Sunday 21 December 2008

Happy Dong Zhi 2008

Today, Chinese all over the world are celebrating Dong Zhi (Winter Solstice Festival) where everyone at home will be back for a reunion dinner. This year we won't be savouring mom's home cook feast as we will be eating out instead.

Tong Yuen

I wonder if there will be tong yuen (kueh ee/dumplings)???

Happy Dong Zhi.

Friday 19 December 2008

Stir-Fried Kei Chi Mix Vegetables

Stir-Fried Kei Chi Mix Vegetables

Another easy peasy AND super healthy vege dish cos no oil is used, unless you decided to make it more fragrant by drizzling shallot or garlic oil over before serving. Specially brought to you by babe_kl as an early Christmas pressie :D To a healthier 2009!

I will be taking a break next week since I doubt I would have the opportunity to be sitting in front of a computer. Happy holidays!!!

Stir-Fried Kei Chi Mix Vegetables

1 carrot, sliced according to your liking
1 bunch of asparagus, remove the fibrous layer with a peeler then sliced into lengths
1 pack of baby corn, remove husk and sliced into lengths
half a yellow capsicum/bell pepper, sliced

2 tbsp kei chi (boxthorn/lycium/Chinese wolfberry)
1/2 rice bowl water or you can use chicken stock

1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
A saucepan of water

1 tbsp oyster sauce or to taste
1/2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp sugar
2 tbsp water

1 tsp corn flour mix with 2 tbsp water

1. Clean and soak kei chi in water for 30 mins.
2. Boil (C) and blanch (B). Remove and set aside.
3. Heat wok and put in combined (D). Pour in kei chi together with the water.
4. Add in blanched vegetables and stir.
5. Thicken with (E). At this stage, you can drizzle in shallots or garlic oil over but I didn't. Serve immediately.

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Wednesday 17 December 2008

Menu For Hope V: My Pledge

Updated 17 December 2008

I will pin this up so that will appear on top but since blogger have this scheduled posting I can't put an advance date to the post. Any idea how I can do this without changing the date everyday?? Thanks.

Posted 16 December 2008 4:36 PM

Menu For Hope V was launched yesterday. Do join in to help in a small way to help end hunger in the third world and win raffle rizes at the same time.

After raising nearly $100,000 last year food blogger Pim Tchamuanvivit has again chosen to support the UN World Food Programme school lunch program in Lesotho.

How can you help?

All you need to do is buy a USD10 raffle ticket for prizes at First Giving or arrange for a prize to be donated and blog about it. You can read more about offering prizes here.

Donation Instructions:

1. Choose a prize or prizes of your choice from our Menu for Hope at

2. Go to the donation site at and make a donation.

3. Each $10 you donate will give you one raffle ticket toward a prize of your choice. Please specify which prize you'd like in the 'Personal Message' section in the donation form when confirming your donation. You must write-in how many tickets per prize, and please use the prize code.

For example, a donation of $50 can be 2 tickets for EU01 and 3 tickets for EU02. Please write 2xEU01, 3xEU02

4. If your company matches your charity donation, please check the box and fill in the information so we could claim the corporate match.

5. Please allow us to see your email address so that we could contact you in case you win. Your email address will not be shared with anyone.

rm200 voucher

Code: AP15

I am pledging a RM200 cooking class voucher at The Cooking House. The Cooking House is located in Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur offering fun and interactive learning experience. The hands-on learning, step-by-step demonstration and menu preparation are easy and enjoyable for novice as well as chefs. This offer is valid to KLite or those who are willing to travel to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for come cooking actions.

Check out the fun my boiboi and I have at The Cooking House.

Here's list of frequently asked questions to answer your every query.

Review: McDonald's Double Prosperity Burger

Every year towards Chinese New Year, I tend to look forward to go to McDonald's just for one thing... their Prosperity Burger, the beef version. The chicken version doesn't go well with the black pepper sauce in my book. It's only December but the Prosperity season has started cos Chinese New Year is only about a month and a +/- half away!!!

Well, technically I didn't eat this Double Prosperity Burger since I doubt I could finish the whole thing plus I was recovering from a long bout of food poisoning last week. So thanks to Miss Sweet 16 (pssst still 16 ka??? hahahaha...) for posing :p and allowing me to disturb her after some bites of the said burger.

Double Prosperity Burger

I've eaten the single portion and I have to say I'm lovin' it!!! The juicy beef patty smoothered with black pepper sauce topped with raw sliced onions on sesame seeds bun... very delish indeed but the sauce is HOT stuff! So if you can't stomach hot and spicy food, you might need to skip this. I'm sure Miss Sweet 16 had double the enjoyment chomping on the double amount of beef patties and Prosperity black pepper sauce!!!

BTW, the Twister fries that came with the set is really kick ass! They're absolutely crispy and crunchy till the last bite. Wish they could have this permanently in their menu. Capt'n Hook had the Orange Dream McFlurry but he said it wasn't good which was echoed by a friend. However, I still loved the Orange McFizz.

Oh yeah... I would like to mention the prices here. Tell me what do you think ok? The Prosperity Burger alone is RM8.88 and the regular set is I think RM13.88. The Double version, burger only RM14.88 and the regular set is a whopping RM18.88!!! RM20.00 for one meal at McDonald's and that's excluding dessert!!!!!!

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Tuesday 16 December 2008

Menu For Hope V, December 15-24

menu for hope big

Menu For Hope is back this year. For the details please read here or over at Facebook.

Check here for the master list of raffle prizes over at Chez Pim or Ed Charles of Tomato for Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand region.

On my side, I'm still finalising and awaiting for my code number from the organiser. Please spread the words around or it would be better if you participate by either pledging a food related prize or buy one or MORE raffle tickets :D

Monday 15 December 2008

Stir-Fried French Beans

Stir fried french beans

I usually stir-fry my french beans plain with garlic and a dash of oyster sauce but once I have too little french beans to make a dish. I peeped into my fridge and found some oyster mushrooms, carrots and beancurd sheet with fish paste. So I just sliced them all into strips and fry them with some oil and garlic. Add in a few dashes of oyster sauce to taste, sprinkle with some water and stir till cooked. Dish up and serve with rice. Yum... just be a bit creative and a new dish will emerge. No harm trying, you'll never know ;-) what's going to turn out.

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Wednesday 10 December 2008

Simple Stir-Fried Noodles

Simple Stir-Fried Noodles

Well this is the kinda food that I churned up at the very very last minute. Used those air-dried noodle ie. commonly known as Maggi mee but this one is Vit's which I usually stock up in my larder. Cook the noodles and drain as per instructions.

Saute chopped garlic in some oil till fragrant. Add in shelled prawns (found a small tub in the fridge that weekend) and stir till cooked. Next, dump in shredded oyster mushrooms and carrots. Mix well before adding the noodles. Pour in the seasonings ie. oyster sauce, dark soy sauce and pepper. Dish up and serve hot.

If my boiboi likes this, am sure you will too ;-)

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Tuesday 9 December 2008

Review: Restoran 3JC @ Plaza Low Yat


Was in Plaza Low Yat after work sometime back helping someone to buy a digicam. Ended up looking for dinner here. Had wanted to eat my fave ccf but they were out of ccf already :( even though it was only 7pm!!! Grrrr...

Walked in vain and decided to try out this Restoran 3JC which serves the kinda pork ball noodles (sarm karn chong noodle) that I liked.

Capt'n Hook had 3JC in Curry (RM8.80) and Iced Honey Tea (RM3.80). The curry broth tasted good slightly thickish of the coconut milk. Don't mind ordering this next time.

3JC - curry laksa

I tried their 3JC in Sauce (RM7.90) which is their house specialty with handmade noodles. The taste is totally off from a normal sarm karn chong noodle. The soy sauce concoction for the kon lou (dry) version tasted salty which lack a hint of certain sweetness. The supposed handmade noodles are not bouncy as expected but the only good thing is they do not contain alkaline. The siew cheung (roasted sausage) needless to say was quite disappointing as well. The saving grace was the smooth and springy pork balls.

3JC - dry noodle

There is a 10% service charge over the prices.

Restoran 3JC
Lot LG30 Lower Ground Floor
Plaza Low Yat
Tel: 603-2145 4911

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Monday 8 December 2008

Salam Aidiladha

Wishing all Muslim friends and readers
all the treasured moments of
peace and happiness today and always!


Thursday 4 December 2008

Braised Roasted Duck

What do you normally do with your left over roasted duck be it homemade or store bought???

So far I've done a Roasted Duck and Baby Tomatoes Angel Hair Pasta.

My mom gave me one half of a frozen roasted duck which I didn't want to reheat in the oven. So mom told me to braise it with preserved soy beans (min see). What I did was chop up the duck into smaller pieces. Minced a large handful of shallots and a few cloves of garlic, set aside separately.

In some hot oil, saute and sweat the shallots till fragrant before adding garlic. Continue to saute before putting in the minced preserved soy beans. Stir till fragrant before adding the duck pieces. Mix well. Pour in water till it's just enough to cover the duck. Let it come to a simmer and adjust the taste with some sugar, salt is only necessary if it's really not salty enough. Braise for about 20 minutes or until gravy thickens.

Braised left over roast duck

Best with hot rice especially when drizzle the gravy over the rice!

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Wednesday 3 December 2008

Brand's Blogger Challenge: and the winner is...

Updated 4 Dec 2008 10:50am: added in some links

Team Malaysia seats

Team Singapore which consist of Eastcoastlife, Wilfrid, Aaron, Endoh and Sheylara won the challenge by a mere 7 points. Congratulations to Team Singapore. Capt'n Hook said Team Malaysia had put up a tough fight though. *pats RedMummy, Sultan Muzaffar, KY, Suanie and Capt'n Hook back*

Detailed updates when Capt'n Hook returns.

Read more of the event here:
Team Malaysia
Sultan Muzaffar

Team Singapore

Media and etc

Tuesday 2 December 2008

Brand's Blogger Challenge

No no, Babe in the City - KL was not bestowed with Superbrands Malaysia status but was invited to participate in Brand's Blogger Challenge. Brand's as in the familiar green labelled glass bottled essence of chicken !

When I first received the email, I was kinda surprised why a normal food blogger was picked instead of one of those intellectual bloggers, you know what I mean??? No?? I tell you why... cos this is no any ordinary challenge! It's a first ever challenge between Malaysia bloggers and Singapore bloggers... YES, I kid you not!

Since I knew very well I won't be able to make it as it will be held on a weekday and in Singapore, I casually asked Selena of the PR firm , if I could send a rep or rather my sidekick and was glad she said yes. So that was the story of how hubby, Capt'n Hook, ended up representing
Babe in the City - KL under Team Malaysia together with RedMummy, Sultan Muzaffar, KY and Suanie. Just like what Suanie had put it... Capt'n Hook is in no way representing you as in Malaysian or especially if you blog kakaka... ahem must put in disclaimer first.

Brand's Asia Mental Performance Survey, a study of working adults’ definition, understanding and value of Mental Performance in different cultural contexts in Asia was conducted recently. The survey revealed that Singaporeans and Malaysians are relatively satisfied with their Mental Performance; however Malaysians are more engaged in improving this area compared to Singaporeans. Hence, the challenge will be held between these 2 groups to see who scores better in the area of Mental Performance.

Brand's Blogger Challenge Kit

We were sent 14 bottles together with a Brain Training Kit 2 weeks back so that Capt'n Hook will have one bottle a day prior to the challenge and practice on the brain teasers to have a first hand experience as to what the chicken essence can do in terms of improving mental performance. I tell you, I nearly fainted when I went thru those teasers and secretly scream for joy that I don't have to deal with them at the challenge :p so good luck Team Malaysia!

Capt'n Hook is already in Singapore and the challenge will be held tomorrow at 11.30am at Geek Terminal (55 Market Street #01-01). If you're Malaysian and available at that time and place, please go there and lend your support.

Cheers and all the best to Team Malaysia!!!

Monday 1 December 2008

Review: Nyonya Colors @ The Gardens

Just as my past visit to Nyonya Colors at 1 Utama, this round at The Gardens did not disappoint us. We loved the Nyonya inspired decor, let alone the colourful, pretty and tantalising kuih-muih on display which is kinda evil as they call out "bite me, bite me" whilst you queue to order and pay for your food.

Capt'n Hook had Nasi Lemak Pandan with Chicken Rendang. I stole some bites and totally loved the fragrant pandan infused steamed rice! Look how generous the portion of chicken.

NC - nasi lemak ayam

Boiboi picked plain old Chee Cheung Fun (flat rice roll RM3.90) which didn't disappoint. How I know?? Cos my boiboi finished 3/4 of the portion!

NC - chee cheung fun RM3.90

Since I knew I would be the one who will have to sapu (wipe off) my boiboi's unfinished ccf, I opted for a packet of plain Nasi Lemak (RM2.50 not exactly cheap huh?) and Mee Siam (RM2.50)

NC - nasi lemak (packet) RM2.50 NC - mee siam (packet) RM2.50

Capt'n Hook's Bubur Cha Cha (RM3.80) was no match to our fave in Penang. A little too watery for me but I like the black eyed peas in there.

NC - bubur cha cha RM3.80

I loved the Hak Lo Mai (Black Glutinous Rice RM3.30) though as it came very thick and filled with santan (coconut milk) flavour. If you prefer a watery kinda tong shui, you can skip this.

NC - pulut hitam RM3.30

We have some kuih-muih too but was too preoccupied in eating, hence no pics, but I have to say the kuih-muih were fantastic albeit they came in such small piece that I could eat them in one mouthful bite!

Nyonya Colors
LG 230A, Lower Ground Floor
The Gardens Shopping Mall
Mid Valley City
Kuala Lumpur

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Friday 28 November 2008

Review: Marmalade Kafe

Sometime back, I brought boiboi to Marmalade Kafe for his dinner whilst his daddy went off to run some errands on a Saturday. Ever since he could read, I would usually ask him to check out the menu and order whatever fancies him (*ahem* but the mummy still have veto power!). Sighhh but my boiboi tends to zeroed into Pasta section and pick lasagna, no matter where we go. His favourite place for lasagna would always be Delicious and I tell you... he even remembered the name for this dish - Classic Beef Lasagna... no need to read menu!!! *roll eyes*

And so as with Marmalade Kafe... he went and pick the same old beef lasagna (RM20.00) plus a cup of Chococino (RM5.00). The mummy had to go along and shared half one third of the lasagna and half of his chococino. The lasagna was just so so only and it seems I've heard from many that the standard have dropped. No wonder the kafe was kinda empty. Plus for that price, I think we could have gotten a better and hearty lasagna at Delicious. The Chococino, well, its just milk and chocolate, not thick, too little chocolate taste.

CM - chococino (RM5.00)

CM - beef lasagne (RM20.00)

I asked for a Lemongrass Ginger Tea (RM7.00) which thank goodness still retain its merits. No more room for cakes this time.

CM - lemongrass ginger tea (RM7.00)

There's a service charge of 10% in the total bill.

Marmalade Kafe
Lot 1F-18, 1st Floor
Bangsar Village II
2 Jalan Telawi 1
Bangsar Baru
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 - 22828 301

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Wednesday 26 November 2008

Simple Stir-fried Baby Nai You Bok Choy

Baby Nai You Bok Choy are small and compact with curled, glossy and broad dark green leaves; and have short creamy white stems. These are sweeter than normal Baby Bok Choy.

Stir-fried Baby Nai You Bok Choy

Clean them throughly especially the inner stems as grit tends to stay in there. Soak with some salt water and you're ready to go. The simplest way to cook them is stir-fry with some oil and chopped garlic in a hot wok. Sprinkle in some salt and water to cook them through which is like less than 5 mins since I liked mine crunchy. Serve immediately.

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Monday 24 November 2008

Review: Dessert's Bar

My friends and I decided to check out this Dessert's Bar at swanky Menara Hap Seng. Since there isn't many patrons, service was quick and attentive as it's still early. Even though each time I pass by this place and it seems empty, surprisingly the patrons slowly coming in as lunch hour wore on. Other than desserts, I could smell delish Illy coffee aroma from the next table. Hopefully business could sustain here.

We shared the following desserts. First up was Mangorita (RM10.00). A mango pudding sits in a margarita glass topped with a large scoop of lemon sorbet drizzled a mango and mint sauce. Generous portion of mango cubes (since there isn't any dragon fruit that day) and half a large strawberry surrounded the pudding. The pudding doesn't tasted like those instant package stuff. The mango flavour is real and it's not too sweet! The combi with lemon sorbet made this rather refreshing.

DB - Mangorita RM10

Next came the Rum & Raisin Banana Crepe (RM8.00). The bananas were pan fried in butter and came with a generous portion of rum soaked raisins. The goey mess looked kinda sweet but it's' not. Went extremely well with the crepe. Darn... could have been better if we opted for a scoop of ice-cream on top of this! Ok I know the pic looked errmmm pathetic :p

DB - Plain Rum and Raisin Banana Crepe RM8

We saw the signage that the Pannatini (RM15.00) was on a special price that day so we couldn't resist but order this. This time a vanilla panna cotta came in a martini glass, on a bed of strawberry compote. Generously topped with fresh chopped strawberries and 2 pieces of wafer biscuits. The sweet compote went extremely well with the plain panna cotta. Just like the menu said... a match made in Heaven.

DB - Pannatini (RM15) DB - Pannatini

I'm pretty impressed with the desserts here. They're not overloaded with sugar which is great but those with sweet tooth might complain though. I've tried a couple flavours of their ice-creams... not sweet at all which is kinda bad news for ice-creams heh :p Desserts can be less sweet BUT not for my ice-creams kekeke...

Anyway, when we were about to pay at the counter, we spied on a HSBC credit card signage. Upon enquiry, for HSBC credit card holders, they'll enjoy a free smoothie or ice-cream for purchases above RM35 (or something like that... sorry hor... my memory really failing me :(). So we have a scoop of ice-cream on the go. Very fruitful outting indeed!

Dessert's Bar
G-10, Ground Floor, Menara Hap Seng,
Jalan P.Ramlee, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 2141 0227

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Friday 21 November 2008

More Ways with Corned Beef

Here are more ways to enjoy a regular can of corned beef... or rather one can, 2 ways :D

I've read in a blog about those char charn teng (local cafes) in Hong Kong serves corned beef with egg on toasts. The pic seems like corned beef omelette so I pandai-pandai (cleverly) just stir-fry the corn beef for a while with a sprinkle of black pepper before breaking in the eggs. So here's one style... eaten in between two slices of bread or toasts (not pictured) with chilli sauce was a wholesome goodness!

Corned Beef Omelette

Next, I brown some chopped onions with some olive oil before adding corned beef. Sprinkle in generous dose of black pepper (I like loads with my corned beef :p). Stir and fry for a few minutes before pouring in strained canned whole corn kernels. Stir till well mixed and dish up. Best eaten by stuffing them into a warmed up pita bread lined with lettuce and tomatoes (sorry, no pics again hehehe - inside stomach liau).

Stir-fried Corned Beef With Corns

My other ways...
Corned Beef With Diced Capsicum and Onion
Quick Corned Beef Snack

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Thursday 20 November 2008

Review: Sister's Kitchen at The Podium, Menara Hap Seng

Menara Hap Seng, formerly known as MUI Plaza, had underwent a dramatic change under the new owner. It's no longer a drably building both inside and outside. The transformation was vast, so much so many would not be able to recognise this was formerly MUI Plaza. In place of the empty space in front of the building above the carpark, they have constructed an extension of 2 floors over the driveway. At night, you can be mesmerised with the strips of lights that changes colour on the glass and metal facade.

The ground floor banking halls and empty shop lots made way for a cool and swanky place for retail, well-being and of course, food therapy. So now the place is named, The Podium, is finally shaping up even though it was completed few months back. There's a stage in the middle of the concourse where once when I was there during lunch hour there was a 3-men guitar band singing lovely tunes. Here are some pics I took during CNY early this year...

The Podium, Menara Hap Seng

Other than the convenience of having CIMB and Maybank here, there are quite a number of F&B places opened but at the moment most of them are packed during lunch hours mostly catering to the office workers around Jalan Sultan Ismail, P. Ramlee and Raja Chulan. In the evening and weekends... I guess it's still quiet. There's an Old Town Kopitiam here for white coffee fixes but if you prefer lattes, fret not, Starbucks is a stone throw away, both offering free wifi service :D. Then to sweeten up after your mains, there's always Dessert's Bar on standby... which is not good for me since I can get sinfully good desserts within easy reach!

The Olive Tree is a Northern Indian restaurant which I've tried once. Associated with Pride of India at Desa Sri Hartamas, they serve buffet lunch at RM25 nett and the last I went they were having buy 2 free 1 deal for the buffet. Food, choice and taste wise at the buffet table didn't really satisfy me. Of late I noticed there were a lot of tour buses sending patrons to this restaurant.

Cafe 9 is a Malay restaurant and SanTerri Cottage which I've yet to patronise. Then there's Nagomi Shabu-Shabu which is not pulling in the crowds. One floor up, Elegant Inn and Xenri both serving Hong Kong and Japanese fine dining respectively. I'm very keen to try Xenri after boo_licious' review.

I'm sure by now, most of KLites would have somehow or rather tried the Sister's crispy popiahs where you can find their kiosks at most malls in the city. When I first chanced upon Sister's Kitchen logo a few months back at Menara Hap Seng, they kinda looked familiar and true enough this new eatery does belonged to the 5 sisters behind Sister's Crispy Popiah!

The menu isn't that extensive but enough to be bowled over with its local delights of nasi lemak, siam laksa noodles, seafood porridges, rice with side dishes and of course crispy popiahs. Snacks like deep fried wantan or popiah are also available.

To order, you'll be given a sheet of order form. All you need to do is tick and fill in your orders before passing the form to the staff.

There are 4 different sets of lunch choices going at RM14.90++. You can pick nasi lemak, siam laksa noodles, seafood noodles or seafood porridge. Choice of tea, coffee or iced lemon tea for drinks. You'll also be served with one appetiser and local kuih for dessert. That day I was given wantan and onde-onde; and another time I've gotten spring roll and a delish nine layer kuih.

SK - accompanying appetiser and dessert SK - coffee SK - iced lemon tea

So far I've tried their nasi lemak and seafood Siam laksa noodles. The nasi lemak was served with a huge piece of deep fried juicy chicken thigh but *ahem* the size varies on different days. Not the best nasi lemak but sufficient to satiate the taste for nasi lemak.

SK - nasi lemak

The seafood Siam laksa noodles came with loads of fish slices, squids, brown sotong and 2 large huge prawns! The laksa is not too thick and lemak (creamy) with a slight sweetish taste. I don't mind having this again.

SK - Seafood Siamese Laksa

I've tried the normal popiah and also the egg skinned popiah, both are equally nice.

SK - popiah and egg skin popiah

Service is prompt and efficient. Food is served rather quickly. The restaurant is quite spacious but it's always packed during lunch hours hence it can get rather noisy when patrons chat away.

Sister's Kitchen
Lot 1-13, 1st Floor,
The Podium, Menara Hap Seng (formerly MUI Plaza)
Jalan P. Ramlee
Tel: 603-2142 6988

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Blog Revamping

Hello... I'm in the midst of revamping my blog to make my life a little easier. So do not be alarmed as work is still under construction.

16 Oct 2012