Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Review: McDonald's Double Prosperity Burger

Every year towards Chinese New Year, I tend to look forward to go to McDonald's just for one thing... their Prosperity Burger, the beef version. The chicken version doesn't go well with the black pepper sauce in my book. It's only December but the Prosperity season has started cos Chinese New Year is only about a month and a +/- half away!!!

Well, technically I didn't eat this Double Prosperity Burger since I doubt I could finish the whole thing plus I was recovering from a long bout of food poisoning last week. So thanks to Miss Sweet 16 (pssst still 16 ka??? hahahaha...) for posing :p and allowing me to disturb her after some bites of the said burger.

Double Prosperity Burger

I've eaten the single portion and I have to say I'm lovin' it!!! The juicy beef patty smoothered with black pepper sauce topped with raw sliced onions on sesame seeds bun... very delish indeed but the sauce is HOT stuff! So if you can't stomach hot and spicy food, you might need to skip this. I'm sure Miss Sweet 16 had double the enjoyment chomping on the double amount of beef patties and Prosperity black pepper sauce!!!

BTW, the Twister fries that came with the set is really kick ass! They're absolutely crispy and crunchy till the last bite. Wish they could have this permanently in their menu. Capt'n Hook had the Orange Dream McFlurry but he said it wasn't good which was echoed by a friend. However, I still loved the Orange McFizz.

Oh yeah... I would like to mention the prices here. Tell me what do you think ok? The Prosperity Burger alone is RM8.88 and the regular set is I think RM13.88. The Double version, burger only RM14.88 and the regular set is a whopping RM18.88!!! RM20.00 for one meal at McDonald's and that's excluding dessert!!!!!!

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  1. whoa this is one thing i look forward to every year! that's the prices for double patty right? do we still have single patty to choose from?

  2. yes wilson very yummy indeed

    rachel, read the last para again :D

  3. This is the only thing i like from McD but only once a year. Hope my cough recover soon so that I can go one. Slurps!

  4. I took the singles a few days ago. The patty should remained in the pan longer to get the a slightly burnt surface. The black pepper sauce not spicy enough. Regretted asking them to cut down the sauce as I don't like it overflowing down to my hands. Expensive. First and last.

  5. too expensive la for MCD..damn crazy la..but its quite good la i admit

  6. oh man...RM20 these days for McD.. *sigh* But cannot resist the Prosperity Burger also! Haha.. :p

  7. wah! It is back! I havent eaten that for YEARS! Looks juicy!

  8. My fav burger from McD, RM 20 once a year, ok lah.

  9. but 7 dollars for the extra pattie...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. u posted this, it stuck to my stayed and stayed and wouldn't go away....until I went out late last night to satisfy the craving! I enjoyed it though :) he he

  11. Tried it at the Sogo Dept Store outlet. It was really really not worth the price. ;(

  12. pea, seems like a lot of ppl like this very very much

    worldwindows, joe, superheroes once a year indulgence :D

    daphne, am sure can make your own :p

    simon, i've heard this same line from so many ppl hahaha

    dcyk, once a year dun be so kiam la... eat oredi can fatt, fatt, fatt... err minus one t

    oppsie daisie javapot hehehe sorry :p

    tummythots, but yet there are so many suckers like us :p

    btw i wont hv time to drop by your blogs so i wish everyone happy holidays here

  13. I want this. Miss this sooooo much. Unless I'm there for a holiday, I'll be more than willing to spend money in McD. But if I'm a local there, wah.. mahalnye.... Like this ter cekik I.

  14. Waiting for my 5 ulcers in my mouth recover only can have it :(

  15. Wah... the price... Maybe will just go for the single patty one...

  16. i wonder.... has the burger changed since it first started years ago? on the price, i think, its a lil on the high, tho u get the fatt with its haha :)


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