Monday 16 February 2009

Review: Hong Kong Dessert Place @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur


Updated 3 November 2011

This restaurant has shut.


There was one evening, I met Capt'n Hook at Pavilion after his presentation near there. He was famished and we looked at the board... I knew it instantly he would closed on this Hong Kong Dessert Place. I supposed he was still hunting for those ultra delish desserts in Hong Kong but until now there is still no match in Kuala Lumpur heh :p

Hong Kong Dessert Place is located right at the circular atrium, more like a stopover than a restaurant proper. After taking a seat, I noticed we were the only patrons. There is no proper menu, just a piece of photocopied menu cum order sheets with quite a number of items crossed out. I hope they'll have a proper menu with photos as people tend to shop with their eyes first :D

The mains were classified according to the week number. We were there on the third week, there were 6 different types of steam rice with dishes and 4 types of soups. Capt'n Hook ordered Salted Fish Paste Pork Belly Rice (RM11.90) which seems to appear every week, I supposed must be a favourite. Since we sat very near their food counter, I saw the cook removed the porcelain container from the steamer. He then removed the metal plate that sat on the container and pour the dish into the container that held the rice. Some spring onions were spooned in before serving. Seems like a brilliant way. I tasted the pork slices which are tender and flavourful, needless to say especially so with salted fish in them!

Salted Fish Paste Pork Belly Rice RM11.90

I asked for Dry Chili Ginger Fish Fillet (RM11.90) which is served in the same manner. The fish portion is rather generous and not that hot even though a lot of dried chillies were found in there. The gravy tasted similar to the pork belly minus salted fish of course.

Dry Chili Ginger Fish Fillet RM11.90

Capt'n Hook had a very disappointing Bobo ChaCha (RM6.50). It's very diluted with a hint of coconut milk and has very little "liew" (ingredients) of yellow sweet potatoes, yam, kidney beans and large sago pearls inside.

Bobo ChaCha RM6.50

I tried their Mango Lo Lo (RM7.00). Even though the mangoes and mango puree were generous but this was spoilt by the coarse ice shavings and slightly under riped mangoes. I was literally crunching on the ice! I left most of the ice intact in the bowl plus I think they uses Thai mangoes instead of Philippines' cos they tasted slight sourish. Yes, Capt'n Hook did checked the dessert place he frequented in Hong Kong and was told they import Philippines mangoes for their mango desserts.

Mango Lolo RM7.00

A rather disappointing place for these 2 desserts but the steamed rice was all right. Judging from Capt'n Hook's reaction and the choices in Pavilion, looks like it will be quite a while before our next return here :p

There is a 10% service charge here.

Hong Kong Dessert Place
6.43.00 6th Floor,
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

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  1. dare to claim the name of HK dessert hse somemore..thick-skinned!

  2. I suppose boo boo cha cha is not a HK dessert? But the salted fish paste pork belly rice certainly captured my attention!

  3. Rice dishes thumbs desserts in a dessert place? Hmmm. Really must always expect the unexpected.

  4. Salted fish dishes always can bring up my appetite :)

  5. Nothing taste and smell quite like ham yee fah a claypot.

  6. what to do, nomad gourmand

    daphne, in HK they do have something similar and contain red beans one

    mimi, worldwindow & daphne, seriously anything with salted fish really bring out the appetite!!! hahaha

    ya lor tummythoz, very disappointing

    jackson, keep us updated!

  7. Disappointing desserts ?

    But the fabulous pix of the mango looks absolutely delicate and dreamy ( just like so....y)

  8. what a shame, the desserts looked nice alright. speaking of Pavilion, it has been weeks since I last went.. wow


  9. Shall keep this info in mind. Thanx!

  10. Ah... too bad the desserts were disappointing because it certainly look so good in the pic.

  11. BSG & Selba, sometimes we can't judge a book by its cover, can we? :p

    haha alex, time to make a trip then?

    oh dear, is that a no-go, Jason??

  12. is this place new? din notice the existence though.
    and to be situated on the premium 6th floor, without burning a hole in the pocket, guess that's reasonable enough for a try ...

    oh, and i've always thought Thai mangoes are the sweetest!

  13. J2Kfm, don't think its very new. i passed by there on Sun, seems to have photos buntings already


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