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Review: Sister's Kitchen at The Podium, Menara Hap Seng

Menara Hap Seng, formerly known as MUI Plaza, had underwent a dramatic change under the new owner. It's no longer a drably building both inside and outside. The transformation was vast, so much so many would not be able to recognise this was formerly MUI Plaza. In place of the empty space in front of the building above the carpark, they have constructed an extension of 2 floors over the driveway. At night, you can be mesmerised with the strips of lights that changes colour on the glass and metal facade.

The ground floor banking halls and empty shop lots made way for a cool and swanky place for retail, well-being and of course, food therapy. So now the place is named, The Podium, is finally shaping up even though it was completed few months back. There's a stage in the middle of the concourse where once when I was there during lunch hour there was a 3-men guitar band singing lovely tunes. Here are some pics I took during CNY early this year...

The Podium, Menara Hap Seng

Other than the convenience of having CIMB and Maybank here, there are quite a number of F&B places opened but at the moment most of them are packed during lunch hours mostly catering to the office workers around Jalan Sultan Ismail, P. Ramlee and Raja Chulan. In the evening and weekends... I guess it's still quiet. There's an Old Town Kopitiam here for white coffee fixes but if you prefer lattes, fret not, Starbucks is a stone throw away, both offering free wifi service :D. Then to sweeten up after your mains, there's always Dessert's Bar on standby... which is not good for me since I can get sinfully good desserts within easy reach!

The Olive Tree is a Northern Indian restaurant which I've tried once. Associated with Pride of India at Desa Sri Hartamas, they serve buffet lunch at RM25 nett and the last I went they were having buy 2 free 1 deal for the buffet. Food, choice and taste wise at the buffet table didn't really satisfy me. Of late I noticed there were a lot of tour buses sending patrons to this restaurant.

Cafe 9 is a Malay restaurant and SanTerri Cottage which I've yet to patronise. Then there's Nagomi Shabu-Shabu which is not pulling in the crowds. One floor up, Elegant Inn and Xenri both serving Hong Kong and Japanese fine dining respectively. I'm very keen to try Xenri after boo_licious' review.

I'm sure by now, most of KLites would have somehow or rather tried the Sister's crispy popiahs where you can find their kiosks at most malls in the city. When I first chanced upon Sister's Kitchen logo a few months back at Menara Hap Seng, they kinda looked familiar and true enough this new eatery does belonged to the 5 sisters behind Sister's Crispy Popiah!

The menu isn't that extensive but enough to be bowled over with its local delights of nasi lemak, siam laksa noodles, seafood porridges, rice with side dishes and of course crispy popiahs. Snacks like deep fried wantan or popiah are also available.

To order, you'll be given a sheet of order form. All you need to do is tick and fill in your orders before passing the form to the staff.

There are 4 different sets of lunch choices going at RM14.90++. You can pick nasi lemak, siam laksa noodles, seafood noodles or seafood porridge. Choice of tea, coffee or iced lemon tea for drinks. You'll also be served with one appetiser and local kuih for dessert. That day I was given wantan and onde-onde; and another time I've gotten spring roll and a delish nine layer kuih.

SK - accompanying appetiser and dessert SK - coffee SK - iced lemon tea

So far I've tried their nasi lemak and seafood Siam laksa noodles. The nasi lemak was served with a huge piece of deep fried juicy chicken thigh but *ahem* the size varies on different days. Not the best nasi lemak but sufficient to satiate the taste for nasi lemak.

SK - nasi lemak

The seafood Siam laksa noodles came with loads of fish slices, squids, brown sotong and 2 large huge prawns! The laksa is not too thick and lemak (creamy) with a slight sweetish taste. I don't mind having this again.

SK - Seafood Siamese Laksa

I've tried the normal popiah and also the egg skinned popiah, both are equally nice.

SK - popiah and egg skin popiah

Service is prompt and efficient. Food is served rather quickly. The restaurant is quite spacious but it's always packed during lunch hours hence it can get rather noisy when patrons chat away.

Sister's Kitchen
Lot 1-13, 1st Floor,
The Podium, Menara Hap Seng (formerly MUI Plaza)
Jalan P. Ramlee
Tel: 603-2142 6988

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  1. oh...I miss having popiah... *looks adoringly at the picture of the popiah* :p

  2. worked there for a month+ recently on the 9th floor. The place feels very posh ;p
    Siam laksa looks really good, should hv ordered that! Like the popiah too.
    U work nearby? Do u go to the Friday afternoon mkt?

  3. i want that seafood Siam laksa!! looks so good...^_^

  4. havent been to that area in ages . . .

  5. care to fly down for some superheroes?

    thenomadGourmand, yes i work near by. only visit the market once in a while. not very condusive as its jammed pack with human and dangerous when cars are approaching

    c&c, not bad ler for something around here

    am sure ling will come all the way for some laksa huh? :p

    mike, not surprisingly when u r always meditating on top of the hill :P

  6. I wanna check out this transformed "icon" in KL ... wow, from drabby MUI to flashy Hap Seng :-)

    Hmm, perhaps this Fri nite!


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