Monday, 17 November 2008

Review: Chee Cheung Fun Stall in Front of Kedai Kopi Lee Hoe

I used to pass by Jalan Tun H.S. Lee in the mornings aeons ago on the way to work and couldn't help noticing this tricycle that is forever crowded around with patrons every morning. This tricyle is parked in front of Kedai Kopi Lee Hoe which is located opposite of Maybank Jalan Tun H.S. Lee branch or Soong Kee Beef Ball Noodles (more known as Jalan Silang beef noodles).

I know they sell chee cheung fun (rice noodle) but never knew they were good until one of my colleague told me so. I did tried them and seriously, they're one of the better mobile chee cheung fun (ccf) in town.

My memory of thick saltish tim cheung (sweet sauce) served with ccf and kangkung was revived recently. The stall manned by mother (mama) and son (tzai tzai) still attracts many patrons but thank goodness they still using a systematic procedure when it came to ordering. You can choose to pack your ccf or you can eat at the kopitiam.

Procedure is pretty simple...

(1) Pick up a tong and a plate. Choose the ccf accompaniments - the standard foo pei (beancurd sheet with fishpaste), fish balls, various processed fishpaste goodies, yong tau foo etc. Darn... my memory really failing me :p each piece is priced 60 sens but have to confirm again if I'm going again soon.

Kedai Kopi Lee Hoe ccf 01

(2) Put it along the plate "queue" *grin* and patiently wait for your turn. When it's your turn, Mama will place your items into the middle partioned pot to heat them up.

(3) Tzai Tzai will ask you how many ccf would you like and whether you prefer the flat ones or the round ones.

Kedai Kopi Lee Hoe ccf 03

(4) Since I like mine flat, Tzai Tzai proceed to open and loosen up the ccf sheet. Next Tzai Tzai will cut and arrange your choices meticulously (not kidding ok, you'll need to watch him... I was mesmerised!!!) then place the ccf over them.

(5) He will then ask if you want more or less sauce; add chilli or not; and whether if you want sesame seeds. Tzai Tzai will patiently pour the sauce according to your liking. I tell you, this is first class service!

Kedai Kopi Lee Hoe ccf 02

(6) For take away, Tzai Tzai will fold the plastic layer carefully over the newspaper and wrap it into a nice package. The method was fantabulous as it doesn't leak at all!!!

(7) Tzai Tzai will tell Mama how many pieces and you can hand over the money to Mama, well if she's not delivering ccf to the kopitiam. Otherwise, hand them over to Tzai Tzai.

Errmmm excuse the bad looking clump of food hahaha cos that was how it looked like when I got to office. I still loved the sauce but try not to ask for extras cos it can get a tad salty. Sighhh having some cravings, I want my ccf now!!!! Heh :p

Kedai Kopi Lee Hoe ccf 04

Chee Cheung Fun Stall in tricyle
In front of Kedai Kopi Lee Hoe
Jalan Tun H.S. Lee
(Opposite Maybank)
Coordinates: 3°8'49"N 101°41'47"E

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  1. about TLC... hard to get these days eh? It's all about the food i say...

  2. Heh.. no RMxx ++ somemore horr? this is what i call service! Buy frm them also shiok!
    Unlike those popular stalls that shows u the "pau" face cos biz soo gd n they're sooo bz, like ur measly ringgit doesnt matter..

  3. The patrons really do call him tzai-tzai?

  4. hey babe, do you know whether they are open during lunch?

  5. Wow they are still there. I've seen them selling yong tow foo at the same area back in the late 80's. Caya lah.... :)

  6. Oh, long long time ago, this is my favorite breakfast... miss them a lot...

  7. Err .. you take so many pics of him, he never marah ah?

  8. the best CCF is still the old lady that plies her trade in the tricycle at my granma place. She has since passed on and no one taken over her trade. the last i bought CCF from her was when i was 15. It used to cost 15sen/fish ball...which she knows and would generously smoother them with those sweet savoury sauce.

    May God bless her soul.

    by the way,. blogger down?

  9. What a good tactic to attract and make the customers happy!

  10. c&c, passion is hard to come by these days

    ;-) thenomadGourmand

    Nooooo!!! hahaha i coined tzai tzai up one tummythoz

    really ka flower??? gosh i guess now the son must have taken over huh?

    skinnymum, lemme check with them ok

    chenboon, really ka, the ccf still good

    familyfirst, :p first i was rather discreet cos i was only using my phone to snap the pics. secondly, he's so nice, doubt he will scold :D

    stupe, great memories huh? blogger not down at my side

    jason, perhaps its his natural manners? or could it be his passion?


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