Thursday, 25 August 2005

IMBB#18: Pan Fried Patties

When I saw the announcement for this month's Is My Blog Burning (IMBB), I was like dumbfolded hahaha don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with Linda from At Our Table in picking the theme Summer's Flying, Let's Get Frying! It's more like, how do I say this... it's just too easy peasy for us, Asians, since most of our food were either stir fried or pan fried or deep fried. Very mind boggling especially when we have tonnes of fried food we can showcased, hehehe but nevermind, I'm in for the challenge.

For this installment, I've made a simple, fast and most importantly an easy entry. These are my Pan Fried Patties.

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I've mixed together fish paste (can be bought pre-made in the wet market, I saw them too at Jusco but not sure of other supermarts); roughly chopped prawns and finely diced carrots, water chestnuts and spring onions; in a mixing bowl. For seasoning, I've added in some soya sauce, white pepper and sesame seeds oil. I do not have the exact measurement as I guesstimate my way thru. I just made sure the fish paste and diced prawns are about the same amount. So were the carrots and water chestnuts. Mixed them up evenly. I've used one spoon and wet my palm lightly with some water to prevent the paste from sticking. Using the spoon and my palm, I shaped the patties into small thin rounds. The size and thickness is entirely up to one taste. Then I pan fried them in shallow oil till golden brown.

Best eaten hot with chili sauce or Thai sweet chili sauce.

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Thank you, Linda, for hosting this round of IMBB. I can't wait for the round up as it's very exciting to see what are the entries submitted by the rest of the food bloggers around the world. I'm posting this early as I may not have access the next few days.

Since I've made a rather large batch of the paste, I've bought some sui kow (dumplings in Cantonese) skin to make some delicious dumplings in clear broth. Will post that up in the subsequent post.


  1. oooo, they look so crispy and nice. Yum yum, I am drooling over them especially since I did not eat lunch today.

  2. poor thing, boo. it's slightly crispy on the outside but soft on the inside hahaha my first time making these.

  3. Very nice, hmmm... so yummy looking. :p

  4. They do look delicious. I wonder where I would find fish paste in Toronto, Canada.


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