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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Glad to be back...

Dear all,

Thank you for all your comforting messages during this trying time. I really appreciate that. Things are more or less settled now but the grief and pain that hit during our lonely periods are the hardest to overcome. I guess time will heal... and it will be a long one.

Just an announcement before I restart my blogging proper... there will be a new, well not exactly new, blogger contributing for Babe in the City - KL. It will be non other than my makan partner who has been all these while contributing to this blog by being the growing-together-side-way-partner, paymaster and taste bunny... my hubby la hahaha. There is something installed for us soon and I will reveal that when time comes.

Welcome on board darling ;-) and thanks for everything.


Unknown said...

Ahhh.. good to have you back babe :)..can't wait for the new thing to be launched

Dc said...

wheeee welcome back and welcome captain hookk

worldwindows said...

Glad to read posts from you and also hubby again.

Jason said...

Welcome back... and a big welcome to Mr. Babe! ^^

Rebecca Saw said...

Welcome back and my condolences.. On a lighter note, wahhh..2 of u ah? Power! Ms Babe and Mr Hunk ;p

DannyBoy said...

Good to see you back! Better and stronger!

DannyBoy :D

Family First said...

Welcome back! And yes, welcome back the all-new Babe & Hunk combination! Sure terror one!

Tummythoz said...

Glad you are back too with 'bonus' issue some more! =D

Babe_KL said...

thanks yozora, not new things la, just some events that's gonna happen :p

thank you dcyk & worldwindows

Mr Babe?? hahaha :P jason

thanks dannyboy and tummythoz; watch out for it

thenomadGourmand & familyfirst, HUNK :O hahahaha... kenot use that nick cos someone taken dat nick liau plus hubby's not one!

Grimmie said...

oooo Mr. HOOK on board eh ..