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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Review: Friends Cafe @ Kepong

Friends Cafe

Back on New Year's eve, we went back to Kepong and Dad took us to Friends Cafe. Since it was still rather early, the place was pretty empty. I was quite skeptical but since my parents have been here numerous times, I guess they should be ok huh. My mom kept telling me to try one of their chu cheung fun (ccf, flat rice noodles) item, hmmm...

Whilst waiting for our orders, I noticed the lunch crowd slowly streaming in, wow... until it was quite occupied. Our drinks came first...

Capt'n Hook had a Teh C Special (RM2.20) which he gave it a slight stir before I managed to capture the layering effects. I took a sip and its nice. My Kedondong Juice with Sour Plum (RM2.80) was wonderfully refreshing whilst boiboi's Strawberry Smoothies (RM5.00) is the type which doesn't have milk in it.

Teh C Special (RM2.20) Kedondong Juice with Sour Plum (RM2.80) Strawberry Smoothies (RM5.00)

Since Capt'n Hook had a late breakie so he ate the Double Kaya and Butter Toast (RM2.40).

Double Kaya and Butter Toast (RM2.40)

My boiboi asked for Chu Cheong Fun With Bean Sauce (RM3.50) which has ccf, fish ball, beancurd skin (foo phei) and I think deep fried stuffed beancurd. The sauce was thickish and not overly salty. What I liked is there is addition of deep fried shallots on top.

Chu Cheong Fun With Bean Sauce (RM3.50)

Now this was the item that my mom asked me to try... Chu Cheung Fun with Peanut Butter and Bean Sauce (RM3.80), which basically consist of the same items as above with the exception of the sauce which has a combi of bean sauce and peanut butter sauce. Loved the extra peanut aroma here.

Chu Cheung Fun with Peanut Butter and Bean Sauce (RM3.80)

My dad had this bowl of Curry Mee (RM5.00) with blood cockles (see hum, add another RM0.50). I took a sip of the soup and find it's not too bad. My dad told me that previously they do not have see hum at all but I supposed there must have demands for them hence you get the option to add them in. For us, see hum is definitely a must in a bowl of curry mee.

Curry Mee Add Clam (RM5.50)

I quite like the cafe here. I loved how they separate the smoking section at the outer part of the shoplot and keeping the inner aircon section away from the smoke. The food is good and the menu is extensive so we must return to try them all!

Friends Cafe
C-G-17, Jalan Metro Perdana 2,
Taman Usahawan, Kepong Utara,
52100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel:603-6252 6052

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choi yen said...

tried once, the Tom Yam meehoon was small in portion, so end up order French Fries to fill me up :(

Tummythoz said...

*rub eyes to read again. Thrice* Peanut butter on CCF?

Rebecca Saw said...

not bad prices for an outlet like this..

daphne said...

oh.. is there one in Sunway too? or different branch? sounds different! esp the CCF!

KY said...

Pricing looks really attractive. :)

Unknown said...

hey the food seems unique... peanut butter ccf! wow! hey btw gong xi fa cai, kl babe! :)

Eunice said...

Hi, i like your blog.
You are welcome to visit us. Thx for your support!
Search PAOBING and add us in Facebook and Friendster.
See you~! :)

Babe_KL said...

mimi, i checked my dad's curry, quite big wor

tummythoz, its more like diluted peanut sauce

i've no idea leh daphne

KY, yes indeed

quachee, enough for you to go and try or not?

hi eunice, i've tried your products and haven't blog about it. btw your site is not ready is it? a lot of pages can't be loaded. would help if you could have your menu in English

Simon Seow said...

Too bad no one does sesame sauce here.

foodbin said...

laksa looks inviting

Babe_KL said...

simon, where have you taste sesame sauce before?

foodbin, not bad i wud say