Wednesday, 19 April 2006


Hehehe a code used by Dafthamsta and myself, guess what it is??


It has been a long long time since I last have this with Dafthamsta and the rest of the gang, more like every since Oliver Super Sandwich has closed most if not ALL its branches. The sandwich place (Super Sandwich I think) that replaced it really can't be compared with the then Oliver Super Sandwich.

PBBT... got it?? No?? It's actually stands for Peanut Butter Banana Toastie!!!!

I made those in the picture using a sandwich maker. Simply place one slice of bread on the sandwich maker. Spread peanut butter on the open side. Next, place sliced bananas around the indentation. Sprinkle with some optional sugar or cinnamon powder or both. Place a second slice of bread with peanut butter side over the banana layer. You may also butter the sides of bread touching the plate of the sandwich maker to achieve a golden brown toastie. Latch on the sandwich maker and let the light go off. Stand by the sandwich maker to absorb the wonder aroma wafting thru...

Eat it while it's warm and watch out for the HOT fillings!!!

Hamsta, enjoy the PBBT virtually :D

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  1. darn ..... look at that picture ... glurp I think it have been a while i see chili or curry in red color :P ----- Mike mouth is full of saliva glurpp and im hungry grrr...haha
    i cooked curry for dinner just now but darn Mike mistaken it as brown sauce dish grrrrr hahaha (although the box is written as "Medium Hot") hahaha ----- Michelle

  2. mike, hahaha go add tomato sauce

    hehehe men!!! michelle just feed him any lap sap lah he sure will still eat it one :p

  3. Olivers Sandwiches gonna tutup? We loves going there. I like the vege sandwich and also their baked potatoes. Yummy ....... They used to have a branch in Subang Parade (now Secret Recipes) and I used to go there almost every week until they shut it down...

  4. flower, the franchise owner of Oliver Super Sandwich had withdrawn the franchise last year. in place of Oliver the owner had renamed the outlets to Super Sandwich. IMHO, the taste of their sandwiches and potato have gone down the drain! sad case man.


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