Friday, 21 November 2008

More Ways with Corned Beef

Here are more ways to enjoy a regular can of corned beef... or rather one can, 2 ways :D

I've read in a blog about those char charn teng (local cafes) in Hong Kong serves corned beef with egg on toasts. The pic seems like corned beef omelette so I pandai-pandai (cleverly) just stir-fry the corn beef for a while with a sprinkle of black pepper before breaking in the eggs. So here's one style... eaten in between two slices of bread or toasts (not pictured) with chilli sauce was a wholesome goodness!

Corned Beef Omelette

Next, I brown some chopped onions with some olive oil before adding corned beef. Sprinkle in generous dose of black pepper (I like loads with my corned beef :p). Stir and fry for a few minutes before pouring in strained canned whole corn kernels. Stir till well mixed and dish up. Best eaten by stuffing them into a warmed up pita bread lined with lettuce and tomatoes (sorry, no pics again hehehe - inside stomach liau).

Stir-fried Corned Beef With Corns

My other ways...
Corned Beef With Diced Capsicum and Onion
Quick Corned Beef Snack

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  1. Aaah corned beef...can use in anything and it'll taste sooo delicious. The second picture's really nice. :-)

  2. What I always did when too malas to cook anything else, just saute some onion and cut green chillies yg pedas together with the corned beef. Yummy.....

  3. Hehe, couldn't even wait for ONE pic be4 goin into ur tummy hor! ;p

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  5. delicious! i just love corned beef with onions.. loads of it:) and RICE!

  6. thanks LL

    one of the best thing to have in the larder huh flower?

    kekeke shhhhh thenomadGourmand

    thanks spshopbiz

    :D yumyum, c&c

  7. I am loving the corn + corned beef...brilliant idea!
    i used to do mine with bacon (oh yeah)

  8. yummy yummy ...

    i do the omelette but with porkie meat instead :)

  9. rita, oh yeah bacon!!!!!

    grimmie, taste totally different leh hehe but this is for emergency


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