I kept my fingers crossed that the stall would still be operating there. After gotten a very nice parking space right in front of the shop, I looked around... phewwww... thank goodness the stall is still there. I checked inside, the shop was given a new coat of paint and broken tiles were replaced on the walls and floor. Looked like a good clean up was done too but most importantly, the stalls operating are still intact! Thank goodness, otherwise it's hard to find a one-stop shop to savour pork ball noodles (sarm kan chong style); char koay teow; chicken rice; ccf and egg tarts. However, the only change was the management of the coffee shop and the shop has been renamed to Restoran Win Heng Seng.

Win Heng Seng

We have our standard order of Hokkien Mee (I think it's still the same price at RM6.00 for one single portion). We liked this dry version, full of wok hei (breath of the wok) and as usual filled to the brim with ingredients.

Hokkien Mee

This round, I asked for Loh Meen (thick noodles in thick eggy soup). Loved it with a squeeze of black vinegar. Just like the Hokkien Mee, this loh meen is laden with the same amount of ingredients. We slurped up the noodles plus soup until the bowl went clean.

Loh Meen

Boy, I'm really glad the stall is still here!!!

Review: Pork Ball Noodles at Kedai Kopi Dan Makanan Weng Hing
Review: Fried Noodles at Weng Hing

Restoran Win Heng Seng
183, Jalan Imbi
Kuala Lumpur

Psssttt those of you who were asking what was boiboi's fave car, here's one to refresh your memory :P

Subaru Impreza WRX

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Wednesday 25 February 2009

Review: Restoran Syed (aka Syed Bistro)

On Valentine's Day, Capt'n Hook declared his love to boiboi by making an appointment near Jalan 222 area Petaling Jaya to test drive boiboi's favourite car. We were supposed to tried one car but ended up testing the other one as well, hence by the time we were done, it was rather late for lunch. Instead of going around like headless chicken, Capt'n Hook asked the salesman to recommend a eating place. The first thing that blurted out of his mouth was Syed's Briyani. Capt'n Hook asked him if it's spicy or not else it won't be suitable for boiboi's palate. He assured us that it's super delish and not hot at all.

So the 3 of us trooped towards Jalan Barat to look for the place and finally found Restoran Syed located at the row of shop along the old Thrifty, now turned Courts.

Capt'n Hook placed his order of Nasi Ayam Briyani Bukhara (RM10.00) first. Sounded pricey eh but the portion is very huge and came with an egg and acar. There is no way I can finish up one portion and my boiboi is dead set not wanting to eat rice so I ordered chapati (RM1.50) instead and him roti cheese (RM2.50) *roll eyes*

Syed's Nasi Ayam Briyani Bukhara RM10.00

I tried some of the briyani and seriously... it tasted fantastic. The rice texture is just right, fluffy and the spices used were not overpowering. The chicken thigh was tender, easily torn off the bones and with the spices permeating the meat, must have been cooked for some time before achieving such texture and taste. There is mutton briyani other than chicken.

My chapati was fresh off the stove but too bad they do not have keema to go with it, otherwise it would be great. As for the roti cheese, no comment :p

The thick mango lassi (RM5.50) with hints of sweetness and tanginess was certainly a hit! We loved the one from Nirwana Bangsar but this is even better. The mango flavour is strong but not overpowering. Could be different type of mango used.

Syed's Mango Lassi RM5.50

Do you think I can ask for "kurang nasi or nasi separuh" (less rice or half rice) next time? :p

Restoran Syed (aka Syed Bistro)
No. 13 & 15 Jalan Barat,
Petaling Jaya,
Tel : 603-79555753
Opens 24 hours

They have branches in Shah Alam, Kelana Jaya, Bangsar and Subang.

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Monday 23 February 2009

Thanks to theQguides: Free Flow of YumSengs

No thanks to theQguides, babe_kl and Capt'n Hook were intoxicated 2 days in a row last week :p

The first, was to attend theQguides first makan (eating) and "minum" (drinking) session with some of the food bloggers (floggers) at Carlsberg, Shah Alam. It was great meeting the good people from theQguides and their sisters plus brothers under Intergricity banner; some regular floggers; and quite a number of new faces.

We were kinda excited browsing through Carlsberg drinking hole right at the factory but nope, there wasn't any factory tour nor tasting. We did however get to try whatever that were available there right off the taps and also in their cold cold fridges. I personally liked the COLD version which came super smooth and icy cold as they were freeze under -2C before coming out of the frozen tap, yes it was really frozen!

Carlsberg Mosaic

Right after some food, Jek and Lisa of theQguides gave us an insight as to what theQguides is all about and I have to say it's something terribily exciting for all foodies. theQguides will be launch later so do watch out this space for the date and details.

The following evening, we got ourselves invited to WIP "Closing" Party. As most of you have known, WIP as in Work in Progress located in Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC). Time do fly, one year have gone and it's time for WIP to morph into the concept filled with the patron's feedbacks. Based on Fred and Michelle (of Souled Out and 7atenine) sneak peak speeches... do watch out for a fun Ibiza based outlet and the food... a mix of Californian cuisine and more.

WIP Mosaic 1

We can't wait to be back for their opening, scheduled anytime between two to three months. Will keep you all informed of the date. Meanwhile, WIP was packed to the brim last Friday with invited guests. There were free flow of *ahem* beer and Macallan plus of course delish finger food. We can't lay our hands off the yummy fried chicken wings and pudding! There was an auction to sell off some of their furnitures and fixtures that we didn't get to witness as we left early.

WIP Mosaic 2

Remember okay... do come back often for the updates ;-)

babe_kl and Capt'n Hook would like to thank theQguides; the management of Carlsberg and WIP for having us. You guys are such wonderful hosts... yummmseeennnggg!!! (Sorry I know it's Monday but hey Friday's coming soon :p)

Thursday 19 February 2009

Stir-fried Cabage with Dried Shrimps and Tofu Puffs

Stir-fried Cabage with Dried Shrimps and Tofu Puffs

Been busy... something simple to tide things over but with a stupendous long name hahaha. In actual fact, it's just a simple stir-fried cabbage. All I did was slice the cabbage and tofu puffs (tofu pok or deep fried tofu) into strips. Wash and soak the dried shrimps for about 10-15 mins, otherwise they can be rather salty. Discard water and drain the shrimps. Heat oil in a wok and dump in loads of chopped garlic. Fry till fragrant then add the dried shrimps. When the shrimp turn golden brown, stir in tofu puffs. Next, stir in cabbage. Sprinkle in a little water whilst stirring. Pour in some oyster sauce to taste and stir to mix up. Dish up when the cabbage is cooked through and serve dish with rice. A great one dish that have fibre and protein for the day.

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Monday 16 February 2009

Review: Hong Kong Dessert Place @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur


Updated 3 November 2011

This restaurant has shut.


There was one evening, I met Capt'n Hook at Pavilion after his presentation near there. He was famished and we looked at the board... I knew it instantly he would closed on this Hong Kong Dessert Place. I supposed he was still hunting for those ultra delish desserts in Hong Kong but until now there is still no match in Kuala Lumpur heh :p

Hong Kong Dessert Place is located right at the circular atrium, more like a stopover than a restaurant proper. After taking a seat, I noticed we were the only patrons. There is no proper menu, just a piece of photocopied menu cum order sheets with quite a number of items crossed out. I hope they'll have a proper menu with photos as people tend to shop with their eyes first :D

The mains were classified according to the week number. We were there on the third week, there were 6 different types of steam rice with dishes and 4 types of soups. Capt'n Hook ordered Salted Fish Paste Pork Belly Rice (RM11.90) which seems to appear every week, I supposed must be a favourite. Since we sat very near their food counter, I saw the cook removed the porcelain container from the steamer. He then removed the metal plate that sat on the container and pour the dish into the container that held the rice. Some spring onions were spooned in before serving. Seems like a brilliant way. I tasted the pork slices which are tender and flavourful, needless to say especially so with salted fish in them!

Salted Fish Paste Pork Belly Rice RM11.90

I asked for Dry Chili Ginger Fish Fillet (RM11.90) which is served in the same manner. The fish portion is rather generous and not that hot even though a lot of dried chillies were found in there. The gravy tasted similar to the pork belly minus salted fish of course.

Dry Chili Ginger Fish Fillet RM11.90

Capt'n Hook had a very disappointing Bobo ChaCha (RM6.50). It's very diluted with a hint of coconut milk and has very little "liew" (ingredients) of yellow sweet potatoes, yam, kidney beans and large sago pearls inside.

Bobo ChaCha RM6.50

I tried their Mango Lo Lo (RM7.00). Even though the mangoes and mango puree were generous but this was spoilt by the coarse ice shavings and slightly under riped mangoes. I was literally crunching on the ice! I left most of the ice intact in the bowl plus I think they uses Thai mangoes instead of Philippines' cos they tasted slight sourish. Yes, Capt'n Hook did checked the dessert place he frequented in Hong Kong and was told they import Philippines mangoes for their mango desserts.

Mango Lolo RM7.00

A rather disappointing place for these 2 desserts but the steamed rice was all right. Judging from Capt'n Hook's reaction and the choices in Pavilion, looks like it will be quite a while before our next return here :p

There is a 10% service charge here.

Hong Kong Dessert Place
6.43.00 6th Floor,
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

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Friday 13 February 2009

Something That You Can't Stop Digging In...


Honey Bacon

As if the normal square shaped BBQ meat is not enough to torture our throat and waistline during CNY, Wing Heong has to come out with a bacon version!!!! Even though it's honey bacon (RM80/kg) but it's not overdosed in sweetness. The sedap (delicious) level is many folds over even for a non-snacker like me. I find these bacon strips were so hard to resist!

Honey Bacon from Wing Heong

Psstt: I heard that Bee Cheng Hiang have their own version too.

Wing Heong BBQ Meat

120 Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-2145 7386

Other branches can be found in SS2, Sri Petaling, Bukit Tinggi (Klang) and Kepong

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Tuesday 10 February 2009

Review: Restoran Kechara Oasis

We can't resist giving Restoran Kechara Oasis a try after seeing the tag "New Age Vegetarian Cuisine", what more with reassurances by Yozora that the food was great here especially the yue sang (raw fish dish) which was given a total new twist. Yozora arranged for a Chap Goh Mei lunch yesterday and we happily trouped down the errrmm basement??? of Jaya One. Seems like the new trend of not calling road level as Ground floor but for Jaya One, the ground floor is actually above ground... oh never mind.

To access this restaurant on Block D, you'll need to either park your car at B1 where Kechara Oasis' entrance is located, somewhat opposite of Overseas Restaurant; or from road level look for Killiney Kopitiam/News Junction and take the escalator up to B1 and proceed walking into the car park and turn left. You should be able to see Kechara Oasis from here. If you're coming over from Palm Walk, look for Simply Fusion Cafe and take the escalator down to B1 and walk into the car park and turn left.

We toured the place earlier last week, the setting were rich in magenta which is Kechara House signature colour, paired with beige and lots of silver Tibetan ornaments plus furniture, the place spell exquisite. A beautiful contemporary fine dining vegetarian restaurant, great to entertain guests. There is a special VIP room which one could use when the menu is above RM1K, they're waiting for the karaoke set to arrive. Wine is served but you'll need to inform in advance so that you can be placed in a separate dining area so as not to offend religious vegans in the main dining hall. Since the restaurant is very new, the proper menu is not done up yet, just make do with the current one printed on white paper first ok.

We started off with the Kechara Yue Sang of course. The different nuts and seeds on separate dishes were added to the various shredded carrot, white radish, seaweed, purple cabbage, pomelo and some other things we could not decide what were they. All Irene Lim, the Director, told us was we must lap up every single morsels cos they contain loads of selenium, collagen, vitamins and minerals that will make us look younger teeheehee! I loved the macadamia, cashew and sunflower seeds, on top of the usual peanuts which gave this yue sang a very crunchy and fragrant experience. However, RM58 for half a portion, I think it's a bit expensive AND should you like to try this, sorry, you'll have to wait till next CNY heh :p

Kechara Yue Sang (RM58 for half portion)

Yozora reserved 10 pieces of Deep Fried Vietnamese Spring Rolls (RM15) cos these babies run out fast! Beneath the crispy rice paper roll lies in the soft mushroom fillings. Served with lettuce and pickled carrot and white radish.

Vietnamese Spring Roll (RM15 for 10)

Yozora ordered Set C RM128 which can cater to 8-10 persons that have 6 main dishes and came with rice plus soup of the day. Here are the dishes we have yesterday...

Vegetarian Char Siu (mock bbq meat) is nice with a coating of sweetish char siu sauce.

Vegetarian Char Siu (Part of Set C RM128)

Then we have this Deep Fried Oyster Mushroom lightly coated with sweet and sour sauce. I like this cos the mushrooms doesn't taste oily even though they were deep fried! The sauce is not over powering at all.

Deep Fried Mushroom Cooked in Sweet n Sour Sauce  (Part of Set C RM128)

This dish of brinjal wins hand down for they're totally not oily. Not sure how this was cooked but the brown bits tasted a bit like lai yau. I believed these brinjal were cooked in water before being stir-fried just like this Stir-Fried Eggplants With Minced Fish which I've cooked before hence they don't soak up so much oil.

Brinjal  (Part of Set C RM128)

Next came the mock fish errmmm I'm not sure if it's known as assam sauce cos it tasted a bit like assam but it's not entirely sour like one. The mock fish looked like cod with rather similar texture. This is something I would order again.

Vegetarian Assam Fish (Part of Set C RM128)

Mapo Tofu was smooth and easily slurped down the throat. Not hot, great for people who can't tolerate hot stuff.

Mapo Tofu (Part of Set C RM128)

These stir-fried sweet potato shoots were great. Gently fried to retain crunchiness.

Stir-fried Sweet Potato Shoots (Part of Set C RM128)

I've ordered this Braised Yee Meen for my boiboi who was recovering from fever. The yee meen was braised till soft and contained a lot of ingredients which my boiboi did't ate much. He likes the yee meen so much that he asked for second and third helping. Later on our friend, Casper, scooped some for her 2 year old daughter. Turned out she liked it as well.

Braised Yee Meen (Small RM8)

Actually by now, the 6 adults were already very stuffed but we couldn't resist the desserts. The majority have Colourful Ice (RM5.50) which contained strips of nangka, jelly, sea coconut, longan plus I've no idea what else since I stayed far from them. Errmm I can't stand nangka smell :p

Colourful Ice (RM5.50)

And so I had Mango Pudding (RM4.50) instead. I have to say this smooth and soft pudding is freshly made and not using those instant powder cos can taste the milky bits but not overpowering. Irene told us the dessert chef is from China and he churns out the desserts in small batches and made fresh all the time.

Mango Pudding (RM4.50)

I haven't really scrutinise the menu but there are quite a number of other items we have to try. The prices of the dishes are quite well balanced with some rather steep priced stuff but of course they have reasonable ones. As with my other experience of vegetarian dining, this one is true to what Irene had preached... natural and healthy, less salt, less oil and NO MSG!

Remember do make reservation as the restaurant was almost full yesterday but that was most prolly because it was the 15th day in the lunar calendar plus Chap Goh Mei.

Restoran Kechara Oasis
D19, B1 Block D, Jaya One
72A, Jalan University, Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 603-7968 1818
Opening Hours:
Daily Lunch - 11.30am to 3.00pm
Daily Dinner - 6.00pm to 10.00pm

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Thursday 5 February 2009

Review: Friends Cafe @ Kepong

Friends Cafe

Back on New Year's eve, we went back to Kepong and Dad took us to Friends Cafe. Since it was still rather early, the place was pretty empty. I was quite skeptical but since my parents have been here numerous times, I guess they should be ok huh. My mom kept telling me to try one of their chu cheung fun (ccf, flat rice noodles) item, hmmm...

Whilst waiting for our orders, I noticed the lunch crowd slowly streaming in, wow... until it was quite occupied. Our drinks came first...

Capt'n Hook had a Teh C Special (RM2.20) which he gave it a slight stir before I managed to capture the layering effects. I took a sip and its nice. My Kedondong Juice with Sour Plum (RM2.80) was wonderfully refreshing whilst boiboi's Strawberry Smoothies (RM5.00) is the type which doesn't have milk in it.

Teh C Special (RM2.20) Kedondong Juice with Sour Plum (RM2.80) Strawberry Smoothies (RM5.00)

Since Capt'n Hook had a late breakie so he ate the Double Kaya and Butter Toast (RM2.40).

Double Kaya and Butter Toast (RM2.40)

My boiboi asked for Chu Cheong Fun With Bean Sauce (RM3.50) which has ccf, fish ball, beancurd skin (foo phei) and I think deep fried stuffed beancurd. The sauce was thickish and not overly salty. What I liked is there is addition of deep fried shallots on top.

Chu Cheong Fun With Bean Sauce (RM3.50)

Now this was the item that my mom asked me to try... Chu Cheung Fun with Peanut Butter and Bean Sauce (RM3.80), which basically consist of the same items as above with the exception of the sauce which has a combi of bean sauce and peanut butter sauce. Loved the extra peanut aroma here.

Chu Cheung Fun with Peanut Butter and Bean Sauce (RM3.80)

My dad had this bowl of Curry Mee (RM5.00) with blood cockles (see hum, add another RM0.50). I took a sip of the soup and find it's not too bad. My dad told me that previously they do not have see hum at all but I supposed there must have demands for them hence you get the option to add them in. For us, see hum is definitely a must in a bowl of curry mee.

Curry Mee Add Clam (RM5.50)

I quite like the cafe here. I loved how they separate the smoking section at the outer part of the shoplot and keeping the inner aircon section away from the smoke. The food is good and the menu is extensive so we must return to try them all!

Friends Cafe
C-G-17, Jalan Metro Perdana 2,
Taman Usahawan, Kepong Utara,
52100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel:603-6252 6052

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Wednesday 4 February 2009

Review: Sushi Zanmai

Enough of Chinese at the mo...

I have always meant to check out Sushi Zanmai ever since seeing countless postings of them in food blogs BUT there is always one deterrent factor - long queue!!! Something that put off Capt'n Hook, duh.


During December holidays, I took boiboi to watch Bolt 3D version at 1U whilst Capt'n Hook went to prepare some presentation slides at a cafe. After the show over, it was quite early for dinner but anyway I took boiboi over to Sushi Zanmai... and yet there is a queue snaking away. I decided to queue and nearing my turn I gave Capt'n Hook a call so he have no more excuses!

Whilst waiting for him come, I placed my orders and when he arrived, he placed his. We ended up having too much food :p

I so understand now why the queue thingy cos the sushi plus the food here are really above average plus the prices are certainly reasonable. Even though the place is packed but service is still attentive.

I'm not going to describe the stuff we ate but just let the pics do the talking...


Sake (L RM13)







Chicken Gyoza (RM9.80)

Kitsune Udon (Small RM6.80)

There were more food actually but I didn't managed to snap them up, the hot sake and drinks, all in all the bill came up to RM158.25 including 5% Government Tax and 10% Service Charge. See the receipt here for the detailed pricing.

Sushi Zanmai Bill

Sushi Zanmai
SK9a, Second Floor Highstreet,
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Tel: 603-7724 2030
Opening hours:
Sun-Thurs 10.00 am - 10.00 pm
Fri-Sat 10.00 am - 10.30 pm

Click here for other outlets address.

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Blog Revamping

Hello... I'm in the midst of revamping my blog to make my life a little easier. So do not be alarmed as work is still under construction.

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