Friday 31 August 2012

Merdeka Open House 2012: Uniquely Malaysia Round Up

This year, Malaysia celebrates her 55th Independence Day which is also known as Hari Kebangsaan or Merdeka in the national language of Malay. We are proud to host the 7th installment of the annual virtual open house - Merdeka Open House.

As with the other years, let's pay respect to the country by starting off with our national anthem, NegaraKu.


Tanah tumpahnya darahku
Raykat hidup
Bersatu dan maju
Rahmat bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita
Selamat bertakhta
Rahmat bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita
Selamat bertakhta

Just like the past 6 years, a theme is selected and this year's theme happened to be Uniquely Malaysia. Participants just need to post up something they have cooked together with the recipe based on this theme. Other than that they'll need to write up about this dish and how it relates to them. This year's theme has to be something that is only found in Malaysia... well not something that other countries could lay claim that it belong to them. It's hard to lay a hand on food or dishes as the country has migrants from all over the world especially from around Asian region. They tend to bring along their knowledge, spices and goods with them. Best part is they marry them with the local items.

It's a difficult topic to argue about but we do certainly have quite a number of dishes that we can claim to be uniquely Malaysian. As I've mentioned in the announcement, some of the examples are Char Koay Teow, cendol, Teluk Intan Chee Cheung Fun, akok and the list could go on and on.

I would like to apologise first as the entries submitted for this year are just a handful. My mistake for announcing this late and I did not promote it hard enough like what I did last year. I will have to kick myself to buck up next year!

Without delaying, here are the dishes submitted for this year's open house, yummeh!

Wendy - durian cendol Wendy, the famous masterchef from Perak, Malaysia who blogs at Table For 2... Or More sent in a delicious Durian Cendol Melaka. It's something that we can't resist each time we step foot in Malacca. Fine shave of ice topped with delicious red beans, cendol, coconut milk and durian palm sugar, the best concoction ever on a hot day!

The ever supportive Alice of Jom Makan from Kuala Lumpur shared with us her adaptation of a delicious Yam Cake. I love yam cake but I'm kinda picky cos I only like those packed with yam. So homemade ones are the way to go. Do check out Alice's yam packed recipe Alice - Yam Cake

Sue - Sambal Ikan Bilis & Petai Next up we have sort of like our national dish of Malaysia, Nasi Lemak with Sambal Ikan Bilis & Petai, contributed by Sue Momster of Kajang, Selangor. Sue blogs at Cooking Momster. Well Nasi Lemak can't be unique since our neighbouring country has their own version but Sambal Ikan Bilis cooked with Petai certainly can. Petai is also known as stinky bean is something of an acquired taste but if you really like it like me, you'll definitely agree with me that sambal ikan bilis & petai would be something that will bring nasi lemak to another level.

Husband and wife team, Nate and Annie from House of Annie, now resides in Kuching, Sarawak. Now... their submission of Durian Flowers with Sambal Belacan is something really unique eh? Apparently durian flowers doesn't smell anything like durian but just like any other fragrant flower. If you're in Sarawak when these flowers are in season, make sure you do try them out. Nate & Annie - Durian Flowers with Sambal Belacan

Suresh - Chinchalok Relish With Shallot, Chili And Lime 3hungrytummies from Melbourne, Australia, submitted a dish definitely fits the bill. Back in the old days where chinchalok is not freely available on the shelves, we only get to savour them whenever it was given to my parents as buah tangan (gift). The submission of Chinchalok Relish with Shallot, Chili and Lime really brought back lots of memories. I also love Chinchalok Omelette!

Shannon of Malaysia of Just as Delish sent in 2 entries. Yippeee...! The first is actually my favourite of Gerang Asam (Spicy & Sour Curry Fish). This is a famous Malaccan Nyonya dish that I can eat bowls of rice because the spicy and sour gravy is so appetising. Shannon - Nyonya Gerang Asam

Shannon - Nasi Ulam Shannon's second dish is Nasi Ulam. I know a lot of people love Nasi Ulam just that it requires a good knife skill to shred the herbs really really fine. Quite tedious to prepare actually even though the recipe is simple. I teaches this dish in Kampung Cuisine theme at Bayan Indah... whenever I demonstrate how the herbs ought to be shredded, you can see the participants eyes rolling around haha.

Lastly my own submission of Bubur Lambuk Ayam to cap it all. This spicy chicken rice congee dish usually makes its appearance during the fasting month of Ramadhan. A congee of spices with coconut milk, it's certainly very special indeed as compared to the Chinese style congee. Babe_KL - Bubur Lambuk Ayam

That's the round up for our Merdeka Open House. Just a handful but I'm glad I managed to host it again this year albeit a little rush. I must really buck up for next year. Maybe we might want to do something different instead huh. Thank you to all the participants for submitting your entries for this virtual open house. Looking forward to the next one ;-) As I was rushing this out, do let me know if I've made any mistakes or missed out your post ok.

If you think this event is interesting, you might want to check out our previous round ups:

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Selamat Hari Merdeka!

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Uniquely Malaysia: Bubur Lambuk Ayam

Bubur Lambuk Ayam 03

Here's my entry for Merdeka Open House 2012: Uniquely Malaysia... Bubur Lambuk Ayam (Spicy Chicken Rice Congee). As I've mentioned in the Ramadhan recipe - Bubur Lambuk Ayam courtesy of Chef Fazli of Makan Kitchen, Doubletree by Hilton; Bubur Lambuk is a dish that is hard to forget. Once you've tasted it, you'll crave for more. This rice congee dish usually gets very popular during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadhan. The local community will congregate at the nearby mosques and cook up huge pots of this spicy rice congee to be distributed around to be served during breaking fast.

I was lucky to have tasted the famous version distributed by Masjid Jamek Kampung Baru and that was before it was crowned Bubur Lambuk Agong by the late Sultan Salahuddin of Selangor! Whilst I was researching on the net, it seems like different states would have their own version of Bubur Lambuk. Terengganu's version have shredded leafy herbs added, while the northern states like Kedah would have seafood added. Johor's version has dried shrimps and vegetables added.

Spices for Bubur Lambuk

The recipe is very simple, just like normal way of making rice congee, just that need to fry up the aromatics and spices before adding the rice and water. I've tried to use Chef Fazli's recipe but as I was measuring up the amount of spices, I find that it was wayyy too much for our tastebud. So I've reduced the spices and increased the rice in order to serve up a recipe for 3 - 4 servings. Traditionally beef is used but it's a hard to source ingredient in my area so I've used chicken instead.

Aromatics for Bubur Lambuk

So here's my take of Bubur Ayam Lambuk which Capt'n Hook and BoiBoi gave thumbs up. The aromatic and spices taste was just nice and not overpowering. Just like how I've remembered it to be ;-)

Bubur Lambuk Ayam
3 - 4 servings 

220 g rice, washed and drained
300 g minced chicken, mix in a pinch of salt and white pepper
2 Tbsp oil 

60 g (1 medium sized) onion, sliced into thin half rings
3 cloves (20 g) garlic, chopped
2 cm (20 g) young ginger, shred thinly
2 lemongrass, bruised 

1/2 Tbsp (20 g) star anise
20 g cinnamon sticks
1/2 Tbsp (20 g) cardamon, pound a little to release the seeds
1/2 Tbsp (20 g) cloves
1/2 Tbsp (20 g) corriander seeds
2 Tbsp oil 

1.5 Litres water
4 x 250 ml hot water (depends on the rate your type of rice absorbs water)
100 ml thick coconut milk
Salt and grounded white pepper, to taste
A pinch of sugar 

40 g fried shallots
30 g Chinese celery (daun sup/ketumbar), sliced finely
30 g spring onion, sliced finely
20 g red chilli, optional 

In a pot, pour in 2 Tbsp oil. Once heat up, add in the minced chicken. Fry till the meat is lightly browned. Loosen the meat when you stir them along. Dish up and set aside. 

In the same pot, add in remaining 2 Tbsp oil. Fry (A) until fragrant and onion a little brown on the edges before adding (B). Stir and fry till the spices are aromatic before adding the rice. Stir to mix well. Pour in the 1.5 litres water. 

Let it come to a boil before turning down the heat to medium low. Stir occasionally to prevent from sticking at the bottom. Now, the tricky part... once you noticed the water is almost dry down, pour in 250 ml of hot water. Continue to do this and add water until the rice is all broken up ala Cantonese style. I have to do this 4 times in total. The family prefer thick congee so that's how I've cooked mine. So you'll have to adjust the water level according to your liking. There's no hard or fast rules for cooking rice congee. In between adding the water, add in the cooked minced chicken. Adjust seasonings accordingly. 

Towards the end, just remember to keep a close watch and stir the congee once in a while. Once done, turn off the heat and serve while it's hot. Topped with garnishes before serving.

Bubur Lambuk Ayam 02

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Reminder: Last Day Of Submission for Merdeka Open House 2012

Last reminder... cut off time for submission is today's at midnight . This year's theme is Uniquely Malaysia!

Saturday 25 August 2012

Merdeka Open House 2012: 3 More Days

Sorry for not doing much to promote this year's event as one know it's the Raya and school holidays season. I think this year's event might see the lowest number of entries but it doesn't really matters huh when the spirit is there.

Just a reminder, 3 more days to go to submit your entry. This year's theme is Uniquely Malaysia!

Sunday 19 August 2012

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Wishing all Muslims 
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. 
Maaf Zahir Batin.

Saturday 18 August 2012

Festive Raya Recipe Courtesy of Makan Kitchen: Serawa Durian

Saving the sweet for last... the final recipe shared by Makan Kitchen, DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur is Serawa Durian. Omigosh Serawa Durian is one of my fave Malay bubur, well only for durian lovers I guess. If you have not tasted this... imagine the 3 Heavenly flavours of durian, gula kabung (a type of palm sugar) and coconut milk meld together.., yeaaaa it's super yum!

I wish to thank Chef Fazli and Chef Zul of Makan Kitchen, DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur for being so generous in sharing these traditional recipes with us. It's great to share a part of their heritage with us so that such traditional dishes will continue to thrive in Malaysia.

Serawa Durian
Resipi oleh Chef Zul, Malay Sous Chef, 
Makan Kitchen, DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur

Sarawa Durian

Ramuan dan bahan-bahan:
300g Isi durian/paste durian
70g Gula kabung, di parut
10g Gula perang (optional)
100ml Air
300ml Perahan santan
15g Garam
10ml Perisa pandan
2nos Daun pandan

Cara cara memasak:

Campurkan kesemua bahan di dalam periuk yang sederhana besar dan renih dengan api yang perlahan. Renih selama 10 minit atau sehingga kesemua bahan sebati dan menjadi pekat.

Hidangkan bersama roti jala atau pun pulut yang telah di masak.

Friday 17 August 2012

Festive Raya Recipe Courtesy of Makan Kitchen: Roti Jala

Roti Jala is always a hit dish for the foreigners and locals alike at my work place. Whenever the hosts wanted to showcase local cuisine to their foreign guests, we tend to have this dish to go with Chicken Curry. Instead of making the lacy crepe to be laid out and served, we actually prepare the hot plate and all the necessary utensils to let the guests have a go in making the roti jala. It's always a very fun process that even the young guests are delighted at it.

This is Chef Zul's recipe and from the photo, I can see there's a greenish version where most likely pandan juice is added for the colour and fragrant, and do omit the serbuk kunyit (turmeric powder) for this version.

Roti Jala
Resipi oleh Chef Zul, Malay Sous Chef, 
Makan Kitchen, DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur

Roti Jala

Ramuan dan bahan-bahan:
300g Tepung gandum
2nos Telur
2 tsp Minyak jagung
1 tsp Serbuk kunyit
300ml Air
150ml Santan
35g Garam
10ml Minyak masak

Cara cara memasak:

Campurkan kesemua bahan di dalam mangkuk bancuhan dan kacau hingga sebati.

Panaskan kuali yang leper dan sapukan sedikit minyak masak.

Tuang sedikit bancuhan tepung ke dalam bekas acuan berjaring dan layarkan bancuhan tadi di dalam kuali leper sehingga menjadi jaring.

Apabila telah masak, lipat jaringan tadi menjadi dua dan seterusnya lipatkan lagi sehingga menjadi tiga segi. Ulang proses ini sehingga kesemua bancuhan tadi habis di masak.

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Festive Raya Recipe Courtesy of Makan Kitchen: Kambing Bumbu

I've never tasted this dish before but from the pic, it does look delish. The unique point to me is the addition of crushed peanuts. Thank you Chef Fazli for this recipe.

Kambing Bumbu
Resipi oleh Chef Fazli, Executive Junior Sous Chef, 
Makan Kitchen, DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur

Kambing Bumbu

Ramuan dan bahan-bahan:
1kg kambing (di potong kiub)
90ml Santan
40ml Air (Optional)
40gm Kacang tanah (di kisar)
3nos Serai
20gm Serbuk ketumbar
20gm Serbuk jintan putih
20gm Serbuk jinta manis
100ml Minyak memasak

Di kisar halus:
70gm Bawang merah
20gm Bawang putih
30gm Halia
20gm Lengkuas
10gm Cili kering

Perasa (secukup rasa):
Lada sulah
Serbuk perasa
Gula kabung (Optional)

1nos Tomato, di belah empat
1nos Cili merah, di hiris
10gm Daun kunyit, di goreng (Optional)

Cara cara memasak:

Panaskan minyak dan tumis bahan yang telah dikisar sehingga kekuningan. Masukkan kesemua rempah dan tumis sehingga naik baunya. 

Masukan daging kambing dan di kacau sebati. Masak selama 10 minit dan masukan air. Renih sehingga daging kambing menjadi empuk.

Masukan santan dan kacang tanah, renih sehingga kuah menjadi pekat. Tambahkan bahan perasa mengikut kesesuaian. Hidang di dalam mangkuk dan di hias dengan cili dan tomato. 

Tuesday 14 August 2012

Festive Raya Recipe Courtesy of Makan Kitchen: Ayam Masak Merah

Ooooo I love Ayam Masak Merah! If I visit the Malay nasi campur stall, this would be one dish that I can never resist. I love the sweetish and tangy taste of the gravy. The only downside is sometimes the chicken are over fried and we tend to know at times they use their unsold fried chicken from the day before for this dish :(

Worry no more when I can make this now with Chef Fazli's recipe, hurrah! His recipe is a bit unique with the addition of chick peas (kacang kuda).

Ayam Masak Merah
Resipi oleh Chef Fazli, Executive Junior Sous Chef, 
Makan Kitchen, DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur

Ayam Masak Merah

Ramuan dan bahan-bahan:
600gm Ayam (dipotong)
80gm Minyak sapi
60gm Bawang merah (dikisar)
30gm Bawang Putih (dikisar)
15gm Halia - (dikisar)
2 batang Serai (di ketuk)
10gm 4 sekawan (kayu manis, bunga cengkih. bunga lawan &, buah pelaga)

400gm Tomato pes
400gm Cili boh
300gm Bawang (potong bulat)
4 tangkai Cili Hijau, cili merah (di potong dua)
2 biji Tomato (di potong 6)
50ml Susu cair
5gm Serbuk Kunyit
150gm Kacang kuda (di rebus)
Garam & Gula, secukup rasa

Cara-cara memasak :-

Panaskan minyak sapi ke dalam periuk. Masukkan bawang merah, bawanh putih dah halia yang di kisar. Kemudian masukkan cili boh dan tumis sehingga masak (pecah minyak).

Masukkan tomato pes ke dalam tumisan (sedikit sahaja). Tuangkan air and kacau. Setelah mendidih masukkan ayam ke dalam (masak dengan api perlahan).

Selepas sebati masukkan cili merah, cili hijau dan tomato dan kacang kuda. Setelah itu, masukkan susu cair ke dalam dan tambahkan bahan perasa. Akhir sekali setelah masak, boleh di hidang.

  • Tumiskan serai dan kayu manis terlebih dahulu 
  • Gunakan serbuk kunyit untuk menaikkan lagi warna masakan 
  • Nisbah bawang yang betul akan membantu menaikkan lagi rasa masakan 
  • Susu cair digunakan untuk memberi sedikit rasa lemak ke dalam masakan 
  • Kacang kuda di gunakan sebagai penambah bahan, boleh juga di gantikan dengan kacang peas atau sebagainya mengikut citarasa

Monday 13 August 2012

Festive Raya Recipe Courtesy of Makan Kitchen: Rendang Daging

Since my work place, Bayan Indah, is famous for it's local cuisine, Rendang Daging (a dry curry dish) tend to be one of the most requested dish to be served in functions. I can eat that very often and don't feel bored with it all because the aromatics used for this dish made the rendang very flavourful.

Chef Fazli had shared this recipe out generously. You can replicate this dish using chicken if you don't take beef. Just cut your chicken into fairly large pieces and the time to cook chicken is wayyy shorter.

Rendang Daging
Resipi oleh Chef Fazli, Executive Junior Sous Chef, 
Makan Kitchen, DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur

Rendang Daging

Ramuan dan bahan-bahan:
1kg Daging lembu (di potong dadu)
90ml Santan
40ml Air (Optional)
60gm Kerisik
5gm Daun kunyit (di mayang halus)
5gm Daun limau purut

Di kisar halus:
80gm Bawang merah
20gm Bawang putih
40gm Halia
20gm Lengkuas
40gm Cili kering
70gm Serai
20gm Kunyit hidup

Perasa (secukup rasa):
Lada sulah
Serbuk pati (Optional)
Gula kabung (Optional)
Kicap soya pekat (Optional)

1nos Cili merah, di hiris
10gm Daun kunyit, di goreng (Optional)

Cara cara memasak:

Di dalam periuk yang sederhana besar, masukan bahan yang telah dikisar beserta daging, santan dan dimasak dengan api yang perlahan. Renih selama 30 minit dan kacau sentiasa.

Masukkan kerisik, daun kunyit dan daun limau purut dan direnih selama 45 minit atau sehingga daging empuk. Sentiasa kacau untuk mengelak dari hangit.

Masukan bahan perasa mengikut kesesuaian dan jika perlu tambahkan dengan sedikit kicap pekat.

Hiaskan dengan daun kunyit yang telah digoreng beserta cili sebelum di hidangkan.

Friday 10 August 2012

Festive Raya Recipe Courtesy of Makan Kitchen: Nasi Briyani Kambing

We're done with the 6 recipes from Bazaar Ramadhan and let's continue with the rest that are usually served on Raya Open House itself. I think this Nasi Briyani Kambing is a great dish for that as one does not want to sweat out on the festive day itself. So this one pot wonder briyani is the way to go.

Nasi Briyani Kambing
Resipi oleh Chef Zul, Malay Sous Chef, 
Makan Kitchen, DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur

Nasi Briyani Kambing

Ramuan dan bahan-bahan:
50ml Minyak Sapi
50ml Minyak Masak
300gm Daging Kambing
1kg Beras Basmathi - direndam dalam air 

10gm Jintan Putih
5nos Daun Bay
5gm Bunga Lawang
5gm Buah Pelaga – Hijau
5nos Buah Pelaga – Hitam
5gm Kulit Kayu Manis 

200gm Bawang
5gm Cili Hijau
10gm Tomato
15gm Bawang Putih – dikisar
10gm Halia - dikisar
15gm Serbuk cili
10gm Serbuk kunyit
5gm Garam Masala
100gm Daun Pudina – dikisar 

2 liter Air
secukup rasa Gula & Garam
10gm Bawang Goreng

Cara-cara memasak:

Panaskan minyak dan minyak sapi ke dalam periuk yang besar. Masukkan rempah (jintan putih, bunga lawang, buah pelaga hijau, buah pelaga hitam dan kulit kayu manis ) dan daun bay. Tumis bahan-bahan tersebut dan masukkan bawang, cili, bawang putih dan halia yang dikisar, kacau sehingga sebati.

Masukkan serbuk kunyit dan serbuk cili, kacau and tunggu sehingga minyak timbul. Masukkan tomato, daun pudina yang dikisar dan daging. Masak selama 10 minit dan masukkan garam masala. Masukkan garam dan gula secukup rasa.

Tapiskan beras yang direndam tadi dan masukkan ke dalam kuali, kacaukan. Tuang air sehingga sama rata dengan beras tadi. Kemudian tutup kuali dengan kertas aluminum dan masak selama 10 minit. Kurangkan api dan masak selama 5 minit. Tutup api setelah nasi sudah masak.

Akhir sekali taburkan bawang goreng sebelum dihidang.

Thursday 9 August 2012

Vegetarian Thursday: Stir-Fried Celery and Tofu

If you have been following my blog, you must have seen countless stir-fries with tofu hehehe yup cos it's the easiest and it's very versatile. I usually just see what I have in my fridge to be incorporated with firm white tofu (taufu korn in Cantonese) which can be kept  for about 3 days in a container soaked in salted water with a daily change of salted water.

This time round, I have celery and some leftover carrots so this is it... very easy peasy but I've taken great pain to weigh out the ingredients haha.

Stir-fry Celery, Mushroom & Tofu-002

Stir-Fried Celery and Tofu

2 pieces firm tofu
3 ribs (about 250g) celery
50g carrots
80g oyster mushroom
1 clove garlic, slice thinly

Salt, to taste
A dash of white ground pepper
2 tsp water
2 tsp Chinese cooking wine, Hsiao Tsing (optional)

To prepare the celery, use a peeler to remove the fibrous bit. Then slice them thinly diagonally. I would also use the leafy tops as they can be eaten, why waste? As for the carrot, remove the skin. Sliced into half. Then slice thinly diagonally.

For the tofu, slice horizontally once so you'll get 2 pieces of tofu. Then slice into 4 squares. So each tofu, you'll get 8 pieces of squares. Dab the moist tofu with paper towel to dry them up. In a non-stick pan, add a little oil and pan fry the tofu pieces into light golden brown. Dish up and set aside.

Add a little more oil in the same pan but if your non-stick pan is small, do change into a wok or larger pan for stir-frying. Fry the mushrooms till they're caramalised, otherwise I find the mushroom emit a kind of weird smell. Dish up and set aside together with the tofu.

Add a little oil in the same pan. Put in the garlic and saute till light brown. Quickly add in the celery and carrot slices. Keep stirring. Drizzle in the water and let them cook for about 2 minutes. Return the tofu and mushrooms to the pan. Stir to mix them up well but be gentle. Season with salt and white pepper.

Lastly, drizzle in the Chinese cooking wine and stir for another 2 minutes. Dish up and serve with rice.

Check out my other similar tofu stir-fries:
Stir Fry Tofu and French Beans

Tuesday 7 August 2012

Announcing 7th Merdeka Open House 2012 Theme

Sorry guys, I know a little late... in conjunction with 55th Independence in Malaysia, yes, we shall honour it with true Malaysian style... open house... albeit a virtual one :p

I've gone through my previous posts on Merdeka Open House and there was one suggestion in a poll that caught my eyes. I gave it some thought and well why not??? Since there's always "fights" with our neighbouring countries about the origin of the food... so let's get on with it and lay claims to those food that we know where it originated. Well we can't claim it to be Malaysian 100% as ingredients used are very similar, not helping when we have migrants all over Asia centuries ago either but at least shall we identify that they're uniquely Malaysian? Yes that's it.... the theme is Uniquely Malaysia!!!

Do give the theme a thought of something that is very unique in Malaysia that you know that is only available in our country. Off hands I could think of a few items already such as Char Koay Teow, Hokkien Mee (both Penang and blackened fried ones), Gerang Asam, all the delish laksas from various states (omgs yummy), kek lapis Sarawak, Teluk Intan chee cheung fun, akok, satar, cendol??? Initially I did have my doubts but as I typed in the examples... they just came rolling!

We would love to have the dish introduced and why is it so uniquely Malaysian. You will have to post up the recipe to share with the rest of the world and of course photo is a must. So remember, it's not just recipes and photo but also some words about the dish and how it relates to you.

All Malaysians, local and abroad, are eligible to participate. Spouses married to Malaysians are encouraged too submit their entries too ;-)

What you need to do:
  1. For this theme, you will need to cook a local dish uniquely found in Malaysia. We would love you to introduce the unique dish to the world by telling us about the dish, and how the dish relates to you. We do not just want recipes and photos BUT would love to hear a beautiful story.
  2. Take a picture of your dish, type in your write-up and the recipe (if you have one, otherwise your ingredients and method would suffice if you're the guesstimate/agak-agak type). Do stick to traditional recipe without any shortcuts or replacement of ingredients to make it modern or fusion but it is all right for overseas participants due to limited ingredients. This open house is something for us to cherish our wonderful roots and we hope we could preserve the recipes that our ancestors have hand down.
  3. Post it up in your blog between 20th - 28th August 2012 to ease me in rounding up by 31st August.
  4. All entries must reach me by 28th August 2012, midnight Malaysian time at babe_kl(@)yahoo(dot)com. Our virtual party will be on 31st August 2012. In your email, attach a picture of your dish (minimum 500x375 pixels) and please state the following details:

    Name or nick
    Permalink/URL of your post
    Name of the dish

If you do not own a blog but wish to participate, kindly do your write up and send it together with the picture to me. I’ll post it up for you.

I can't wait for your submissions and participation. Anyway, please help to spread the word around so that we have more Malaysians taking part in this event. Thank you :D

A recap of our previous years' themes:
2007 - Muhibbah

Monday 6 August 2012

Bazaar Ramadhan Recipe Courtesy of Makan Kitchen: Kari Kepala Ikan

Next up is a recipe by Chef Fazli - Kari Kepala Ikan (Curry Fish Head). For Westerners, it's always very intimidating when they see a whole fish head sitting on the serving platter or at times claypot! Kekeke at my former company we used to bring our foreign vendors for Curry Fish Head, just to see their reaction especially being face to face with the whole fish head (with eyes intact) staring back at them.

One of my fave place for a mean curry fish head is Restaurant Ahamed Curry Fish Head which is also known as Stadium Curry Fish Head as it was originally situated in Stadium Merdeka. They have moved to Jalan Lumut area now.

Kari Kepala Ikan
Resipi oleh Chef Fazli, Executive Junior Sous Chef, 
Makan Kitchen, DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur

Kari kepala ikan

Ramuan dan bahan-bahan:
100ml Minyak Masak
1kg Kepala ikan (dipotong dan di bersihkan)
5gm Halba Biji
5gm Biji Sawi
5gm Daun kari
5gm Cili Kering
300gm Bawang (di hiris harus)
10gm Cili Hijau (di hiris halus)

Bahan bahan dikisar:
15gm Bawang Putih – dikisar
15gm Halia - dikisar

10gm Tomato
30gm Serbuk Kunyit
20gm Serbuk ketumbar
20ml Air
150ml Santan 
5ml Minyak Kelapa
10gm Daun Ketumbar
Garam & Gula, secukup rasa   

Cara-cara memasak :-

Panaskan minyak ke dalam periuk yang besar. Masukkan rempah (biji halba dan biji sawi) cili kering dan daun kari. Tumiskan.

Masukkan bawang, cili hijau, bawang putih dan halia yang dikisar. Kemudian masukkan tomato. Masukkan serbuk kunyit dan serbuk ketumbar. Tumiskan sehingga minyak pecah.

Tuangkan air and kacau. Setelah kari mendidih tuangkan santan dan kacau. Selepas 30 saat masukkan kepala ikan dan masak selama 10 minit. Setelah itu, renjiskan sedikit minyak kelapa ke dalam kari dan bubuh garam secukup rasa.

Akhir sekali setelah masak, hiaskan dengan daun ketumbar sebelum dihidang.

Friday 3 August 2012

Bazaar Ramadhan Recipe Courtesy of Makan Kitchen: Bubur Lambuk

I have to say, Bubur Lambuk is a dish that is hard to forget its taste. I can still remember how fragrant the beef rice congee (porridge) was peppered with rich spices such as corriander, cinnamon, cardamon, star anise and cloves. Simple ingredients but the combination of them is so flavourful!

I had my first taste of Bubur Lambuk during the month of Ramadhan some years back. One of my Muslim colleague queued for the famous Bubur Lambuk distributed by Masjid Jamek Kampung Baru. Back then, the Bubur Lambuk from this mosque has yet to gain it's royal status (by the late Sultan Salahuddin of Selangor) but we knew it was already famous when my Muslim colleagues were raving about it. My colleague brought back a few packets and generously shared with us. Even though I had very little of it as it was meant to for a taste amongst the non-Muslims but the flavours were etched in my memory. We have tasted it at Tupai Tupai Restaurant and Cafe but it just wasn't the same.

Since now that I have the recipe by Chef Fazli of Makan Kitchen, I can't wait to give this recipe a go!

Bubur Lambuk Ayam
Resipi oleh Chef Fazli, Executive Junior Sous Chef, 
Makan Kitchen, DoubleTree by Hilton KL  

Bubur Lambuk

Ramuan dan bahan-bahan:
100gm Beras (dibasuh bersih)
300gm Isi daging ayam (diricik halus)
30gm Bawang merah (dihiris halus)
20gm Bawang putih (dihiris halus)
15gm Halia muda (dihiris halus)
20gm Serai (dititik)
Sehelai Daun pandan (optional)
10gm Bunga lawang
10gm Kulit kayu manis
10gm Buah pelaga
10gm Cengkih
10gm Ketumbar
40gm Minyak sapi
20ml Minyak masak
1500ml Air
50ml Santan putih

Rencah dan perasa (Secukup rasa):
Garam halus
Secukup rasa Lada sulah
Serbuk perasa (Optional)
Secukup rasa Gula kabung (Optional)

Hirisan dan hiasan:
20gm Bawang goreng
15gm Daun sup (dimayang halus)
15gm Daun bawang (dimayang halus)
10gm Cili merah (dimayang halus)

Cara cara memasak :-

Panaskan minyak masak dan minyak sapi sehingga sederhana panas. Tumiskan bawang putih, bawang besar, halia, bunga lawang, kulit kayu manis, buah pelaga, cengkih dan ketumbar sehingga naik aroma dan baunya.

Masukkan beras beserta air kedalam periuk, biarkannya mendidih seketika dan renih sehingga menjadi bubur. Senentiasa kacau supaya tidak berkerak.

Masukkan ayam yang telag diricih halus dan masak sehingga daging menjadi empuk. Tuang santan kedalam bubur dan bahan perasa, kacau perlahan – lahan supaya santan tidak pecah minyak.

Apabila semua ramuan tadi telah sebati, bolehlah dihidangkan kedalam mangkuh dna ditaburkan kesemua bahan hirisan di atas bubur.

Thursday 2 August 2012

Vegetarian Thursday: Tofu With Mushrooms

We're observing vegetarian once a week and Thursday is the day. So I'll see if on the days I'm around to cook I can jot down what I've cooked to share out here. We're not on strict vegetarian basis, just basically no meat, that's it! So if you're not taking garlic and onion, by all means omit them.

I've made this tofu dish when BoiBoi was around as he loves eating tofu. He would be happy with just lightly steamed soft tofu drizzled with shallots oil and dark soy sauce. So this time round, to add more zest to the usual minced meat topping, I've made a medley of mushrooms topping. Easy peasy by just gathering all sorts of fresh mushrooms of your choice and stir fry them with some sauces. Serve by placing the mushrooms on top of steamed tofu... tadaaaa... yes it was just that simple.

Tofu with Mushrooms 1

Tofu With Mushrooms
(Serves 4 - 6)

Combination of fresh mushrooms:
60g enoki mushroom
60g shiitake mushroom
90g oyster mushroom

2 blocks Japanese silken tofu
3 cloves garlic, sliced/chopped
2 stalks spring onions, sliced into 4 cm length
2 Tbsp oil

Sauce (mix together):
2 Tbsp water
2 Tbsp oyster sauce
2 tsp soy sauce
Dash of ground white pepper
1 tsp corn flour (optional for a lightly thickened sauce, I did not use this as I prefer no starch in my sauces but it will look nice on the dish when served)

1 - 2 tsp Chinese cooking wine (Hsiao Tsing), optional

Heat a pan and add in the oil. Stir in all the mushrooms. Let the mushrooms sit a while in the pan so that they'll caramalised before stirring. Once they're browned thoroughly, add in the garlic and stir. As the garlic turned fragrant, stir the sauce ingredients before pouring into the pan.

Let it come to a boil, taste and adjust accordingly as my tasted is more on the low salt side :p

Add in the spring onions and Chinese cooking wine. Turn off the fire. Pour on top of lightly steamed tofu (you can do this in the microwave if you do not have a steamer. Sometimes I just place the tofu on a heatproof plate and put on top of the cooked rice in the rice cooker under keep warm mode.). Serve hot with rice.

Tofu with Mushrooms 2

Wednesday 1 August 2012

Babe in the City - KL Turned 8

Hohoho Babe in the City - KL turned 8 on 23 July 2012 and I've missed it totally for once! So embarrassing ;-(

Lots of things happened over the past one year, seems like blogging activities have slowed down but not the eating though. I've cooked quite a fair bit and even start to measure the ingredients so that I can share my recipes out but it's a slowwww process as most times I tend to forget about it and missed out in the middle while I pour in sauces into my dish lol. I'm so sorry about that hence that's why it takes some time. I'm totally not diligent enough and dedicated on this, my bad!!!

I've also been questioning myself... is food blogging a fad and had seen it's days? What do you think? Strangely my stats are telling me otherwise. Even though I've slowed down but not my hits o.O it went upwards instead, very mind boggling I tell ya!

I know quite a number of bloggers had "fly" and earn handsome money by just blogging. I was asked by Fay Khoo (yes THE Fay Khoo!) about making money in blogging... yes one can but as for me, it just doesn't work as for one I may not be true to myself. I do not like to fabricate my words just because I'm paid or fed by advertisers/PR agencies/restaurants etc AND for the record, I've not received any payment for reviews.

Free invites, yes I have some but if you've noticed, I've not had much invited reviews of late, well one was because they tend to clash with my work days. You see, I do not hold a 9-5 desk job. I'm part timing and my working hours varies from early morning till afternoon or from afternoon to evening depending on the timing of the classes/events. If I'm special projects, then I may be standing on my feet for 10 hours straight in the kitchen to make things right for clients. So if you've been sending me invites and I've been turning them down one after another, I'm sooo sooo sorry.

The other thing was, Capt'n Hook and I are not very fond of invited reviews being that hmmrrpphhh how to say arhhh... when you're on an invited review, the chefs knew you're there to give them publicity, hence the food tend to taste good and look good plus the service staff and manager will give you their 100% attention. When we return subsequently, then we'll see the differences (yes most times they don't recognise us hehe). It's not only based on our own experience and observation but we do get feedbacks and they really made us look bad, don't you think?

On Fay Khoo, I was "interviewed" for her new radio show on food coming up in September but the date is not firmed yet, so I'll let you guys know once she inform me. Wait wait, don't congrats first hahaha cos I don't think I'm the only food blogger got interviewed but quite a number if not mistaken. So let's stay tune ok.

I may step on some toes in this interview but seriously being the pioneer in food blogging in Malaysia, I guess my 8 years worth of experience does hold it's 2 cents worth. If one want to food blog, then there's the due price to pay. It's not as easy as visiting a restaurant, take some pictures of food, and post them up. Care and responsibility have to be taken.

Whoa enough ranting and what's next... it's August already which means I ought to kick my arse to start off our Merdeka Open House!!! Let me give it a thought and set up this year's theme. I can't wait to get it rolling!

So for the past one year, thank you so much for your support, taking time to read my posts and commenting on them. We really appreciate all that.

May Babe in the City - KL serves more delicious post in the upcoming year ;-)

Thank you once again!

Bazaar Ramadhan Recipe Courtesy of Makan Kitchen: Percik Ayam

I "breathe" Percik Ayam all the time *chuckle* at work that is. So far I've taught 5 Kampung Cuisine classes at Bayan Indah and guess what, Percik Ayam, is one of the recipe in this theme. Apart from that, it's one of the most popular requested menu for lunches/dinners... so we made Percik Ayam a lot in the kitchen! Even though we ate this very often but somehow we are not bored with it. Who can resist roasted chicken with lots of spices and aromatics in it???

Since I can't share Rohani's recipe but Chef Zul of Makan Kitchen, DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur had generously shared with us the recipe!

Percik Ayam
Recipe Oleh Chef Zul, Malay Sous Chef, 
Makan Kitchen, DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur

Percik Ayam

Ramuan dan bahan-bahan:
10ml Minyak Masak
1nos Ayam (di potong 4)
5gm Serbuk kunyit
Garam, secukup rasa
Lada sulah, secukup rasa  
200ml Santan kelapa

Bahan bahan dikisar:
10gm Bawang Putih
30gm Halia muda
30gm Bawang merah
30gm Serai
10gm Kunyit hidup
5gm Lengkuas (Optional)
5gm Cili Kering (direndam)
10gm Belacan

Rencah dan perasa (secukup rasa):
Garam halus
Lada sulah
Gula kabung
Serbuk perasa

Hirisan dan hiasan:
20gm Daun ketumbar
15gm Cili merah (di hiris)

Cara-cara memasak :-

Rendam cili kering selama 10 minit atau sehingga lembut. Di dalan pemproses makan, kisar kesemua bahan sehingga menjadi lumat.

Bersikkan ayam dan di toskan sehingga kering. Peram bersama serbuk kunyit, garam, lada sulah dan sesudu besar bahan yang telah di kisar tadi selama 45 minit.

Di dalam periuk bnelanga yang sederhana besar, campurkan bahan yang telah di kisar bersama santan, bahan perasa dan direnih dengan api yang perlahan sambil dikacau sehingga menjadi pekat.

Didalam ketuh yang panas (180°c) bakar ayam selama 6 minit. Keluarkan dari ketuhar dan dilumurkan sedikit kuah percik keatas ayam, bakar kembali sehingga ayam menjadi empuk (10 - 12 minit).

Hidangkan ayam di dalam pinggan dan dicurahkan kuah percik ke atasnya. Hias bersama daun ketumbar dan cili merah sebelum di hidangkan.

Blog Revamping

Hello... I'm in the midst of revamping my blog to make my life a little easier. So do not be alarmed as work is still under construction.

16 Oct 2012