Tuesday, 28 September 2004

Mid-Autumn Festival

Today the Chinese will be celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival which falls on the fifteenth day of the eighth moon (on the lunar calendar). Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for family reunions for the full moon has always represented the gatherings of friends and family.

There are many legends and stories on this festival which you can read it here, here and here.

So without further delaying, I'm gonna review mooncakes from Hong Kong. Darling hubby managed to get some Wing Wah mooncakes at Chek Lap Kok Airport in Hong Kong whilst on transit. This is my first time tasting mooncakes from Hong Kong. Kinda excited too since I'll be blogging about it. Wing Wah's Wife Cake (low por peng) is very delicious :)

These are the metal boxes that came with them, the blue one contained 4 Double Egg Yolks Lotus Paste mooncakes whilst the gold one has 2 Double Egg Yolks Lotus Paste, 1 Double Egg Yolks Red Bean Paste and 1 Assorted Nuts.

This is how they looked like individually wrapped.

These are the Double Egg Yolks Red Bean Paste. The pastry is way too thin till it leaks oil. Its really soft to touch and the pastry is not evenly shaped. One part at the bottom can see the exposed paste too. Maybe because there are 2 yolks in there, making the whole cake way too oily as you can see here. Taste wise, I personally feel its really strange to have yolks in red bean paste. Its just not right. Also, the yolks are not appropriately aligned... hence when I cut it, I was aghast to see one of them sat at one corner of the cake.

This is the Double Egg Yolks Lotus Paste. Basically, its the same case as the red bean one... too oily and overly sweet... urrrghhhh... its still sitting down there at the box after cutting them up. Call me a nit picker... the yolks are misaligned or perhaps there is a special way or technic in cutting them??

The Assorted Nuts came in round shape rather than squarish as compared with the other two. Now this one is really kicked ass even though I don't really fancy them. Its softer then its Malaysian cousins cos it contained more winter melon mixture with sesame, melon and other seeds. Wing Wah uses chinese almond instead of the longish western type. Yippee which is a rare find in Malaysia's Assorted Nuts mooncakes. Best part its not cloying sweet! I know my parents will enjoy this one for they fancy this type of mooncake. To them... each bite will savoured slowly, tasting the flavor, the aroma and texture of the almonds, melon and sesame seeds.

I've a few more local mooncakes to go... will post them up when I finish up Wing Wah's. Mooncakes are best savoured with a pot of hot Chinese tea.

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