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16 Oct 2012

Sunday, 9 April 2006

Review: Restaurant Ahamed Fish Head Curry

Updated 6 August 2008

Restoran Ahamed have shifted to around Jalan Lumut (off Jalan Ipoh, near Vistana Hotel) area. There are two outlets in the same area.

Woooohooo this one I MUST blog about cos someone very generously hosted this lunch. Thank you S for the srumptious lunch. We also have the company of J and W. Together the four of us literally have the whole table filled to the edges with the delicious dishes at Restaurant Ahamed which is famously known as Stadium Fish Head Curry. You know all these while I thought there were quite a number of branches scattered around the Klang Valley but S told me those were all fakes. He said there is only ONE authentic Stadium Fish Head Curry which is still located at Stadium Negara and they did not open up any branches. Oh my those fake ones were so unethical, they really named their restaurant Stadium Fish Head Curry when the real one have no mention of this phrase in their signboard!!!

Anyway back to the food, there isn't that many choices available, hence we literally almost ordered whatever that were displayed on the shelves. We have of course the star of the lunch... the fish head curry. Since the head is a HUGE one, there were quite some meat on it but we need to dig and dissect the whole thing to reach for them. The curry is on the thick side with a slight hint of sourish taste which I gathered must be from the tomatoes. It tasted right without overwhelmed by spices.

Other than the fish head curry, we have a plate each of squid (or also known as calamari), chicken and fish eggs which were all done deep fried style. The chicken was fantabulous... the batter gave a very fragrant aroma to the meat whilst the squid and fish eggs, I suspected used the same batter. The fish eggs are errrmmm... fish eggs lah, don't know how to describe, slightly on the thick side which explained it wasn't very crispy. Same goes for the squid rings. The rings were big (more than 50 sen coin size) which explained it's not as crunchy as I had anticipated. Overall they were fine since we were there for the fish head curry. S asked for a separate plate of kuah campur (Malay for mixed gravy made up of a few types of curries) which W and I diligently kept adding to our steamed white rice. The meal came with some fried mixed vegetables; a plate of cold cucumber, onions and pineapple (marinaded with some vinegar) salad and four slices of watermelon. Each of us have a bottle of mineral water whilst W had a 100+. All in all, the lunch costed around RM80. Do click on the pics to exploded them but one sentence of warning - you'll be drooling over them, heh.

stadium curry fishhead stadium deep fried chic

stadium deep fried fish eggs stadium deep fried squid

stadium mix vege stadium cucumber copy

The meal was so scrumptious till S wallopped ate 2 plates of rice... whilst J was struggling to finish his plate of rice kekekeke... W was quietly finishing up his share of rice on top of some of mine which I've shoved onto his plate. J kena perli (got chided in Malay) for not able to eat as much as he claimed he can. Anyhow we struggled and slowly ate our way through. See how we managed... just look at the aftermath!!! Ahahahaha...

stadium aftermath

Lunch was great but the company was the best. I had a great time catching up with the guys and I do hope we could get together more often for a wonderful meal like this. Once again, S, thank you for the lunch and J, thanks for the ride even though you didn't drive hahaha but I think hor, it's time to bring your 'wife' for a wash :p

Restoran Ahamed
Stadium Merdeka, Jalan Stadium,
50150 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 603-20707 411

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