Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Brand's Blogger Challenge

No no, Babe in the City - KL was not bestowed with Superbrands Malaysia status but was invited to participate in Brand's Blogger Challenge. Brand's as in the familiar green labelled glass bottled essence of chicken !

When I first received the email, I was kinda surprised why a normal food blogger was picked instead of one of those intellectual bloggers, you know what I mean??? No?? I tell you why... cos this is no any ordinary challenge! It's a first ever challenge between Malaysia bloggers and Singapore bloggers... YES, I kid you not!

Since I knew very well I won't be able to make it as it will be held on a weekday and in Singapore, I casually asked Selena of the PR firm , if I could send a rep or rather my sidekick and was glad she said yes. So that was the story of how hubby, Capt'n Hook, ended up representing
Babe in the City - KL under Team Malaysia together with RedMummy, Sultan Muzaffar, KY and Suanie. Just like what Suanie had put it... Capt'n Hook is in no way representing you as in Malaysian or especially if you blog kakaka... ahem must put in disclaimer first.

Brand's Asia Mental Performance Survey, a study of working adults’ definition, understanding and value of Mental Performance in different cultural contexts in Asia was conducted recently. The survey revealed that Singaporeans and Malaysians are relatively satisfied with their Mental Performance; however Malaysians are more engaged in improving this area compared to Singaporeans. Hence, the challenge will be held between these 2 groups to see who scores better in the area of Mental Performance.

Brand's Blogger Challenge Kit

We were sent 14 bottles together with a Brain Training Kit 2 weeks back so that Capt'n Hook will have one bottle a day prior to the challenge and practice on the brain teasers to have a first hand experience as to what the chicken essence can do in terms of improving mental performance. I tell you, I nearly fainted when I went thru those teasers and secretly scream for joy that I don't have to deal with them at the challenge :p so good luck Team Malaysia!

Capt'n Hook is already in Singapore and the challenge will be held tomorrow at 11.30am at Geek Terminal (55 Market Street #01-01). If you're Malaysian and available at that time and place, please go there and lend your support.

Cheers and all the best to Team Malaysia!!!


  1. oooi, Capt'n Hook.. do us Malaysians proud hor.. you can do it mate!

  2. What an interesting advert gimmick by Brand's. Are the questions mostly on food?

  3. yozora, hahaha under tremendous pressure jor

    NKTOB, not me leh... my side kick is there :D

    tummythoz, its actually not marketing gimmick... will let you know later ;-)

  4. Lol ... see you tomorrow ... via the Internet I suppose?!

    PS. Me so dumb not sure why being picked ... lol.

  5. good lark!! do malaysians proud!!! woo-hoo:)

  6. congrats Wilfrid :D

    thanks mel^^mel, c&c and superheroes


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