Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Review: Restoran 3JC @ Plaza Low Yat


Was in Plaza Low Yat after work sometime back helping someone to buy a digicam. Ended up looking for dinner here. Had wanted to eat my fave ccf but they were out of ccf already :( even though it was only 7pm!!! Grrrr...

Walked in vain and decided to try out this Restoran 3JC which serves the kinda pork ball noodles (sarm karn chong noodle) that I liked.

Capt'n Hook had 3JC in Curry (RM8.80) and Iced Honey Tea (RM3.80). The curry broth tasted good slightly thickish of the coconut milk. Don't mind ordering this next time.

3JC - curry laksa

I tried their 3JC in Sauce (RM7.90) which is their house specialty with handmade noodles. The taste is totally off from a normal sarm karn chong noodle. The soy sauce concoction for the kon lou (dry) version tasted salty which lack a hint of certain sweetness. The supposed handmade noodles are not bouncy as expected but the only good thing is they do not contain alkaline. The siew cheung (roasted sausage) needless to say was quite disappointing as well. The saving grace was the smooth and springy pork balls.

3JC - dry noodle

There is a 10% service charge over the prices.

Restoran 3JC
Lot LG30 Lower Ground Floor
Plaza Low Yat
Tel: 603-2145 4911

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  1. if i remember correctly, they have an outlet in One-U too...^_^

  2. Hard to get a good tasting and balanced 'siew cheung'. eatingasia late November blogged on a very good 'siew cheung' at Weng Kee Sect 17 PJ.

  3. I won't be patroning 3JC because I can eat the same food at lower price in most kopitiam.

  4. 3JC is not the same as the sarm karn chong noodle at hawker outside. i know the authentic sarm karn chong owner ;)

  5. yes ling

    yeah cos its all hard work worldwindows

    simon, u get better tasting ones too!

    rachel, yes i know that too dat's why its lousy


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