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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

7-Day Detox Programme: Post Mortem


My 7-Day Detox Programme has finally ended. I had to get back to work on the 8th day, so just to check what Pea had mentioned earlier... I wore a long shirt nipped at the waist and a straight trousers on that day. I had to keep pulling my trousers up... I noticed there is at least 1 inch of excess at the waist. The shirt no longer fit nicely at my waist... looked baggy, aiyoh I didn't realised I kinda looked like a bag lady somehow when the day wore on.

I felt rejuvenated and energised at least without much yawning thru the day especially the dreaded 4pm cycle.

Just not to shock my body, I ate fresh fruits for breakie and brought a fresh salad with the usual light drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar for lunch. Dinner was light too without any meat. Drank the last bit of the detox drink which was supposedly to be drunk on Day 5. Aiyoyo, I couldn't sleep again!!! Was still tossing and turning at 2am :-(

The next day, I wore a really tight fitting shirt with black trousers. The fitting sleeves is no longer fitting, still have some room, say about 1cm or could be a little less. Even the thigh part of the trousers are lose! So Pea, how's that?

I finally "buka puasa" (broke fast) with 3 big fat juicy chicken wings and one piece of fajita. Gosh that felt so good hehe... Had satay for dinner but I gave up after the 11th stick, usually I could go up to 15 sticks. Having so much meat is not a wise thing afterall cos it made my stomach bloated again...

Started having carbo on the day after, CCF for lunch and 10-grain rice dinner at my parents. Stomach continued to have that bloated feeling, much more than the day before. Darn, I really have to cut down on carbo but how to do that in Kuala Lumpur??? It's hard to find healthy eating place unless I pack my own... but it's sooo boring to do so everyday.

It has almost been a week since the last day of my programme. I am still benefiting from the programme. I felt more alert and filled with energy. This silly babe also found out the reason why it's harder to fall asleep at night during the programme. Must have escaped me earlier hehehe... the product did mentioned that increased metabolism during the detoxification process can cause such reaction! This indicated that the product is working on my body. So now that really explained all the energy I had in me thru out the programme. My face also looked supple and my sore throat did not develop afterall.

Generally, it has been a great experience and I don't mind doing this once a year or maybe twice, if I can get anyone to "sponsor" again hehe. Now that I know, I could also do this on working days since there isn't bad side effects. Also, from now on, I will try to cut down on meat and carbo, and replace them with vegetables and fruits. Might just do that on weekends.

OK, since I've been receiving some mails about this, here are some FAQs:

What is the name of the product?
Since I can't possibly endorse the product openly, please mail me for the name. This product can be easily found at pharmacies and not from any MLM companies.

Is the detox drink powdery and hard to drink?
No. This lemon flavoured drink which contained some herbs, fibre etc is rather pleasant to down. If shaken thoroughly, all the powders will dissolved save for some seeds which can be drank easily.

Any side effects?
So far, no major ones especially those stated in the product booklet. My only qualms are it's harder to get into sleep at night and it's so heaty, at least for my body.

How much weight has you lost?
Since I do not have any weighing scale at home, I can't tell. However, judging from the clothings, I think I did lost some centimetres here and there. Anyhow, this product is not a slimming product. With or without the product, I guess one could lose some weight with the kind of food that I've ate hehe.

Did your hubby join you?
No. Hubby has GERD and he's on full time med. Hence, he can't start this programme without the advice from his doctor.

Haissshhh enough of detox and back to my regular blogging hehe... Thanks for staying on.

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domesticgoddess said...

Is the detox pacakge expensive?

mamasoju said...

hehehe... get to knw the brand, then go pharmacy checkout ^^

Christina Kim said...

Congrats....a very disciplined schedule:D

daphne said...

wow! all done and weight lost too! sounds like it was worth doing!

Precious Pea said...

Clap clap clap!!! The best way to know if you have slimmed down is always through your clothes. Sometimes the weighing machine not accurate as you might be heavier due to water retention. Well done!!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

true..even wifout the detox drink, im sure ur body would hav detoxed with the food u took..

hard to take that kinda food when u working though..lunch time peer pressure..ouch

yammylicious said...

congraz! finally end up!!! wohoo~e

Jason said...

Yay, finally it's over. Congrats for completing the programme :)

Babe_KL said...

domesticgoddess, IMHO, i dun think so

good luck ah_mel

christy, daphne, pea, yammilicious & jason, thanks for your support and compliments ;-)

joe, yeah yeah sighhh