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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Babe in the City - KL Turned 8

Hohoho Babe in the City - KL turned 8 on 23 July 2012 and I've missed it totally for once! So embarrassing ;-(

Lots of things happened over the past one year, seems like blogging activities have slowed down but not the eating though. I've cooked quite a fair bit and even start to measure the ingredients so that I can share my recipes out but it's a slowwww process as most times I tend to forget about it and missed out in the middle while I pour in sauces into my dish lol. I'm so sorry about that hence that's why it takes some time. I'm totally not diligent enough and dedicated on this, my bad!!!

I've also been questioning myself... is food blogging a fad and had seen it's days? What do you think? Strangely my stats are telling me otherwise. Even though I've slowed down but not my hits o.O it went upwards instead, very mind boggling I tell ya!

I know quite a number of bloggers had "fly" and earn handsome money by just blogging. I was asked by Fay Khoo (yes THE Fay Khoo!) about making money in blogging... yes one can but as for me, it just doesn't work as for one I may not be true to myself. I do not like to fabricate my words just because I'm paid or fed by advertisers/PR agencies/restaurants etc AND for the record, I've not received any payment for reviews.

Free invites, yes I have some but if you've noticed, I've not had much invited reviews of late, well one was because they tend to clash with my work days. You see, I do not hold a 9-5 desk job. I'm part timing and my working hours varies from early morning till afternoon or from afternoon to evening depending on the timing of the classes/events. If I'm special projects, then I may be standing on my feet for 10 hours straight in the kitchen to make things right for clients. So if you've been sending me invites and I've been turning them down one after another, I'm sooo sooo sorry.

The other thing was, Capt'n Hook and I are not very fond of invited reviews being that hmmrrpphhh how to say arhhh... when you're on an invited review, the chefs knew you're there to give them publicity, hence the food tend to taste good and look good plus the service staff and manager will give you their 100% attention. When we return subsequently, then we'll see the differences (yes most times they don't recognise us hehe). It's not only based on our own experience and observation but we do get feedbacks and they really made us look bad, don't you think?

On Fay Khoo, I was "interviewed" for her new radio show on food coming up in September but the date is not firmed yet, so I'll let you guys know once she inform me. Wait wait, don't congrats first hahaha cos I don't think I'm the only food blogger got interviewed but quite a number if not mistaken. So let's stay tune ok.

I may step on some toes in this interview but seriously being the pioneer in food blogging in Malaysia, I guess my 8 years worth of experience does hold it's 2 cents worth. If one want to food blog, then there's the due price to pay. It's not as easy as visiting a restaurant, take some pictures of food, and post them up. Care and responsibility have to be taken.

Whoa enough ranting and what's next... it's August already which means I ought to kick my arse to start off our Merdeka Open House!!! Let me give it a thought and set up this year's theme. I can't wait to get it rolling!

So for the past one year, thank you so much for your support, taking time to read my posts and commenting on them. We really appreciate all that.

May Babe in the City - KL serves more delicious post in the upcoming year ;-)

Thank you once again!


KY said...

congratulations! I wouldn't say this whole gig is a fad that's going away, but comments tho are harder to come by at this age of twitter & facebook.

KY said...

congratulations! I wouldn't say this whole gig is a fad that's going away, but comments tho are harder to come by at this age of twitter & facebook.

ping said...

Happy belated 8th bloggyversary then! I know I'm gonna miss mine as well :)
And may I say WOW! .. 8 years! Thats an achievement by my books. I doubt I can do that ... we'll see :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

well i wont congratulate u on the interview just yet but i will congratulate u on running your blog for 8 years!

after reading 8 years, i realise i have done this for 6 years and i think im slowing down too (lazy to write but definitely still loving to eat!)

anyways to many more years!

Babe_KL said...

yup, KY you're totally spot on. Thank you.

Thanks Ping, well you just need to keep it up ;-)

:D Thanks Joe

rokh said...

oh my years fly don't you think. I still remember back then we were such a small circle! :) cheers to more good eats