Saturday 29 April 2006

IMBB#25: Give Us This Day Yesterday's Bread

I've deliberately missed Sugar High Friday last week hosted by Lick The Spoon because it called for the use of liquer. Practically the whole household was on medication, hence there is no point in making anything using liquer since non of us could savour the end result. There were lots of interesting goodies posted for this event, go have a look here at the roundup.

So, I'm not gonna miss this month's Is My Blog Burning (IMBB). This installment is hosted by Derrick of An Obsession With Food (Wine) with the theme - good uses for stale bread.

caramel bread pudding01

This is something I've found in an old copy of Flavours magazine (Nov 1999 to be exact). This is a recipe filed under the title Recipe Time Forgot. Apparently a Benedict Wu found among the things his mother left behind was an old recipe book which he remembered as her cooking bible which she cooked his favourite childhood food, some of them long forgotten. He had shared some of the recipes in the magazine and this Caramel Bread Pudding is one of them.

Caramel Bread Pudding

100g stale bread with crust left on (I've used stale raisin bread)
6 tablespoons condensed milk
600ml hot water
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp salt

100g sugar
1 tbsp water
1 tsp lemon juice

Prepare caramel by cooking sugar, water and lemon juice on low fire until mixture turns a pale caramel colour. Do not stir and do not burn or caramel will be bitter.

Coat steaming bowls with caramel by tilting mould in all directions until caramel no longer flows.

Break up bread into large pieces. Put in a large bowl and pour hot water over it. Allow bread to soak.

Combine egge, vanilla, salt and condensed milk. Pour this over bread and mix. Rest for a minute then pour into prepared mould. Steam covered for an hour. Serve warm or better still cold.

Since I was using raisin bread, I find that they're not that absorbent, hence I reduced my hot water to 500ml. Even by doing so, I find there is too much liquid hence I've added more bread to soak them up. I've also used 3 eggs instead since it's pretty hard to get large sized eggs in my area.

Moist and laced with caramel, this steamed bread pudding is a lot less fattening than the usual baked bread and butter pudding. You can serve it with a dollop of cream or evaporated milk.

Hubby who loves caramel pudding find this tasted almost like caramel pudding except this one has bread in it and he's not a big fan of bread! I've tried both warm and cold version but I prefered the warm one personally as it is softer and moist, but most importantly it's not very sweet. The one pictured is actually a hot one which explained why there is no caramel liquid pooled around the pudding, so let it cool down more before serving. You may just heat it up using the microwave oven before serving.

Thank you Derrick for hosting this edition.

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Wednesday 26 April 2006

Chocolate Chip Cookies

So far I've never came across anyone who doesn't like Chocolate Chip Cookies unless you tell me you're one of the unique ones heh. I was stock taking my larder and found a bag of Hershey's chocolate chips and different bags of nuts inside. Oh my... I've gotten these to make the cookies for Chinese New Year but never got round to do it. Hence the sudden enthusiast to bake some chocolate chip cookies. It's not my first time baking them but it's my first using Donna Hay's recipe found in page 16 of Modern Classic Book 2.

I've made up the cookie dough without adding any chocolate chips and separated them into a few bowls to make a few variations of Chocolate Chip Cookies. I've omitted the dessicated coconut and it turned out fine. I've also varied the cookies sizes, from as large as my palm to bite size pieces. Feel free to experiment.

This is the Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Cookies. Oooo... I simple love this because of the hazelnuts. Do use a generous amount of the chips and nuts, just play by your ear on how much to add hahaha... the more the merrier!

choc chips hazelnut

The next batch of dough, I've added in chips and walnut!!! Simply irresistable!

choc chips walnut

This, I've added in the chips and plenty of chopped almonds. Imagine... every bite filled with chocolates and almonds... YUMZZZ!

choc chips almond

In another batch of dough, I've added in some cocoa powder, loads of chopped almonds and of course more chips. The cocoa powder lend a remarkable bitter chocolate taste to the cookies and it made the almonds stand out! They looked so pretty, don't they?

choc chips  cocoa almond

Due to my over generousity in the usage of chocolate chips, I ran outta them for my last batch of dough. I can't run out to get extra as BoiBoi was taking his afternoon nap and hubby was not around either. After much rummaging my larder and fridge, I suddenly got creative. Since I've used Snickers bar to make cookies before, why not use Toblerone (I've used the one in beige box which is the milk chocolate one)??? I broke up pieces of them and add them into the dough together with some chopped almonds. The result... fantabulous! The cookies were slightly chewy due to the nougat and honey content in the Toblerone. So technically this is not chocolate chip cookies but let's' just name it Toblerone Cookies hahaha... not very creative huh?

choc chips tolebrone

So, those were my variation of chocolate chip cookies. Are you inspired to bake some too?? Or would you rather run off to Famous Amos to grab some to satisfy your cravings??? hehehehe... (sorry if you've wet your keyboard with your own drool :p)

I'm not gonna post the recipe here due to copyright issues but you can find it here. Happy baking!

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Sunday 23 April 2006

Review: Seng Kee's Siew Yoke Meen


seng kee siew yoke meen

Featuring another signature noodles available at Seng Kee Chinatown Restaurant other than the famous claypot loh shue fun - Siew Yoke Meen (Roast Pork Noodles). The noodles are actually the sang meen used for wantan noodles. All they did was dry mix the noodles ala wantan noodles style before ladle crispy fried roast pork with garlic over it. I liked it, what about you?

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Goodies From Mix FM Roadrunners

Guess whom we bumped into yesterday's afternoon.... yea... the Mix FM Ford Escape Roadrunners!!!! We saw the Escape as we walked back to our car parked at Bangsar Village. Hubby and I always heard about them but we have never caught them insight so hubby decided to hang around and chatted with the guys for a while before the programme started.

Cold Excel and packet drinks we handed out for everyone. Very thoughtful as it was so hot yesterday. Loads of stuff were given away, some of them needed effort though by answer questions fielded by Dhan, Ericho and Hisham.

mixfm belanja minum

By the way..... Hisham aka Big Sham is quite a looker hehehe AND I found out he's Plasma Man!!!! Ahahahaha... check him out... I have to agree with Shaz that he's HOT! Watdaya think???

big sham

Hubby and I got quite some goodies. LG goodies bag which have pen, mouse pad, fan, cutesy glass; Gardenia bread; Coffee Bean vouchers; Marie Claire magazine; chewing gum; note pad; pocket calendar; Biore men's facial wash and a very beautiful and large Tan Boon Ming's brolly!!!! Woohoo fantastic. Thank you Mix.FM!!!


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Friday 21 April 2006

Boo_licious' Banana Cake Recipe

banana cake

I've tried out boo_licious' banana cake recipe and it turned out beautifully but I think I did not put in enough banana. Next time gonna add more... but nevertheless the cake still tasted fantabulous. Thanks boo_licious for sharing the recipe.

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Wednesday 19 April 2006


Hehehe a code used by Dafthamsta and myself, guess what it is??


It has been a long long time since I last have this with Dafthamsta and the rest of the gang, more like every since Oliver Super Sandwich has closed most if not ALL its branches. The sandwich place (Super Sandwich I think) that replaced it really can't be compared with the then Oliver Super Sandwich.

PBBT... got it?? No?? It's actually stands for Peanut Butter Banana Toastie!!!!

I made those in the picture using a sandwich maker. Simply place one slice of bread on the sandwich maker. Spread peanut butter on the open side. Next, place sliced bananas around the indentation. Sprinkle with some optional sugar or cinnamon powder or both. Place a second slice of bread with peanut butter side over the banana layer. You may also butter the sides of bread touching the plate of the sandwich maker to achieve a golden brown toastie. Latch on the sandwich maker and let the light go off. Stand by the sandwich maker to absorb the wonder aroma wafting thru...

Eat it while it's warm and watch out for the HOT fillings!!!

Hamsta, enjoy the PBBT virtually :D

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Sunday 16 April 2006

Review: Restoran Ayam Kampung Bandariya

ayam kg bandariya

That was my plate of mixed rice from Restoran Ayam Kampung Bandariya. I had had some sambal ikan bilis (anchovies), beans sprouts (taugeh) and the not-to-be-missed ayam kampung goreng. I kinda like the ikan bilis, a bit sweetish but yet spicy enough to pack some punch. I've a few types of gravies or rather curries (kuah campur) ladled over my white rice. In fact, a rather handsome young chap behind the counter was pretty generous with one of the gravy that contained chicken innards and french beans which made S very very jealous cos all he gotten was just the gravy heh. S, next time wear skirt lorrr kekekeke...

Ayam kampung is actually the Malay term for free range chicken. Essentially they're not very meaty and the meat are not tender at all due to the amount of space these chickens got to run about since they're not caged literally. So these chickens are lean and mean with all the exercises they got from their run about sessions. Normally, I'll buy these chickens to make Chinese soups. The flavour imparted is usually more intense and of course tastier.

This restaurant serves great deep fried ayam kampung. I can't really detects what were used to marinade the chicken before being deep fried. The chicken is usually crispy down right to the bones. The sambal (red and green chillies, bird eye chillies, roasted belachan and lime juice are detected) that serves along side the fried chicken compliments well. See how generous the handsome chap had laden my chicken with the sambal??? Not sure how much was my lunch as S had paid for it, yeah again... S very da generous one... Thank you, I still owe him one lunch and we might be going to Insaf (wait for the review IF we get to go there).

This restaurant is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, right across Santa Chapati along Jalan Tun H.S. Lee (the earlier portion of the road where it intersects with Lebuh Ampang). Be there early as the restaurant gets filled up by 1pm! And oh yah... parking can be difficult but you may park at the super expensive open air carpark in front of the building formerly known as Boom Boom Room or 11LA (ahem... only old timers like me and S knew where is Boom Boom Room hehehehe... W was very blur when we mentioned that ahahaha!!! Goshhh... now you know how old I am eh?)

UPDATED 19 April 2006

Here's the map as requested by KY. Just a simple one ok, me such a noob with maps. BTW can take LRT to Masjid Jamek Station as it's walking distance to this place. Enjoy! (Click to view larger map)

bandariya map

Restoran Ayam Kampung Bandariya
8 Jalan Tun H.S.Lee,
Kuala Lumpur

Monday 10 April 2006

Good Bye Angus...

It's time to bid farewell
for you had had served us well...

Adious Angus!!!

We love you lots and you'll be missed *sobs*

Sunday 9 April 2006

Review: Restaurant Ahamed Fish Head Curry

Updated 6 August 2008

Restoran Ahamed have shifted to around Jalan Lumut (off Jalan Ipoh, near Vistana Hotel) area. There are two outlets in the same area.

Woooohooo this one I MUST blog about cos someone very generously hosted this lunch. Thank you S for the srumptious lunch. We also have the company of J and W. Together the four of us literally have the whole table filled to the edges with the delicious dishes at Restaurant Ahamed which is famously known as Stadium Fish Head Curry. You know all these while I thought there were quite a number of branches scattered around the Klang Valley but S told me those were all fakes. He said there is only ONE authentic Stadium Fish Head Curry which is still located at Stadium Negara and they did not open up any branches. Oh my those fake ones were so unethical, they really named their restaurant Stadium Fish Head Curry when the real one have no mention of this phrase in their signboard!!!

Anyway back to the food, there isn't that many choices available, hence we literally almost ordered whatever that were displayed on the shelves. We have of course the star of the lunch... the fish head curry. Since the head is a HUGE one, there were quite some meat on it but we need to dig and dissect the whole thing to reach for them. The curry is on the thick side with a slight hint of sourish taste which I gathered must be from the tomatoes. It tasted right without overwhelmed by spices.

Other than the fish head curry, we have a plate each of squid (or also known as calamari), chicken and fish eggs which were all done deep fried style. The chicken was fantabulous... the batter gave a very fragrant aroma to the meat whilst the squid and fish eggs, I suspected used the same batter. The fish eggs are errrmmm... fish eggs lah, don't know how to describe, slightly on the thick side which explained it wasn't very crispy. Same goes for the squid rings. The rings were big (more than 50 sen coin size) which explained it's not as crunchy as I had anticipated. Overall they were fine since we were there for the fish head curry. S asked for a separate plate of kuah campur (Malay for mixed gravy made up of a few types of curries) which W and I diligently kept adding to our steamed white rice. The meal came with some fried mixed vegetables; a plate of cold cucumber, onions and pineapple (marinaded with some vinegar) salad and four slices of watermelon. Each of us have a bottle of mineral water whilst W had a 100+. All in all, the lunch costed around RM80. Do click on the pics to exploded them but one sentence of warning - you'll be drooling over them, heh.

stadium curry fishhead stadium deep fried chic

stadium deep fried fish eggs stadium deep fried squid

stadium mix vege stadium cucumber copy

The meal was so scrumptious till S wallopped ate 2 plates of rice... whilst J was struggling to finish his plate of rice kekekeke... W was quietly finishing up his share of rice on top of some of mine which I've shoved onto his plate. J kena perli (got chided in Malay) for not able to eat as much as he claimed he can. Anyhow we struggled and slowly ate our way through. See how we managed... just look at the aftermath!!! Ahahahaha...

stadium aftermath

Lunch was great but the company was the best. I had a great time catching up with the guys and I do hope we could get together more often for a wonderful meal like this. Once again, S, thank you for the lunch and J, thanks for the ride even though you didn't drive hahaha but I think hor, it's time to bring your 'wife' for a wash :p

Restoran Ahamed
Stadium Merdeka, Jalan Stadium,
50150 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 603-20707 411

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Thursday 6 April 2006

Cooling Drinks for Hot Weather IX - Double-boiled Pear and White Fungus With Red Dates

ya pear white fungus red date soup

Continuing with my cooling drink series, this is the ninth installment. This double-boiled sweet soup was introduced by my sister-in-law and it's supposed to be "yoon" (in Cantonese but not sure of the English equivalent, moistening perhaps? It's cooling but not the "leung" type as certain people, they can't eat "leung" food/drink.) Could be categoried as Yin as it is a remedy for Yang conditions such as heatiness.

Anyway, to make this drink. Peel and core yellow pear (one pear for each person). You can use any yellow pear ranging from the common Ya Pear to Shandong Pear or Dangshan Pear. Soak some (about 2 - 3 small florets for each pear) white fungus with water for 15 minutes or so. Wash and rinse them a few times when they have soften. The white fungus given to me is the compact type (sorry I forgot the Chinese name for this species), not the usual crunchy ones. Allocate about 4 - 5 red dates for each pear. Wash, soak and remove the seeds.

Place the 3 ingredients in a double-boiler and pour in water enough to cover them. Double-boil for about 3 hours on slow fire. In the last 30 minutes, put in some rock sugar to taste.

There... a very clear (ching in Cantonese) and cooling (yoon) sweet soup for the soul.

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Blog Revamping

Hello... I'm in the midst of revamping my blog to make my life a little easier. So do not be alarmed as work is still under construction.

16 Oct 2012