Thursday 30 September 2004

Glamour Delicacy for Glamour People??

Hahaha gotcha... its not strictly for glamour people. What I'm talking about is this particular delicacy that is only available at certain location of Koh Samui, Thailand. Its name is Galamea.

The packet came looking like this...

Close up of the Galamea. There are two types of them in the packet, one is topped with sesame seeds and the other is topped with one peanut.

Galamea is similar to its Malaysian cousin Dodol but the texture is entirely different. Dodol's main ingredient are palm sugar, glutinous rice flour and coconut milk. Galamea had a crunchy bite. The sesame seeds Galamea imparts a very fragrant taste which I very much prefered. Wished they have toasted the peanut before pouring the sweet in there. That way will bring out the roasted peanut flavour.

Thanks to Mrs Clown for taking the trouble to bring these Galamea back for us to try whilst on her honeymoon trip to Koh Samui. ;-)

Tuesday 28 September 2004

Sumthing wrong here???

Hey, how come the description appeared twice one?? Duhhh gotta look into it later :(

Mid-Autumn Rendezvous

Ahem... we have a rendezvous on the eve of Mid-Autumn Fest. I've got Miss Sweet16 and Mr I am Fake with me. The supposedly Miss Fit, Mr Gila (Crazy) Gym and Miss Bunny decided not to turn up after all the tempting about freshly made pastas. Cheh!

After some walk about at Ikano Power Centre, Mutiara Damansara, we decided to try out Big Ben on LG level. Sweet16 warned us not to order soup as they tasted outta a can. Duhhh... how can lah?

Something caught Sweet16 eyes... Mambo Jambo its in the menu hahahaha... oh dear how am I gonna explain this?? Maybe another time. Its supposed to be a gurls rendezvous nite out in short.

Pardon the picture quality... only got my reliable tee-six-ten with me. The dish turned up to look like this...

Its basically an appetiser of fishcake, chicken wing, potato skin and onion rings. The fishcake is fabulous with the right hint of spices used. Good when dipped in the Thai sweet chilli sauce. The chicken wing cut into two... Sweet16 said it was delicious and I gotta trust her. I took the other half and sunk in my teeth. Wooooo... its really tasty. Well marinated indeed before being deep fried. Fake got no choice as all he did was looked at us chowing the wing. Fake said he only eats them at home when he can get his hands on them. Maklum lah, he wanna look like a gentleman yesterday.

Sweet16 had salmon steak which I had a bite and I must say its really nice with the terriyaki sauce slattered on before grilling.

Fake had his usual dish quesidalla. Err wait for his comment on this ok cos I din get a bite on them. Of course he was expecting something he always eat in USA. Fake, try not to compare lah haha I hoped you've read Kitchen Confidential :p

I had the Fried Black Pepper Beef Udon. Look wise, everything is in the dark hehe. Taste wise, wished they did not stinge on the black pepper. Not that its not good but if they've got more black pepper in it, then the zing will be just right.

No desserts since we were too busy yakking away. Only got our butt off the chairs when they started to pull down the shutters and brought the bill. Sorry guys :D

The bill came to about RM70+... each of us have a cup of tea.

**edited to add in Fake's blog link

Mid-Autumn Festival

Today the Chinese will be celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival which falls on the fifteenth day of the eighth moon (on the lunar calendar). Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for family reunions for the full moon has always represented the gatherings of friends and family.

There are many legends and stories on this festival which you can read it here, here and here.

So without further delaying, I'm gonna review mooncakes from Hong Kong. Darling hubby managed to get some Wing Wah mooncakes at Chek Lap Kok Airport in Hong Kong whilst on transit. This is my first time tasting mooncakes from Hong Kong. Kinda excited too since I'll be blogging about it. Wing Wah's Wife Cake (low por peng) is very delicious :)

These are the metal boxes that came with them, the blue one contained 4 Double Egg Yolks Lotus Paste mooncakes whilst the gold one has 2 Double Egg Yolks Lotus Paste, 1 Double Egg Yolks Red Bean Paste and 1 Assorted Nuts.

This is how they looked like individually wrapped.

These are the Double Egg Yolks Red Bean Paste. The pastry is way too thin till it leaks oil. Its really soft to touch and the pastry is not evenly shaped. One part at the bottom can see the exposed paste too. Maybe because there are 2 yolks in there, making the whole cake way too oily as you can see here. Taste wise, I personally feel its really strange to have yolks in red bean paste. Its just not right. Also, the yolks are not appropriately aligned... hence when I cut it, I was aghast to see one of them sat at one corner of the cake.

This is the Double Egg Yolks Lotus Paste. Basically, its the same case as the red bean one... too oily and overly sweet... urrrghhhh... its still sitting down there at the box after cutting them up. Call me a nit picker... the yolks are misaligned or perhaps there is a special way or technic in cutting them??

The Assorted Nuts came in round shape rather than squarish as compared with the other two. Now this one is really kicked ass even though I don't really fancy them. Its softer then its Malaysian cousins cos it contained more winter melon mixture with sesame, melon and other seeds. Wing Wah uses chinese almond instead of the longish western type. Yippee which is a rare find in Malaysia's Assorted Nuts mooncakes. Best part its not cloying sweet! I know my parents will enjoy this one for they fancy this type of mooncake. To them... each bite will savoured slowly, tasting the flavor, the aroma and texture of the almonds, melon and sesame seeds.

I've a few more local mooncakes to go... will post them up when I finish up Wing Wah's. Mooncakes are best savoured with a pot of hot Chinese tea.

Friday 24 September 2004

Sweet Things Are Made of These....

Sorry to everyone and myself for having such lazy bones... Anyone got a cure on such disease?

OK as expected from many people, I love to eat... Hence fellow blogger Jim Beam was like asking where are the food pictures!! haha sighhh its going to be difficult cos the digicam I've got is a giant dinosaur which is hard to be lugged around. So it might be just words ok.

Now check this blurry picture out taken with my camera phone.

Yeahhhh Miss Sweet16 brought this back for us on her recent trip to Singapore. Its Limited edition Mentos Strawberry!!!! Apparently she said on the streets, the shops are limiting the amount one can buy but not at the airport though... cos they got special limited edition... which is this :D

This Mentos Strawberry Fresh is not overly sweet and they're not soft like those we've got here in KL. Nice tinge of berry flavours yummmyyyy!

Blog Revamping

Hello... I'm in the midst of revamping my blog to make my life a little easier. So do not be alarmed as work is still under construction.

16 Oct 2012