Friday, 14 November 2008

Launching of "Not Your Average Food Mag"

I was deeply honoured to be labelled by FatBoyBakes (FBB) as one of the famous food blogger around town. More so when I was invited by him to attend the official launching of myNourishment, a new food magazine.


First, the launch event... it was held at Nikko Hotel few days back. I arrived with my new blog sidekick as what FBB intro him to Joe ahead of the stated time 7pm. Chief Editor Ryan Khang was the first to greet us and showed us around what they have inside the ballroom. Not only that... he started to introducing me as one of the famous food blogger around. Thank goodness the light was superbly dim in the hall that he did not see the blush on my cheeks. Other than Ryan, I managed to congratulate Edyth Ban and Ban Mei Kei for the launch.


If you have been following my blog for sometime, Ryan is no stranger here. I attended my first cooking class conducted by him at The Cooking House. I remember having lots of fun at his salad making class. Not only myself but I can testify that my boiboi had loads too at his cookie class. Up till now he still remember Ryan Kor Kor and asked when can he go again.

Hubby and I were busy checking out the dips at the dip counter. Chef Francis Lim was busy making the 4th dip and that was when FBB came over. We have fun savouring the delish dips whilst catching up.


The next I knew Joe came along, followed by boo_licious as we drank fresh fruit juices, dragon fruit enzyme and wine. When Cumi and Ciki arrived, I knew who are they based on the pics they posted in their blog and I introed myself using my real name hehe so Ciki didn't realised it was the face behind this blog. Anyway, that was amended later on. It's too bad Jackson, Pea, Julian, Nigel and Allan can't make it, otherwise it would have been great. I was also honoured to have met famous chefs, editors and players in the food industries.


Just before the simple launch, Ryan gave his speech, signs the card after the guest Dr Steve... and tadaaa the mag is launched!!!


About the mag, myNourishment is a FREE quarterly magazine, covering food, wine, nutrition, restaurant-related news, issues and events in and outside Malaysia. There will be interviews with well-known chefs working in both local and international settings. At the moment, myNourishment is targeted to be distributed FREE through selected hotels, art galleries, cafes & restaurants, organic outlets, supermarket, airports and government offices. However, you can subcribe to myNourishment by paying the postage and handling charges of RM40 for the 4 issues in a year.

I've read thru the mag and its certainly different from other food mags, just as the tagline stated. There were loads of nutritional information, ways of wholesome eating, and accompanying recipes based on the topics featured. Do go and subcribe for a copy yah. Email to or contact 603-2300 1070 for subcription information.

It gives us great pleasure to extend our warmest congratulations to myNourishment team on the launch of myNourishment magazine. We are extremely happy to witness this launch, and would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Ryan and team, and of course FBB for inviting us to the event. We look forward to its growth and continued success in the coming years

Check out what FBB has to say about the launch and what was glamour gurl's account.


  1. nice meeting you again after like 2 years!.. had a great time laughing and having fun..

    well hope nxt time u can take ur boi boi out la!

  2. ;-) huh 2 years gone liau ka, joe??? :p aiyoh hehe

  3. you mean that's not "you" on the cover of the magazine?

  4. heya this is quite something. will go check it out! :)

  5. you are ... you are! you're a famous foodblogger:P

  6. woohoo! That looks like an successful event and great mag! Congratulations for being mentioned!

    and glad u r back to blogging. =)

  7. why u never intro yourself as "The One And Only Babe In KL"?!?!?!!?

  8. richard, i wud IF i'm as cun as the cover gurl :p

    quachee, nice read there

    mike & c&c, labelled by who leh??? hehehe

    thanks daphne

    lanatir, cos there were more than one babes in KL :D

  9. haha, i echo that sentiment... u ARE famous ma,

  10. Hello, famous blogger... that you are :-))

  11. fbb & pure glutton, yoohhh... very shy d


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