Thursday, 4 December 2008

Braised Roasted Duck

What do you normally do with your left over roasted duck be it homemade or store bought???

So far I've done a Roasted Duck and Baby Tomatoes Angel Hair Pasta.

My mom gave me one half of a frozen roasted duck which I didn't want to reheat in the oven. So mom told me to braise it with preserved soy beans (min see). What I did was chop up the duck into smaller pieces. Minced a large handful of shallots and a few cloves of garlic, set aside separately.

In some hot oil, saute and sweat the shallots till fragrant before adding garlic. Continue to saute before putting in the minced preserved soy beans. Stir till fragrant before adding the duck pieces. Mix well. Pour in water till it's just enough to cover the duck. Let it come to a simmer and adjust the taste with some sugar, salt is only necessary if it's really not salty enough. Braise for about 20 minutes or until gravy thickens.

Braised left over roast duck

Best with hot rice especially when drizzle the gravy over the rice!

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  1. wat a good suggestion to kao tim those roasted duck every time left over after pai pai.....

    hmm.... thanks for the sharing.....

  2. hahah there will nvr b any roast duck leftovers for me la...i personally make sure 1..but then again, mom will nvr cook duck at home..shes got "fong sap"

  3. hahaha normally only left the bones....and i'd boil them as a soup ^_^

  4. hehehe.. I would put them in a pasta of course.. but it's hard to have left overs!

  5. No leftovers for roast duck. It's a clearout into the tummy all the time!

  6. Wow .. interesting. I usually just pan fry the refrigerated roasted duck and then add soy sauce and eat it with rice.

    Nice idea you have. Thanks!

  7. we usually chuck all the leftovers into a pot and add in chinese mustard leaves (gai choy), dried chillies and tamarind pieces. simmer for a few hours and we'll get a pot of goodness with white rice. ;)

  8. glad this tip is useful, penang tua pui

    joe, my mom too hence she gave me the duck the neighbour gave her :p

    rita, gosh now you make me crave for duck soup with preserve vege (harm choy)

    daphne, if the duck is too big, usually would have some left over

    worldwindows :D btw great blog you have there

    my pleasure wilfrid

    nic, i loved it that way too!!! yumyum

  9. no matter how often i eat duck, cannot get enough.. i like the crispy one .. as a well as the braised one.. and now, i like the 'babe' one! lol;)

  10. You can make Thai red curry with leftover roast duck. Fry up the red curry paste with three ilme leaves and lots of green onions (chung), add pineapple, and lots of fresh coriander, and fresh mint. Yum.

  11. hehe ;-) c&c

    ahh thanks for the tips Gaik


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