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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Chocolate Chip Cookies

So far I've never came across anyone who doesn't like Chocolate Chip Cookies unless you tell me you're one of the unique ones heh. I was stock taking my larder and found a bag of Hershey's chocolate chips and different bags of nuts inside. Oh my... I've gotten these to make the cookies for Chinese New Year but never got round to do it. Hence the sudden enthusiast to bake some chocolate chip cookies. It's not my first time baking them but it's my first using Donna Hay's recipe found in page 16 of Modern Classic Book 2.

I've made up the cookie dough without adding any chocolate chips and separated them into a few bowls to make a few variations of Chocolate Chip Cookies. I've omitted the dessicated coconut and it turned out fine. I've also varied the cookies sizes, from as large as my palm to bite size pieces. Feel free to experiment.

This is the Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Cookies. Oooo... I simple love this because of the hazelnuts. Do use a generous amount of the chips and nuts, just play by your ear on how much to add hahaha... the more the merrier!

choc chips hazelnut

The next batch of dough, I've added in chips and walnut!!! Simply irresistable!

choc chips walnut

This, I've added in the chips and plenty of chopped almonds. Imagine... every bite filled with chocolates and almonds... YUMZZZ!

choc chips almond

In another batch of dough, I've added in some cocoa powder, loads of chopped almonds and of course more chips. The cocoa powder lend a remarkable bitter chocolate taste to the cookies and it made the almonds stand out! They looked so pretty, don't they?

choc chips  cocoa almond

Due to my over generousity in the usage of chocolate chips, I ran outta them for my last batch of dough. I can't run out to get extra as BoiBoi was taking his afternoon nap and hubby was not around either. After much rummaging my larder and fridge, I suddenly got creative. Since I've used Snickers bar to make cookies before, why not use Toblerone (I've used the one in beige box which is the milk chocolate one)??? I broke up pieces of them and add them into the dough together with some chopped almonds. The result... fantabulous! The cookies were slightly chewy due to the nougat and honey content in the Toblerone. So technically this is not chocolate chip cookies but let's' just name it Toblerone Cookies hahaha... not very creative huh?

choc chips tolebrone

So, those were my variation of chocolate chip cookies. Are you inspired to bake some too?? Or would you rather run off to Famous Amos to grab some to satisfy your cravings??? hehehehe... (sorry if you've wet your keyboard with your own drool :p)

I'm not gonna post the recipe here due to copyright issues but you can find it here. Happy baking!

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Flower said...

It looked delicious. I will try and make some. I have Donna Hay Classic 1, now I think I will buy the No. 2. Nampak really yummylicious.....

Audrey Cooks said...

Wow! great looking cookies! reminds me of the Pepperidge Farm cookies my nieces and nephews use to fight over.

Babe_KL said...

flower, i had wanted to get classic one but habish already, need to check out at borders next time.

thanks Audrey

Flower said...

I make my choc chips last nite. But I use block chocolate and break it into small pieces. Not bad at all. But then I think maybe the basic of the recipe already sedap, whatever you put into it will also be sedap. And one more things, you do not have morning sickness?

Babe_KL said...

flower, i no longer preggy lah.. go check my last month's posts.

whistler said...

wow.. very nice looking cookies, the toblerone is real creative.

Flower said...

So sorry lah for my ignorant. I know how you felt because I experience it once before. But you can always try again if you want to. That is how I get my first child. Trying again after the first mishap.
My thousand apologize again. Feel so stupid and dumb right now.....

Babe_KL said...

thanks whistler

hey flower, no big deal ok. doc said can only try again after 3 months, so we're waiting for the green light kekekeke so pls don't feel bad ok.