Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Review: Chicken Rice at Kai Yong Food & Beverage

Updated 6 June 2009: We passed by here last week and noticed that Kai Yong Food & Beverage signaged has been replaced with Kedai Nasi Ayam Kam Kee. Not sure if it's the same operator, will find out when I have the chance.


I was wondering around Petaling Street area looking for stuff and I got hungry along the way. I was too lazy to walk further for a chee cheung fun fix with the current HOT wave going on in the city, so I dropped by this place called Kai Yong. If I remember correctly, my ex-colleague said this is one of the shop he patronises after school instead of Nam Heong. Since I always go Nam Heong, I decided to head for this Kai Yong instead, for a change. Kai Yong's shoplot has a very very tall ceiling which made the place looked roomy and airy. I sat at the side which is quite warm but cool down quickly. Thank goodness, I was virtually melting there.

As it was my first time there, not sure what to order... I just asked for poached chicken, small portion. The next thing I know... these appeared right under my nose...

Kai Yong - Chicken Rice

Fuuuwahhhh... the "oil" rice, so old school... came in a bowl haha... got a plate of chicken PLUS ONE pork meatball in the bowl of broth LOL!!!! So happy... like kena (strike in Malay) lottery like that.

Looking at the rice, it's in a deep yellow hue... very very rich indeed. Made me feel very stuffed at the end of my meal. A little on the salty side since I'm more used to blander food.

The chicken, generous in portion, is not a smooth though but maybe because I've asked for breast meat. A little tough I would say but I'm ok with it. Ate them with tonnes of chilli sauce, blended garlic and ginger plus lots of dark soy sauce!

The meatball has bits and pieces of dried octopus which render a lovely fragrant it. The broth is nice and I don't think have MSG since I did not feel thirsty at all after lunch. Excluding the drink, the meal came to RM4.80.

The next time, I'm gonna order the beef brisket cos almost everyone asked for it and there isn't any left after I sat down not long. Some patrons asked for the broth to be served with their meatballs after hearing that they have ran out of brisket! This will be definitely on my must try list.

Kai Yong Food & Beverage
40, Jalan Sultan,
Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: 8.30am - 3.00pm
Closed on alternate Tuesday

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  1. How are you babe? A lot of good food on your blog. It's been a while since we last wrote on the forum. How have you been?

    Take care and Happy CNY!

  2. old-skool style indeed...the thing about chicken rice is that, no matter how good the chicken or rice is, there has got to be that zesty/tangy chilli sauce to complete the whole experience.

  3. wow! the rice looks certainly oily..can sense your excitement! LOL

  4. nice!!! but the soup.. they gave u 1 fish/meat ball onli? hahax

  5. So cheap..!! i wanna try too..!! ya.. quite old school. .:)

  6. Hi Jo, i'm ok, great to see you back here. wish you the same too!

    oh yes nic!!!

    daphne, its a little too much for me haha

    yammy, one oredi make me very happy cos usually its kosong one hehehe

    next time when you come mamabok, eat all you can!

  7. they look very fresh with classic white chickens & yellow color rice shud be great sommore in this chinatown place !

  8. u actually got ONE pork ball... i tot u were too happy eating away until u remember that u need a picture of that hahahaaa.... :p

  9. ahh my turn to be busy. haven come in for a while and bomb! all the post!

  10. when u have time, u can get yr van load of fans to check this place out, team BSG :D

    yala ling dats why i said like kena lottery kekeke

    teckiee hehehe we take turn lor

  11. Need to check out this place if I'm ever in town...usually go to Nam Heong.

  12. wmw, i think must order their beef brisket la

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