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16 Oct 2012

Sunday, 6 January 2008

7-Day Detox Programme: Day 6

31 December 2007

Being New Year's eve does not deter me from continuing with my programme. In fact, I felt so happy and determined that it's going to end soon... real soon!

I had a quick breakie of watermelon, green apple and turnips on top of the detox drink. Checked my fridge that I still have so many vegetables left haha... super kiasu in stocking up! I still haven't use my beetroots but nevermind, those can keep for some time.

As for lunch, I just had the usual simple fresh vegetables salad, quite similar to yesterday's. Decided to follow hubby out. He dropped me and boiboi at 1U in the evening whilst he went to KH for some prayers.

We were at the old wing with my boiboi's insistance of going to Toys R Us, so we looked for some bites over there for dinner. My boiboi looked at a few place's menu and he picked Dome Cafe. For 2 days in a row he had lasagna!!! I asked for a Seafood Salad. Both came so lousy... what's happening to Dome? I know my boiboi have good taste but he usually will loved his pasta and cheese in any form BUT this one... he had a few bites and started to become restless. He only had about 1/3 where the portion was way smaller than Delicious. Goodness! My salad is sooo pathetic... I don't need to say anything, you just see for yourself in the pic below. Worst of all, it's so pricy... for a lasagna and a salad plus a kiddy chocolate milk, I need to pay RM58.65!!! Darn... I should have walked over to the new wing and have another go at Delicious!

Seafood Salad at Dome

Anyway, hubby came and we went to KTZ for some snacks. Sighhh it's so hard to resist anything here so I opted for a combi of peanut and black sesame seed soup. Tasted sooooooo very good... sounded as if I had a bout of famine haha... Tonight I had the detox drink when I was back home even though it was late.

**Some gross stuff ahead... read at your own risk as I need to document this for myself**

Toilet biz as per previous day. Had the urge at 1U and luckily they have plenty of washrooms too hehe! My tongue still have some pain but luckily it did not brought me any sore throat.

I had so much energy left in me when I reached home even though my boiboi tires me out during our outing. It had past 2am on new year's day but yet I was still wide awake. I was tossing and turning till not sure what time before I was sound asleep.

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Ms One Boobie said...

Detox can eat salad like this.. i think i can make it also ..?? you think..?

Babe_KL said...

of course mamabok! towards the end of the detox programme one needs to reintro meat slowly back into their diet.