Wednesday 30 January 2008

Review: Chicken Rice at Kai Yong Food & Beverage

Updated 6 June 2009: We passed by here last week and noticed that Kai Yong Food & Beverage signaged has been replaced with Kedai Nasi Ayam Kam Kee. Not sure if it's the same operator, will find out when I have the chance.


I was wondering around Petaling Street area looking for stuff and I got hungry along the way. I was too lazy to walk further for a chee cheung fun fix with the current HOT wave going on in the city, so I dropped by this place called Kai Yong. If I remember correctly, my ex-colleague said this is one of the shop he patronises after school instead of Nam Heong. Since I always go Nam Heong, I decided to head for this Kai Yong instead, for a change. Kai Yong's shoplot has a very very tall ceiling which made the place looked roomy and airy. I sat at the side which is quite warm but cool down quickly. Thank goodness, I was virtually melting there.

As it was my first time there, not sure what to order... I just asked for poached chicken, small portion. The next thing I know... these appeared right under my nose...

Kai Yong - Chicken Rice

Fuuuwahhhh... the "oil" rice, so old school... came in a bowl haha... got a plate of chicken PLUS ONE pork meatball in the bowl of broth LOL!!!! So happy... like kena (strike in Malay) lottery like that.

Looking at the rice, it's in a deep yellow hue... very very rich indeed. Made me feel very stuffed at the end of my meal. A little on the salty side since I'm more used to blander food.

The chicken, generous in portion, is not a smooth though but maybe because I've asked for breast meat. A little tough I would say but I'm ok with it. Ate them with tonnes of chilli sauce, blended garlic and ginger plus lots of dark soy sauce!

The meatball has bits and pieces of dried octopus which render a lovely fragrant it. The broth is nice and I don't think have MSG since I did not feel thirsty at all after lunch. Excluding the drink, the meal came to RM4.80.

The next time, I'm gonna order the beef brisket cos almost everyone asked for it and there isn't any left after I sat down not long. Some patrons asked for the broth to be served with their meatballs after hearing that they have ran out of brisket! This will be definitely on my must try list.

Kai Yong Food & Beverage
40, Jalan Sultan,
Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: 8.30am - 3.00pm
Closed on alternate Tuesday

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Tuesday 29 January 2008

Review: Nasi Ayam Goreng Berempah

Last Friday, I was checking out the stalls that mushroomed along Jalan Tengah (the road in between Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Raja Chulan (behind MAS Building/Aetna/Weld). It's very carnival like... errr not sure what they call these since they are opened only during lunch hour. It's something like pasar malam with stalls selling clothes, cloth, toys, plants, fruits, and of course food.

I walked up and down the road looking for the chee cheung fun man but alas he wasn't there, but smelt something terrible nice... my colleague pointed me to the direction of a tent in front of Aetna, it gotta be Aetna since I only saw the bright orange wall behind this stall hahahaha... She told me another colleague bought that before and commented it was nice. I took a look at the banner... it says "Nasi Ayam Goreng Berempah" and they were frying the chicken on the spot!!! No wonder it smelt sooo nice...

I asked for a packet of half rice and topped up with cucumber slices, some chilli sauce and a pack of curry but I need to wait for the chicken!!!! All the chicken were snapped up earlier and they just started a new batch. I stood under the hot sun for 20 minutes before I snagged a piece of chicken off the wok!!! So it better be good, hrrrmmmmppphhh...

ayam goreng berempah

Oppsie excuse me for pointing the bishop nose at your face kekeke, not my choice since I just grabbed whatever they put in the basket quickly. This fried chicken is basically deep fried chicken marinaded in spices. The chicken is very fragrant but the skin is not as crispy. Most prolly they were rushing to dish them out as the queue had gotten pretty long. It's pretty good with the tangy chilli sauce. Luckily it is worth my 20 minutes wait under the hot sun and it costed RM4.00.

Next time, I'm gonna go there extra early to beat the crowd or maybe I should call ahead hehe! Darn, I need to stop eating all these heaty stuff with the current hot weather but they're soooo tempting, sighhhhh...

Whilst I was there waiting for my colleague to buy kuih, I saw many people crowding around the cendol and rojak truck. Since it was so hot, I got tempted into asking for a cup of cendol (RM2.00)... business was very brisk until we have to place the cendol into the plastic bag ourselves. Bad move as the plastic cup is very soft, the coconut milk flowed outta cover and it's very messy. Luckily my colleague came in time to help me out.

By the time I have a sip, the shaved ice had already melted and its no longer cold, checked the fridge in the pantry... no ice either *sobs* have to drink warm cendol. It's quite nice actually and the coconut milk is pretty thick, in fact a little too thick. Very jelak especially when it's not cold. I can't finish it since it's so rich. Could have been better if more shaved ice is added to it. No pic cos it's extremely messy.

If you are going to check out this place, remember to watch out for on coming traffic as the road is not closed whilst trading is going on. I'm not even sure if the hawkers are trading there legally in the first place. So just be careful yah.

Nasi Ayam Goreng Berempah
Every Friday lunch hour at Jalan Tengah
Call 012-699 5747 for orders

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Monday 28 January 2008

Pumpkin and Ginger Muffins

Pumpkin & Ginger Muffins

I've used up half a pumpkin for my detox programme and I've another half to play with after my detox. After browsing thru my books I decided to make this Pumpkin and Ginger Muffins with a some minor tweaking. The recipe is from the 500 Cupcakes & Muffins book.

Pumpkin and Ginger Muffins (Makes 1 dozen)

300g plain flour
75g light brown sugar
1 tbsp baking powder
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/2 ground cloves
1 tsp ground ginger
pinch of salt
1 lightly beaten egg
115 g pureed pumpkin
75 ml fat-free milk (I've used low fat)
40 ml sunflower oil
3 tbsp chopped crystallised ginger (I've omitted since I don't have any on hand)
4 tbsp pumpkin seeds

Preheat oven to 175C. Grease a 12-cup muffin pan. In a medium bowl, combine all dry ingredients with a spoon.

In a large bowl, beat the egg, pumpkin, milk and oil with electric whisk till well blended (I've used hand power, worked as well). Add the flour mixture and mix till nearly combined. Fold in crystallised ginger but do not overmix. Spoon batter into the prepared tin.

Sprinkle each muffins with a few pumpkin seeds. bake for 20 mins. Remove tin from oven and cool for 5 mins. Then remove muffins and cool on rack.

Store in airtight container for up to 2 days, or freeze for up to 3 months. It is best to be stored in the fridge in our weather after the first day.

Adapted from the 500 Cupcakes & Muffins, By Fergal Connolly book (published by PageOne Publishing)

My batter turned out rather thick and sticky, maybe I could have over-stirred or the mixture is a little dry itself. The muffin tasted like steamed cake and I have to say the spices added is of "an acquired taste" kind. I had one with a cup of masala tea sans sugar or milk which went down terribily well together.

Pumpkin & Ginger Muffins With Masala Tea

Reaction from test bunnies as Yozora would have put it... some liked it but majority said it tasted funny or weird. As for myself, it will be quite all right with some tweakings. I would need an additional egg and instead of pureeing cooked pumpkin, I might just try grated fresh pumpkin instead. Will most prolly add in the pumpkin seeds into the batter as well.

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Friday 25 January 2008

Review: Restoran Foong Foong


Mention "Foong Foong", most KLites will immediately think of Ampang yong tau foo (beancurd and vegetables stuffed with fishpaste). It's so famous that it needs no introduction. I have been here since I was a kiddo. We always drop by here on our way to my aunt's house in Kampung Ampang Tasek. It has been a while I last went there since she have moved out of Ampang. Anyway, I went there quite recently with Yozora, JW and another colleague for lunch. Yozora was buying the two lunch and I happily tagged along upon her invitation kekeke... wai sek ma!

Parking can be horrendous unless you reach there like noon to grab a space in front of the restaurant. Otherwise you'll need to drive around to park further away.

After sitting down and got our drinks ordered, Yozora went to the counter and placed our order. The uncle then rattle off our order in Hakka via the loud speaker. Supposedly the kitchen staff will arrange those items to be delivered to our table. Goodness me, the uncle didn't age a bit hehehe. I've been seeing him doing the same thing for the past 30 years or so!

Our order came in a jiffy. First up was the delish dumplings (sui kow) in broth. Each dumpling came in quite generous fillings but strangely it doesn't contain one whole prawn. The prawn meat was minced up together with the pork!

FF - dumplings in broth

If you decided to make your own, check here.

Here is our plate of deep fried version of dumplings and also foo chuk (beancurd sheet) roll. It's soooo piping hot! Loved these as deep fried stuff are usually more fragrant.

FF - deep fried dumplings and foo chuk

We have asked for the mix plate where they will give a mixture of different items of yong tau foo. If you don't fancy anything just tell them that or you can just order which ever that you like most. Our plate has stuffed brinjals, ladies fingers, white tofu, bittergourd, red chillies and bouncy fishball. Each piece is rather substantial in size. You can order rice to go with these but we didn't. We were sooo stuffed at the end but yet Yozora had wanted to order more until we told her not to.

FF - mixture of yong tau foo

I'm not sure how much the total bill was since Yozora paid at the counter. Anyway, Yozora thanks for including me in the lunch escapade!

Restoran Foong Foong
621-A, Jalan Besar Ampang,
68000 Ampang

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Wednesday 23 January 2008

Donna Hay's Vanilla + Almond Biscotti

Sorry for the long silence, I was extremely busy with my work assignments. Only found some time to blog now. I've tried making Donna Hay's Vanilla + Almond Biscotti using the recipe from her Modern Classics Book 2 recently. It's sad to note that I never seems to be able to get the cookies dough texture right with all her cookies recipes, first the Star Cookies and then the Shortbread and Gingerbread. Could it be the ingredients over here or it's our humid weather??? I surfed the net and found out that I'm not the only one facing this issue kekekeke... so it's not me, at least :D

After mixing the ingredients together, the mixture turned out to be sticky which resembles a batter rather than dough hence there is no way to knead the dough. Since I've a very short memory, this silly babe went and add a little more flour thinking it will stiffen up the mixture. Well stiffen it did but the biscotti turned out a little hard. As I could not shape the mixture up, I place them into baking tins lined with non-stick baking paper as if I'm baking a cake! Worked as well. So the next round I'm going to do just that instead of pandai-pandai (cleverly) add in extra flour.

After the first round of baking, the mixture turned into a cake like texture. It's rather easy to slice them up using a sharp serrated knife cos I had always wonder how those cookie sellers could make paper thin biscotti. Taste wise, its good, not overly sweet and I tried dunking some into hubby's white coffee... hmmmm mmmmmm... nice!!! I've eaten many slices in one go once whilst watching telly, its a little hard but then its still crunchy... great to munch on... and now you see how my detox diet went down the drain hehehe...

Vanilla + Almond Biscotti

Vanilla + Almond Biscotti

2 cups (250g) plain flour
1 1/2 teaspoons
baking powder
3/4 cup (150g) sugar
3/4 cup whole almonds
3 eggs
2 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 160C (325F). Place flour, baking powder, sugar and almonds in a bowl and mix together. Add the eggs and vanilla and mix well to form a dough.

Place dough on a lightly floured surface and knead each piece until smooth. Shape ionto logs and flatten slightly. Place logs onto baking tray and bake for 35 mins. Remove from oven and allow to cool completely.

Cut logs into 5mm (1/4in) thick slices and place on a baking tray lined with non-stick baking paper. Bake for 10-15 mins till crispy. Store in air tight container and serve dunked into espresso coffee or liquer. Makes 40.

Ref: Donna Hay's Modern Classics Book 2, pg 27

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Monday 14 January 2008

Menu For Hope 4 Raffle Results

We are pleased to announced that Menu For Hope 4 have raised USD91,188.00 which is 50% increase from the total of last year!!! WOW... we can't do this without your assistance ;-)

Our apologies for a slight delay in the annoucement of the results. Please check Menu for Hope 4 raffle results over at Chez Pim if your name has been drawn.

For the raffle winners of the following items, kindly email me at babe_kl(at)yahoo(dot)com for further details on how to claim your prize.

AP21: 10 dinner set vouchers at Zuup Soup Bar at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (valued at RM180).

AP26: Jar of homemade chocolate chip cookies made by yours truly.

AP37: RM500 dining voucher from Elcerdo, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

To the organisers, contributors and hosts of Menu For Hope 4; all my friends and readers whom have donated; the management of Zuup Soup Bar; and Werner of Elcerdo:

With my hands clasped and brought close to my heart, on behalf of the beneficiaries in Lesotho, I thank you for your compassion and generosity. May all favourable conditions abound and may all obstacles be pacified for you in all your endeavours.

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Announcement: 7-Day Detox Programme

I've been receiving emails regarding my recent 7-Day Detox Programme but some of them have gone into my Spam folder. In case, I did not reply your email within 5 days, kindly resend your mail. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Regular blogging to resume once I'm free to do so. Thank you.

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Wednesday 9 January 2008

Happy Days

Since everyone went on a happy meal, so I may as well join the bandwagon...

I went to Madras Lane, again sometime back... Other than CCF and YTF; I also love the assam laksa and curry laksa but had to sweat thru lunch as it's HOT eating curry under the zinc roof!

YozoraNiteSky ordered a bowl of curry laksa and I was undecided since I was wearing a white shirt that day. Anyway, I succumbed to the temptation and had this absolutely sinful bowl of curry laksa!!!

Madras Lane Curry Laksa

If not mistaken, this bowl is from the stall, opposite the drink stall which is beside the YTF stall. Haha sorry hor I forgot to take down the stall number. To cut things short, it's from the stall where you can sit and order YTF. The first drink stall won't allow that I think. Dang complicated these hawkers territorial thingy!

Ooooo the laksa is filled to the brim with all the delicious trimmings of blood cockles, brinjals, long beans, chicken slices, pork rind, and taufu pok!!! Yumyum, I'm salivating now. I usually will drink up the rich santan enriched broth hahaha... very very sinful and sorry it's non-halal one.

Checked my shirt too... YAY no curry spots *giggle*

After sinning on such rich bowl of laksa, we popped by Happy Meals. Yeah the place I bought my durian cream puffs from. Teckiee told me their almond tarts are good so I decided to get a few varieties just to test out.

These are the almond tarts. Tasted ok to me since I loath almond essence taste.

HM - almond tart HM - almond tart halved

I prefer the coconut tarts more, it's moist and juicy coupled with soft, fluffy pastry. I would loved more of these! I usually don't dig coconut tarts as compared with hubby but these from Happy Meal, I have to say YES to!

HM - coconut tart HM - coconut tart halved

Other than those, I bought a cheese tart for boiboi. Since I did not taste it, not sure how was it. Boiboi said it was good but anything with cheese, he will said its nice *roll eyes*

HM - cheese tart

Sorry for the crappy photos, my phone don't perform well under artificial lightings.

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Tuesday 8 January 2008

7-Day Detox Programme: Post Mortem


My 7-Day Detox Programme has finally ended. I had to get back to work on the 8th day, so just to check what Pea had mentioned earlier... I wore a long shirt nipped at the waist and a straight trousers on that day. I had to keep pulling my trousers up... I noticed there is at least 1 inch of excess at the waist. The shirt no longer fit nicely at my waist... looked baggy, aiyoh I didn't realised I kinda looked like a bag lady somehow when the day wore on.

I felt rejuvenated and energised at least without much yawning thru the day especially the dreaded 4pm cycle.

Just not to shock my body, I ate fresh fruits for breakie and brought a fresh salad with the usual light drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar for lunch. Dinner was light too without any meat. Drank the last bit of the detox drink which was supposedly to be drunk on Day 5. Aiyoyo, I couldn't sleep again!!! Was still tossing and turning at 2am :-(

The next day, I wore a really tight fitting shirt with black trousers. The fitting sleeves is no longer fitting, still have some room, say about 1cm or could be a little less. Even the thigh part of the trousers are lose! So Pea, how's that?

I finally "buka puasa" (broke fast) with 3 big fat juicy chicken wings and one piece of fajita. Gosh that felt so good hehe... Had satay for dinner but I gave up after the 11th stick, usually I could go up to 15 sticks. Having so much meat is not a wise thing afterall cos it made my stomach bloated again...

Started having carbo on the day after, CCF for lunch and 10-grain rice dinner at my parents. Stomach continued to have that bloated feeling, much more than the day before. Darn, I really have to cut down on carbo but how to do that in Kuala Lumpur??? It's hard to find healthy eating place unless I pack my own... but it's sooo boring to do so everyday.

It has almost been a week since the last day of my programme. I am still benefiting from the programme. I felt more alert and filled with energy. This silly babe also found out the reason why it's harder to fall asleep at night during the programme. Must have escaped me earlier hehehe... the product did mentioned that increased metabolism during the detoxification process can cause such reaction! This indicated that the product is working on my body. So now that really explained all the energy I had in me thru out the programme. My face also looked supple and my sore throat did not develop afterall.

Generally, it has been a great experience and I don't mind doing this once a year or maybe twice, if I can get anyone to "sponsor" again hehe. Now that I know, I could also do this on working days since there isn't bad side effects. Also, from now on, I will try to cut down on meat and carbo, and replace them with vegetables and fruits. Might just do that on weekends.

OK, since I've been receiving some mails about this, here are some FAQs:

What is the name of the product?
Since I can't possibly endorse the product openly, please mail me for the name. This product can be easily found at pharmacies and not from any MLM companies.

Is the detox drink powdery and hard to drink?
No. This lemon flavoured drink which contained some herbs, fibre etc is rather pleasant to down. If shaken thoroughly, all the powders will dissolved save for some seeds which can be drank easily.

Any side effects?
So far, no major ones especially those stated in the product booklet. My only qualms are it's harder to get into sleep at night and it's so heaty, at least for my body.

How much weight has you lost?
Since I do not have any weighing scale at home, I can't tell. However, judging from the clothings, I think I did lost some centimetres here and there. Anyhow, this product is not a slimming product. With or without the product, I guess one could lose some weight with the kind of food that I've ate hehe.

Did your hubby join you?
No. Hubby has GERD and he's on full time med. Hence, he can't start this programme without the advice from his doctor.

Haissshhh enough of detox and back to my regular blogging hehe... Thanks for staying on.

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7-Day Detox Programme: Day 7 (Finally!!!)

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Monday 7 January 2008

7-Day Detox Programme: Day 7 (Finally!!!)

1 January 2007

Day 7 Recommended Menu

Detox Programme Drink
1 slice of toasted wholemeal bread with light margarine topping

Lean chicken salad with a slice of toasted wholemeal bread

Detox Programme Drink
Small serving of steamed fish and vegetables with small amount of brown rice

It's New Year and I feel like a new me!!! Boy, I was glad today is my last day of the programme.

I just had some apple slices, turnips and honeydew melons for breakie on top of my detox drink. I did not follow the recommended stuff for today.

For lunch, it was just a simple vegetable salad topped with tuna chunks in water, about 1/4 portion of a can (leftover from something I cooked for boiboi).

Fresh salad with tuna chunks

By late afternoon, hubby said he had cravings for KFC *roll eyes* of all things!!!! Arrghhhh temptation, temptation, temptation...

Since I thot he will be going for KFC dinner, I decided to pack a salad of turnips, celery, carrots, green apple and honeydew along when we went out. I ate those up around 6.45pm. I brought along the detox drink as well, just in case. When I reached my parents' place at 9.00pm, my tummy was rumbling. Grrrr, I wonder why I got hungry so soon, maybe dinner portion was a bit small perhaps. I downed the detox drink.

The "temptator" actually did went to KFC an hour before they closed just to satisfied his craving!!! @#%@ He "shared" an itsy bitsy teeny weeny slice of chicken breast with me @#$&@. Nevermind, I will remember WHO made me went thru this programme and what HE did to tempt me *nyek nyek nyek*

*Sobs* I was having hunger pangs by 11.45pm. I drank lots of water and tried to go to sleep but I can't. I watched some telly and I think I finally dozed off with the telly watching me till 1.00am. Got up and went to bed proper... before waking up for a fresh start at work.

**Some gross stuff ahead... read at your own risk as I need to document this for myself**

Overall, for today, the toilet biz was as usual. Had one urge whilst I was out. The pain on my tongue had decreased tremendously with the salt water gargles. Thankfully, no sore throat developed.

Stay tune for the post mortem of this 7-Day Detox Programme next ;-)

7-Day Detox Programme: How It Got Started
7-Day Detox Programme: Day 1
7-Day Detox Programme: Day 2
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Sunday 6 January 2008

7-Day Detox Programme: Day 6

31 December 2007

Being New Year's eve does not deter me from continuing with my programme. In fact, I felt so happy and determined that it's going to end soon... real soon!

I had a quick breakie of watermelon, green apple and turnips on top of the detox drink. Checked my fridge that I still have so many vegetables left haha... super kiasu in stocking up! I still haven't use my beetroots but nevermind, those can keep for some time.

As for lunch, I just had the usual simple fresh vegetables salad, quite similar to yesterday's. Decided to follow hubby out. He dropped me and boiboi at 1U in the evening whilst he went to KH for some prayers.

We were at the old wing with my boiboi's insistance of going to Toys R Us, so we looked for some bites over there for dinner. My boiboi looked at a few place's menu and he picked Dome Cafe. For 2 days in a row he had lasagna!!! I asked for a Seafood Salad. Both came so lousy... what's happening to Dome? I know my boiboi have good taste but he usually will loved his pasta and cheese in any form BUT this one... he had a few bites and started to become restless. He only had about 1/3 where the portion was way smaller than Delicious. Goodness! My salad is sooo pathetic... I don't need to say anything, you just see for yourself in the pic below. Worst of all, it's so pricy... for a lasagna and a salad plus a kiddy chocolate milk, I need to pay RM58.65!!! Darn... I should have walked over to the new wing and have another go at Delicious!

Seafood Salad at Dome

Anyway, hubby came and we went to KTZ for some snacks. Sighhh it's so hard to resist anything here so I opted for a combi of peanut and black sesame seed soup. Tasted sooooooo very good... sounded as if I had a bout of famine haha... Tonight I had the detox drink when I was back home even though it was late.

**Some gross stuff ahead... read at your own risk as I need to document this for myself**

Toilet biz as per previous day. Had the urge at 1U and luckily they have plenty of washrooms too hehe! My tongue still have some pain but luckily it did not brought me any sore throat.

I had so much energy left in me when I reached home even though my boiboi tires me out during our outing. It had past 2am on new year's day but yet I was still wide awake. I was tossing and turning till not sure what time before I was sound asleep.

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7-Day Detox Programme: Day 2
7-Day Detox Programme: Day 3
7-Day Detox Programme: Day 4
7-Day Detox Programme: Day 5

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Saturday 5 January 2008

7-Day Detox Programme: Day 5

30 December 2007

Day 5 & 6 Recommended Menu

Detox Programme Drink
1 piece of fruit
OR 1 piece of baked sweet potatoes

1 boiled egg with fresh vegetable salad
OR 2 pieces of vegetable popia wrapped in a snug blanket of raw lettuce leaves

Detox Programme Drink
Small serving of steamed fish and vegetables with small amount of brown rice
OR Lean chicken salad

I woke up early and made pancakes (I've used Nigella's recipe and will post this up later) for boiboi as a promise to him and hubby. Whilst making them, I did not feel any urge to have any even though they looked kinda tempting. Anyway, I had the drink plus a cup of yoghurt with some papaya and watermelon instead for breakie.

I was estatic that I could have an egg for lunch! YAY... my fave. So I made a fresh salad of some leaves, turnips, green apple, yellow capsicum and celery. Drizzled in a wee bit of olive oil and generous dosage of freshly grounded black pepper. Finally topped the salad with a hard-boiled egg with of course the yolk still running. Omigosh... this is soooooo good!!!!

Fresh Salad With Hard Boiled Egg

Hmmm now dinner is going to be a bit challenging as my SIL is buying us dinner. I had to find a place that serves greens. Sighhh...

Lucky hubby asked me where to eat so I picked Delicious since they do serve salad. I ordered a Warm Mediterranean Chicken Salad which thank goodness came with grilled lean chicken breast. However, the dressing is a little oily so I avoided those stuff at the bottom. What a lovely change instead of my usual pathetic salads!

Meditarranean Salad at Delicious

I was pretty full hence I skipped the detox drink. Anyway it was quite late when we reached home.

**Some gross stuff ahead... read at your own risk as I need to document this for myself**

Basically felt the same as the day before in the toilet department. I had a little urge when I was out after dinner. Luckily there were plenty of washrooms around haha... just had a little bit of floating stuff.

I no longer felt having a bloated stomach nor any tiredness. For once since I was on leave, I checked my face up close... my skin seems supple. I guess from the amount of water I downed each day, I'm not at all surprised to see my face in such lovely condition hehe...

And just for Pea, since I was going out, I decided to wear my 10-year-old jeans which I usually need to hold my breath in order to button up BUT hey presto, I could actually button-up easily!!! Wahseh...

7-Day Detox Programme: How It Got Started
7-Day Detox Programme: Day 1
7-Day Detox Programme: Day 2
7-Day Detox Programme: Day 3
7-Day Detox Programme: Day 4

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Friday 4 January 2008

7-Day Detox Programme: Day 4

29 December 2007

The 4th day brought the same old routine with the exception of about 45 mins of yoga before my breakfast. I had to stop cos my boiboi woke up and started "pressing button" on my body to test which "button" he presses will make me tumbling down whilst I pose plus he was laughing at me too *roll eyes*

Today, I only had some papaya and watermelon plus the detox drink for breakfast. I had forgotten about having yoghurt.

Oh dear, now I knew why I might be having a major sore throat... after reading the product label. It seems that this drink had loads of vitamins and minerals added to it. Darn!!! My body, essentially the Chinese called it "hui patt zhau po", cannot take vitamins supplements of all kinds. I will feel very heaty and sore throat is one of the major thingy followed by fever etc etc... no matter how much water I've pumped inside. So far, I've down more than 3 litres of water on a daily basis and yet... sighhh. So I kept gargling salt water as often as I could. Thank goodness by now my boiboi had recovered!

Came lunch, I had some fresh salad topped with raw almonds and sunflower seeds with papaya and watermelon. This time, other than balsamic vinegar, I drizzled in a bit of olive oil (no need to mention, its the extra virgin kind). At least they're more palatable now.

Fresh Salad

As for dinner, I had a medium bowl of pumpkin soup (neh the leftover) and some stir fried celery, carrots, cucumber and enoki mushroom with a little olive oil and garlic.

Stir fried vegetables

I had so much energy in me that I spent the whole evening after dinner ironing 2 weeks worth of clothes. Funny, I don't even feel sleepy. I noticed I've also yawn less. In fact, I watched thru Miami Ink and the new LA Ink until 2am AND I didn't even doze off. Very unusual. Prior to this programme, I can easily doze off until the telly watched me instead!!! Yeah even if it's at 9pm, I can just doze off. So I guess it must be the diet of no meat and carbs. Looks like I need to cut these off as much as possible from my daily diet especially carbs. I still need my protein of fried chicken and rendang heh.

**Some gross stuff ahead... read at your own risk as I need to document this for myself**

As in the big biz department, the morning was pretty usual and it's yellow floating stuff. Later in the afternoon I had the urge to purge but it's only a bit. I had this nagging feeling of purging towards the evening but it's those controllable kind. Had a bit of floating stuff out during one of my bout of urination. Luckily I'm at home, at least can dash to the toilet when I have such urge.

7-Day Detox Programme: How It Got Started
7-Day Detox Programme: Day 1
7-Day Detox Programme: Day 2
7-Day Detox Programme: Day 3

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Thursday 3 January 2008

7-Day Detox Programme: Day 3

28 December 2007

Day 3 & 4 Recommended Menu

Detox Programme Drink
1 piece of fruit with low-fat live yoghurt

Large salad of fresh vegetables with some raisins
OR 2 pieces of baked sweet potatoes

Detox Programme Drink
Lightly stir-fried vegetables or plain tofu dish with small amount of brown rice

Entering Day 3, I had much better sleep. Waking up less to check on my boiboi since he has gotten well. For breakie, I had detox drink, a slice of papaya and a cup of yoghurt. Then on to the usual chores.

Had steamed vegetables ie. carrots, cucumber, celery etc for lunch. By now I noticed I had a bit of sore on my tongue (right side), looks like a major sore throat is coming my way!

As for dinner, I adapted a pumpkin soup recipe into my way... a rather healthy version I would say. I fried some chopped onions and celery in a bit of olive oil. Tossed in a bay leaf which lent a very aromatic fragrance to the soup. Once the onions turned translucent, I added in cubed pumpkins. Stir a bit before adding just enough water to cover the pumpkins. Put on the lid and simmer for about 20 mins till pumpkins softened. Add in a wee bit of salt to balance the sweetness of the pumpkin.

Removed from stove and cool a little before I pureed them using a handheld blended. Next I poured in some low fat milk and put the pot on low heat until the soup came to a gentle boil. You may adjust the consistency of the soup by adding more water if you prefer a diluted version. Mine was rather thick.

Healthy Pumpkn soup

**Some gross stuff ahead... read at your own risk as I need to document this for myself**

So for dinner, I had a hot pumpkin soup for a change with a small portion of steamed vegetables. No hunger pangs either this time. Still feel the same... nothing extraordinary. However, I did felt having a metallic taste in my mouth and my big toilet biz is as per claimed floating yellowish waste. Noticed that I've stopped passing any gas for today.

7-Day Detox Programme: How It Got Started
7-Day Detox Programme: Day 1
7-Day Detox Programme: Day 2

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Wednesday 2 January 2008

7-Day Detox Programme: Day 2

27 December 2007

I got up at 8am and said good bye to hubby then continue to sleep till 9.30am. Have my breakie of one slice of papaya and detox drink at around 10. The fart got up at 10.30... fever seems under control. Did the usual yada yada...

Went out to buy some barley to make a cooling drink for boiboi, oh my passing by TWO nasi lemak stalls and the stupendous yummy hokkien char stall IS not a good thing. I've no idea why I had sudden craving for nasi lemak and hokkien char *sobs* never even had cravings during my pregnancy! Arrghhh temptations!!!!

Lunch, I had a slice of papaya and a bowl of raw almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Have a bit of raisins left from my baking, threw that in as well.

Raw almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and raisins

Drank loads of water and running to the toilet very often to relief myself off the large amount of water drank. The big bisness part of the toilet went smooth. Nothing unusual BUT the gas passed is urrghhh smelly!

Tried to get my boiboi to nap in the afternoon but he had loads of energy bouncing and rolling about on the bed. Had wanted to catch 40 winks but unsuccessful. Anyway, my boiboi was well and running.

Dinner, I had a salad of some salad leaves, carrot, celery, cucumber, green and yellow capsicum, long beans and baby corn. I had only sprinkle in some balsamic vinegar and black pepper. Boy, this salad is hard to swallow!!!! It's too dry... I suddenly felt like a cow :( Down the detox drink half an hour later. No hunger pangs tonight.

I still felt like usual but I noticed I wasn't lethagic at all thru out the day even the lack of sleep!!! At least one good thing eh?

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Tuesday 1 January 2008

7-Day Detox Programme: Day 1

Happy new year to all! Hmm I've been trying to logon to blogger to post this up yesterday's afternoon but I can't login. Anyway, maybe it's good to start this off on a brand new year. Before I start, I wish to congratulate Audrey of Audrey Cooks on the arrival of her newborn baby boy on Boxing Day!

Dear Audrey and family,

A new baby boy will change everything.
Except its own diapers hehe.
Congratulations, and let the fun begins :D

And so here we go on my Day 1 of the detox programme...

26 December 2007

Day 1 & 2 Recommended Menu

Detox Programme Drink
1 piece of fruit

1 piece of
fruit every 2hours

Some raw almonds or sunflower/pumpkin seeds

Detox Programme Drink
vegetables or vegetable soup with small amount of brown rice

Woke up early today around 7.30am. Drank half a mug of water. Waited for boiboi to wake up but the fart only woke up around 8.30am. Got him to get ready and have him drink his milk before going to the market to get the remainder stuff and also to get breakie for boiboi.

At about 9.45am, I had a small green apple and the recommended amount of the detox product. The detox product is shaken in a tumbler (came with the pack). I was worried that it will have the texture of those powdery hard to dilute protein drink but thank goodness it wasn't. Rather pleasant to drink as it's lemon flavoured. Kinda like it.

I knew I had drank 1.1 litre of water by lunch time. The programme recommended to drink 8 glasses of water a day or more which on a normal day, I would have more than 8 glasses in a day! So drinking loads of water is not really an issue to me.

By 1.30pm, I was feeling a little hungry. So I got myself half a bowl of raw almonds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds (not flavoured ie. salted or honeyed) and a slice of papaya. I didn't bothered to have fruits every 2 hours *roll eyes*

It was also around this hour that I discovered my boiboi was running a fever. I gave him some fever med but it doesn't seem to help much. He even puked once right after the med. Sighhhh... I monitored his temperature and had no mood to even do any yoga as per recommendation. Did the usually house chores though of sweeping and mopping the floor.

Come dinner time (7ish), I had a plate of steamed vegetables of long beans, baby corn, leaf amaranth (bayam) and celery. Easy peasy, just cut them up and place on a plate. Sprinkle some water over and cover with cling wrap. Microwave on medium for 2 mins. Voila... just a light sprinkling of salt and some freshly grounded black pepper will do. I tend to have my vege this way if I'm eating alone at home. Nice! Half an hour later I drank the detox product concoction.

I did not feel tired nor sluggish, no experience of any vomitting nor diarrhoea, no headache... everything as per normal, well except the frequent urination part which really irritates me.

Took boiboi to nearby clinic. The darn GP gave so much meds to the poor kid. Boiboi puked again right after the meds. Made him rest a bit and just gave him the fever med. Checked the fridge and saw the suppository there. Will make use of it if boiboi's temperature rises above 39C. He was still hovering around 38.4C, darn!

Oh dear, by 11.30pm I was feeling a wee bit hungry. Maybe my vege portion was too small. Anyhow, I down more water. I guess by the end of the day I had most prolly drank close to 3 litres of water.

I slept with boiboi in his room. I didn't really sleep, most time just lelap (close?) my eyes. Every couple of hours I woke up to feel his forehead. I was finally relieved that his temperature had gone down... yeah I stuffed in the ear thermometer at 6am and the reading came 36C. Joy!

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2008: Happy New Year!!!

To a joyful present and a well remembered past. There is no time more fitting to say "Thank You" and to wish you a New Year of health, happiness and prosperity. Best wishes for a magnificent New Year!

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