Friday, 13 February 2009

Something That You Can't Stop Digging In...


Honey Bacon

As if the normal square shaped BBQ meat is not enough to torture our throat and waistline during CNY, Wing Heong has to come out with a bacon version!!!! Even though it's honey bacon (RM80/kg) but it's not overdosed in sweetness. The sedap (delicious) level is many folds over even for a non-snacker like me. I find these bacon strips were so hard to resist!

Honey Bacon from Wing Heong

Psstt: I heard that Bee Cheng Hiang have their own version too.

Wing Heong BBQ Meat

120 Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-2145 7386

Other branches can be found in SS2, Sri Petaling, Bukit Tinggi (Klang) and Kepong

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  1. OMG!! I used to get this during CNY but I know my dad cannot has it so sort of like stop buying it,.

    oh gosh, i feel like getting one now

  2. ohh... i so luv them. I dont buy cos cant stop at one pc! *expanding waistline* uurghh.. ;p
    Hakka got weddin tat boss say ok one normally.. well, no nx time fr me unless someone's paying for it!

  3. oh nooooooo...another seriously addictive looking snack....oh yessssssss :P

  4. ooo yes, i have had this almost every chinese new year.. maybe not the honey ones, but just bacon strips. super yummy. i have a feeling that wing heong's would taste much better as i have bought other stuff from Bee Cheng Hiang and their products are normally too sweet for my taste.

  5. KY, i remember it was Kelvin who intro to me :p

    infectious huh lisa, rachel & daphne?

    awww nomad gourmand, too bad..otherwise like wat yr boss they're ok

    try wing heong next time, yozora ;-)

  6. tasted wuite a few . . .wing heong is still my fav . . .unless u can do some for to taste . . .ahem!

  7. Aiyo, I love these but had to stop myself from getting them so often!

  8. Does it taste dry? But they are definitely attractive!!!

  9. I think Bee Cheng Hiang started it first, then everyone follow suit. Bought half a kati during CNY. Finished already, hence now have to detox lol.

  10. waa.. new year.. new sin! you just added one more to my list ;) btw, is it too salty to eat straight up? ( i know you mentioned it's not too sweet)

  11. mike, yes WH definitely!

    wmw, very very difficult huh?

    mimi, not hard nor dry at all cos bacon has a lot of fat on it!!!

    yes simon hahaha i still remember the ppl snatching it a packet around :p

    c&c, nope best wid beer! woot!!!

    jackson, be warned! you'll fall in love with them!!

  12. Guess what I will be bringing back to New York this time when I come home ;)


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