Monday, 1 December 2008

Review: Nyonya Colors @ The Gardens

Just as my past visit to Nyonya Colors at 1 Utama, this round at The Gardens did not disappoint us. We loved the Nyonya inspired decor, let alone the colourful, pretty and tantalising kuih-muih on display which is kinda evil as they call out "bite me, bite me" whilst you queue to order and pay for your food.

Capt'n Hook had Nasi Lemak Pandan with Chicken Rendang. I stole some bites and totally loved the fragrant pandan infused steamed rice! Look how generous the portion of chicken.

NC - nasi lemak ayam

Boiboi picked plain old Chee Cheung Fun (flat rice roll RM3.90) which didn't disappoint. How I know?? Cos my boiboi finished 3/4 of the portion!

NC - chee cheung fun RM3.90

Since I knew I would be the one who will have to sapu (wipe off) my boiboi's unfinished ccf, I opted for a packet of plain Nasi Lemak (RM2.50 not exactly cheap huh?) and Mee Siam (RM2.50)

NC - nasi lemak (packet) RM2.50 NC - mee siam (packet) RM2.50

Capt'n Hook's Bubur Cha Cha (RM3.80) was no match to our fave in Penang. A little too watery for me but I like the black eyed peas in there.

NC - bubur cha cha RM3.80

I loved the Hak Lo Mai (Black Glutinous Rice RM3.30) though as it came very thick and filled with santan (coconut milk) flavour. If you prefer a watery kinda tong shui, you can skip this.

NC - pulut hitam RM3.30

We have some kuih-muih too but was too preoccupied in eating, hence no pics, but I have to say the kuih-muih were fantastic albeit they came in such small piece that I could eat them in one mouthful bite!

Nyonya Colors
LG 230A, Lower Ground Floor
The Gardens Shopping Mall
Mid Valley City
Kuala Lumpur

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  1. Oh yes, that bubur cha cha is hard to beat alrite! stil comparing all otr bowls I have eaten since (whether Pg/Kl/hawker/restaurant etc) to his!

  2. Nyonya Colors is the best I have eaten along this food genre.

  3. The kueh mueh is indeed expensive for RM1 a tiny tiny piece ... but its nice.

  4. All the pictures loaded fine except for the nasi lemak. No doubt the chicken portion must be very generous. =D

  5. oh.. i love this place lah.. try to stop by and eat there at least once a fortnight... i think i am due for another feed at this yumyum place this weekend heehee

  6. All the comments above is good.. good... goood on the food in this place. Why the nasi kunyit(can't remember the correct name, the rice is yellow yellow ah!) is not that nice...:(

    I think i should give it another try on this Nasi Lemak Pandan... :)

  7. definite Nomad Gourmand!!!

    world windows, not bad huh

    family first, yeah so itsy bitsy

    tummythoz, flickr pics loading rather slow today

    ooo happy eating yozora

    jade, perhaps not everything is nice leh. so nasi kunyit not nice ka?? ok wont order dat :D

  8. oh boy...simply love nasi lemak a lot...had 2 nasi lemak bungkus when yum char last nite

  9. babe jie i went there too the other week with my wife, over ordered lol, i had nasi lemak pandan, wife had mee siam with honey chicken(too sweet) but big big portions too

    then we had an ABC, so so only, and i took a fruit rojak which was so HUGE in portion, very very very nice food :)

  10. nasi lemak very hard to resist huh vialentino?

    dcky, rojak nice ka??

  11. rojak thick sauce, and just a tad spicy, i just found out that i buey tahan the nasi lemak, lol, the chicken although not too spicy for me, still caused me bowel problems the next day zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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