Friday, 24 September 2004

Sweet Things Are Made of These....

Sorry to everyone and myself for having such lazy bones... Anyone got a cure on such disease?

OK as expected from many people, I love to eat... Hence fellow blogger Jim Beam was like asking where are the food pictures!! haha sighhh its going to be difficult cos the digicam I've got is a giant dinosaur which is hard to be lugged around. So it might be just words ok.

Now check this blurry picture out taken with my camera phone.

Yeahhhh Miss Sweet16 brought this back for us on her recent trip to Singapore. Its Limited edition Mentos Strawberry!!!! Apparently she said on the streets, the shops are limiting the amount one can buy but not at the airport though... cos they got special limited edition... which is this :D

This Mentos Strawberry Fresh is not overly sweet and they're not soft like those we've got here in KL. Nice tinge of berry flavours yummmyyyy!


  1. BabeKL, can you do a writeup on chocolates? Like why is Belgium chocs the best? Enlighten me pls!

  2. loctor mayat,
    me not crazy about chocs one worr hehe... well if i get hold of any will write ok ;)


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