Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Review: Grilled Seafood at Kopitiam Soon Lee

This corner lot Kopitiam Soon Lee does not serve ordinary kopitiam food but excellent grilled seafood and dai chow (stir-fried) dishes. I've started visiting here with my parents more than 1o years ago but of late we were too busy exploring the new places in and around Kepong to be bothered to travel this far. When I'm back to my own home, hubby and I are always having problem deciding where to eat, hence once drizzling evening, we headed here from some wholesome seafood.

We were given pictured menu wooohooo what a great thing hahaha... but there were simply too many good stuff to choose from, quite a headache leh :p Sighhhh very hard to please Malaysians huh?

We have the usual standard order, grilled stingray (RM11). The one served was a baby one that is not too thick in flesh with cartilage so soft that we ate them all up with the superb tangy chilli dip (do ask for more!!!). The skin came crispy tasted of a quick rub of tumeric powder. Thank goodness it wasn't curry powder which could be too overpowering.

SL - grilled stingray RM11 SL - tangy chilli dip

Hubby asked for a prawn dish and they recommended a very sinful salted duck egg yolk style. Kinda nice of them to pre-warn us that for the smallest portion, the price would be RM20. Well... at least when it came the dish doesn't surprise us when I counted... only 6 large prawns in there. We both loved the creamy salted egg yolk coating the prawns. I carefully sucked clean the creamy egg yolk before devouring the prawn... finger lickin' greatness!

SL - salted egg yolk prawns RM20

For some fibrous greens, we opted for a simple stir-fried brussel sprouts (choi tam RM6). Check out those brown bits topping the greens... they are crushed dried shrimps which brought this normal vege dish to another height. Simply loved them!

SL - stir fried choi tam (brussel sprouts) RM6

If you fancy some yue kap (pigeon) ala Hong Kong, you can have them here too. Rather tasty when I last tried them. I spied grilled lamb too at other tables but that would be another day for us.

Kopitiam Soon Lee
21-1, Jalan SP 2/1, Serdang Perdana,
43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor
Tel: 603-8941 5144
Opening Hours: 10.00am – 1.00am (Closed Tuesday)
Coordinates: 3°1'50"N 101°42'31"E

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  1. wah duck egg yolk prawns..double whammy! (in a good way)..

  2. Very nice. I have also a site for recipes for cooking. See. I love your recipes. I am from the Slovak Republic. Be translated through Google translate http://www.irecepty.com

  3. The prawns look too creamy for me, don't think I can take it:p

  4. Serdang folks are spoilt for choice. The shrimps and grilled stingray looks irresistible.

  5. Wow! Give me that stingray anytime!!!

  6. the egg yolk on the prawn looks very yellow as oppose to orange, any difference in taste? anyway this is like my all time fav dish. Ham Tan ANYTHING is delicious!

  7. Seri Kembangan has lots of nice places for yummy food! Hehe, i like the way u said u sucked the prawns clean of the hamtan first - spoken like a true gourmet!

  8. nice nice food....serdang...near my place...can go and try...

  9. oh...we just had something similar to that egg yolk dish the other day!! Yours look really really yummmy oh.. *drools*

  10. joe, *ahem* we dun hv "dat" problem :P

    thanks for coming by Grabriel

    too bad christy, they're really yummy

    i'm still exploring, worldwindows

    daphne :D

    ciki, me using camphone hence the colour doesn't really correspond to the real thing but i really have to agree wid you, ham tan in anything is fantabulous!!!

    pure glutton, kekeke but but but isn't that how ppl eat their prawns :p

    vialentino, hv fun ok :D

    superheroes can fly over there to hv a taste...


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