Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Happy Days

Since everyone went on a happy meal, so I may as well join the bandwagon...

I went to Madras Lane, again sometime back... Other than CCF and YTF; I also love the assam laksa and curry laksa but had to sweat thru lunch as it's HOT eating curry under the zinc roof!

YozoraNiteSky ordered a bowl of curry laksa and I was undecided since I was wearing a white shirt that day. Anyway, I succumbed to the temptation and had this absolutely sinful bowl of curry laksa!!!

Madras Lane Curry Laksa

If not mistaken, this bowl is from the stall, opposite the drink stall which is beside the YTF stall. Haha sorry hor I forgot to take down the stall number. To cut things short, it's from the stall where you can sit and order YTF. The first drink stall won't allow that I think. Dang complicated these hawkers territorial thingy!

Ooooo the laksa is filled to the brim with all the delicious trimmings of blood cockles, brinjals, long beans, chicken slices, pork rind, and taufu pok!!! Yumyum, I'm salivating now. I usually will drink up the rich santan enriched broth hahaha... very very sinful and sorry it's non-halal one.

Checked my shirt too... YAY no curry spots *giggle*

After sinning on such rich bowl of laksa, we popped by Happy Meals. Yeah the place I bought my durian cream puffs from. Teckiee told me their almond tarts are good so I decided to get a few varieties just to test out.

These are the almond tarts. Tasted ok to me since I loath almond essence taste.

HM - almond tart HM - almond tart halved

I prefer the coconut tarts more, it's moist and juicy coupled with soft, fluffy pastry. I would loved more of these! I usually don't dig coconut tarts as compared with hubby but these from Happy Meal, I have to say YES to!

HM - coconut tart HM - coconut tart halved

Other than those, I bought a cheese tart for boiboi. Since I did not taste it, not sure how was it. Boiboi said it was good but anything with cheese, he will said its nice *roll eyes*

HM - cheese tart

Sorry for the crappy photos, my phone don't perform well under artificial lightings.

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  1. Your laksa pic makes me want to fly to KL right now for a bowl!!! The last restaurant laksa I had was in London. It was close, but where no blood clams.

  2. Wah cheese tart!! I wanna try that the next time!

    And I know those Madras lane stalls....those guys are very territorial!

  3. shame to say that ive only tried the durian puff and i love it!! i'll buy the coconut tart next time..thx for the review

  4. Yummy! Not really a fan of curry laksa, but definitely craving for those juicy-looking kerangs. But may I know the exact location of Madras Lane?

    Nice pics though, keep up the good work :)


  5. curry meeeee.. love surry laksa wif pork skin.. slurp!

  6. Love the curry noodles..!! and the cockles..!!

  7. The laksa looks superb, and I remember only vaguely how good it was... must go n try ...

  8. Can't remember d last time I ate at that lane. Quite stressful.

  9. aiyo since you just successfully completed your professional detox program you should have dragged team bsg along to resist those terrible toxic sinful evil emptations !
    now how ?

  10. wa the curry laksa is beckoning to me! why oh why is it so far away?

  11. Eat there hor...cannot sit here, cannot sit there...hahaha...maybe should bring own makeshift table and chair! Hahaha....

  12. so poor thing hazza

    LL, so many things i wanna try at happy meal!!

    u shld try the coconut tart if u like coconut, kampungboycitygal

    cherryl, check here on how to get to madrass lane

    yammy, mamabok and bernsy...aiyoh u guys made me gian for one now!!!

    tummythoz, dun care lor, sit then ask hehehe

    huh team bsg, wat detox??? hehehe

    rachel, u can go there on weekends, just take lrt and get down at pasar seni. its within walking distance.

    wmw, wat a fantastic idea kekeke


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