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16 Oct 2012

Sunday, 23 April 2006

Goodies From Mix FM Roadrunners

Guess whom we bumped into yesterday's afternoon.... yea... the Mix FM Ford Escape Roadrunners!!!! We saw the Escape as we walked back to our car parked at Bangsar Village. Hubby and I always heard about them but we have never caught them insight so hubby decided to hang around and chatted with the guys for a while before the programme started.

Cold Excel and packet drinks we handed out for everyone. Very thoughtful as it was so hot yesterday. Loads of stuff were given away, some of them needed effort though by answer questions fielded by Dhan, Ericho and Hisham.

mixfm belanja minum

By the way..... Hisham aka Big Sham is quite a looker hehehe AND I found out he's Plasma Man!!!! Ahahahaha... check him out... I have to agree with Shaz that he's HOT! Watdaya think???

big sham

Hubby and I got quite some goodies. LG goodies bag which have pen, mouse pad, fan, cutesy glass; Gardenia bread; Coffee Bean vouchers; Marie Claire magazine; chewing gum; note pad; pocket calendar; Biore men's facial wash and a very beautiful and large Tan Boon Ming's brolly!!!! Woohoo fantastic. Thank you Mix.FM!!!


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