Friday 25 January 2008

Review: Restoran Foong Foong


Mention "Foong Foong", most KLites will immediately think of Ampang yong tau foo (beancurd and vegetables stuffed with fishpaste). It's so famous that it needs no introduction. I have been here since I was a kiddo. We always drop by here on our way to my aunt's house in Kampung Ampang Tasek. It has been a while I last went there since she have moved out of Ampang. Anyway, I went there quite recently with Yozora, JW and another colleague for lunch. Yozora was buying the two lunch and I happily tagged along upon her invitation kekeke... wai sek ma!

Parking can be horrendous unless you reach there like noon to grab a space in front of the restaurant. Otherwise you'll need to drive around to park further away.

After sitting down and got our drinks ordered, Yozora went to the counter and placed our order. The uncle then rattle off our order in Hakka via the loud speaker. Supposedly the kitchen staff will arrange those items to be delivered to our table. Goodness me, the uncle didn't age a bit hehehe. I've been seeing him doing the same thing for the past 30 years or so!

Our order came in a jiffy. First up was the delish dumplings (sui kow) in broth. Each dumpling came in quite generous fillings but strangely it doesn't contain one whole prawn. The prawn meat was minced up together with the pork!

FF - dumplings in broth

If you decided to make your own, check here.

Here is our plate of deep fried version of dumplings and also foo chuk (beancurd sheet) roll. It's soooo piping hot! Loved these as deep fried stuff are usually more fragrant.

FF - deep fried dumplings and foo chuk

We have asked for the mix plate where they will give a mixture of different items of yong tau foo. If you don't fancy anything just tell them that or you can just order which ever that you like most. Our plate has stuffed brinjals, ladies fingers, white tofu, bittergourd, red chillies and bouncy fishball. Each piece is rather substantial in size. You can order rice to go with these but we didn't. We were sooo stuffed at the end but yet Yozora had wanted to order more until we told her not to.

FF - mixture of yong tau foo

I'm not sure how much the total bill was since Yozora paid at the counter. Anyway, Yozora thanks for including me in the lunch escapade!

Restoran Foong Foong
621-A, Jalan Besar Ampang,
68000 Ampang

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  1. I've been frequenting this place ever since I was a child. That's at least 30 years! And it's no wonder that personally, I am partial to this shop and deem it the best as far as YTF is concerned.

  2. Sui gow looks delish! Do you think thr fried and soup version was made the same way? I would like to think they are different, but I suppose it depends on the restaurant.

  3. I LOVELoveLOVE fried sui kow... Maybe not very healthy but who cares? It tastes SOOOOO good! :D

    I'd prolly have some rice to go with it though, such a 'fan tong' (rice bucket) I am... :P

  4. oh your post makes me miss ampang yong tau foo so much!!!! i never had yong tau foo until i studied in KL..since then i've been hooked. must go visit this place the next time i'm in kl. :)

  5. babe..we must really find another reason to go again ....just looking at your pics is making me salivate ...:)

  6. hey babe, i'd like to email u bout the detox drink, just like to confirm with u, is your email addy ^___^ thanks!

  7. Oh this is de one of my favourite YTF! great that you had review this place.... food in heaven for me! not expensive and so affordable!

  8. I love YTF! The Ampang YTF here is not as sedap as the one in Ampang. BTW, do you know how to make the sauce for the dry version?

  9. As I don't like fishy stuff, I usually end up eating more fried stuff like the fried sui kow. :o)

  10. pablo, its one of the better ones i would say

    hazza, shld be the same way

    mamabok, is it possible to make yr own?

    kenny, did u ever notice dat sinfully cooked food are always the best???

    lingzie, remember to jot down in your to-eat-list :D

    yozora, ya ya :p

    yes eevon

    BBO, i think 80 sens per piece right?

    jadepearl, there are 2 versions of sauce. one is made from minced soybean paste (mien si) cooked with some water and sugar to taste; and another one is just plain oyster sauce with water.

    ahhh i think u will like the fried stuff here wmw

  11. Foong2 has the best YTF in town :P

    Best cha sui kau too. Yummmy !

  12. Nah.. donch have the same kinda ingredients. :(

  13. wahh platinumgirl, u hv been eating the whole of kl arh???

    oic mamabok


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