Tuesday 4 September 2012

Review: Lunch Delivered By Lunch2U

**Halal Certified Suppliers, Pork-Free Kitchen**

I was contacted by Alexandra whom I've gotten to know over the years when she was working with Friedchillies. She is now a certified nutritionist with the American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA) and ventured into healthy lunch delivery service called Lunch2u. I loved the idea and concept of healthy lunch but with delivery thrown in, is really a bonus. Going out for lunch is such a hassle these days especially when your office area have limited food places, driving out for lunch in the short 1 hour just to get stuck in traffic and the tall task of finding a parking lot add on more stress to the hour.


One has to order the lunches via the website of Lunch2u the day before. Orders can be paid via Visa or Mastercard credit cards, paypal and also bank transfers, easy peasy. Lunches are delivered between 11:30am – 1.00pm. For the time being lunches are delivered to Damansara Heights offices, certain Mont Kiara buildings, Phileo Damansara 1 & 2 offices, Desa Sri Hartamas offices and orders can also be picked up at Lunch2U kitchen in Desa Sri Hartamas.

lunch2u.my packaging

Alexandra had sent me a few lunches to sample. What I liked inside the plastic bag are packed food in plastic boxes and the wraps are neatly wrapped in waxed brown paper. Loved that the information of the lunch item is printed clearly on a sticker with calories count stated as well! There are also paper napkins and sturdy plastic cutleries... and I really mean sturdy as I really hate those that are hopelessly useless ones that can break easily while jabbing on your piece of meat.

lunch2u.my wraps

There are 3 beautiful salads and first up is Moroccan Dreams which is a cous cous based salad. In there are chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, red onion and cucumber. Moroccan Dream is lightly tossed with olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice. I'm all right with the taste of this salad as I'm used to just plain salad tossed with lemon and olive oil but someone commented it was a little tart. I'm used to food a little on the bland side, so some of you might need to adjust with a little salt.

Moroccan Dreams

Next is a Pasta Pasta, a tri-coloured fusili pasta with tuna, red and yellow capsicum, oyster mushrooms, and red onion tossed with a lemon mustard vinaigrette. Nice when served cold but just like Moroccan Dreams, some of you might want to adjust with a little salt.

Pasta Pasta

Thai Journey gets the most thumbs up. I really like the punch of flavours in the slight spicy sour Thai dressing that melded well together with the baked chicken topped red rice, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and mango salad. Somehow sweet, spicy and sour flavours tend to always go well together. Highly recommended!

Thai Journey

We also loved the juicy and flavourful Love Me Tandoor! Healthy stuff here of tasty tandoori chicken pieces wrapped in capati with raita sauce and if not mistaken in there have cucumber and onion. I like how the wrap is tightly wrapped and it wasn't messy at all biting into one. This would be the best choice to have while working in front of the desk during lunch hour :p

Love Me Tandoor

These healthy lunches from Lunch2u are all good with me and as with many friends in the circle would gripe... Alexandra, please expand your delivery area! lol and my next one would be, do expand the menu so that we get to have more healthy but tasty food ;-)

Thanks so much Lunch2u to bring healthy food to our desks!

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