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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 4 January 2008

7-Day Detox Programme: Day 4

29 December 2007

The 4th day brought the same old routine with the exception of about 45 mins of yoga before my breakfast. I had to stop cos my boiboi woke up and started "pressing button" on my body to test which "button" he presses will make me tumbling down whilst I pose plus he was laughing at me too *roll eyes*

Today, I only had some papaya and watermelon plus the detox drink for breakfast. I had forgotten about having yoghurt.

Oh dear, now I knew why I might be having a major sore throat... after reading the product label. It seems that this drink had loads of vitamins and minerals added to it. Darn!!! My body, essentially the Chinese called it "hui patt zhau po", cannot take vitamins supplements of all kinds. I will feel very heaty and sore throat is one of the major thingy followed by fever etc etc... no matter how much water I've pumped inside. So far, I've down more than 3 litres of water on a daily basis and yet... sighhh. So I kept gargling salt water as often as I could. Thank goodness by now my boiboi had recovered!

Came lunch, I had some fresh salad topped with raw almonds and sunflower seeds with papaya and watermelon. This time, other than balsamic vinegar, I drizzled in a bit of olive oil (no need to mention, its the extra virgin kind). At least they're more palatable now.

Fresh Salad

As for dinner, I had a medium bowl of pumpkin soup (neh the leftover) and some stir fried celery, carrots, cucumber and enoki mushroom with a little olive oil and garlic.

Stir fried vegetables

I had so much energy in me that I spent the whole evening after dinner ironing 2 weeks worth of clothes. Funny, I don't even feel sleepy. I noticed I've also yawn less. In fact, I watched thru Miami Ink and the new LA Ink until 2am AND I didn't even doze off. Very unusual. Prior to this programme, I can easily doze off until the telly watched me instead!!! Yeah even if it's at 9pm, I can just doze off. So I guess it must be the diet of no meat and carbs. Looks like I need to cut these off as much as possible from my daily diet especially carbs. I still need my protein of fried chicken and rendang heh.

**Some gross stuff ahead... read at your own risk as I need to document this for myself**

As in the big biz department, the morning was pretty usual and it's yellow floating stuff. Later in the afternoon I had the urge to purge but it's only a bit. I had this nagging feeling of purging towards the evening but it's those controllable kind. Had a bit of floating stuff out during one of my bout of urination. Luckily I'm at home, at least can dash to the toilet when I have such urge.

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Kenny Mah said...

I feel like I'm addicted to this day-by-day, blow-by-blow account now... :)

What will happen next?

Babe_KL said...

serious ka kenny??? not boring meh reading the kind of grasses and the colour of my poo? :p hehehe