Thursday, 18 August 2005

Pandan Tau Sar Pneah

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Colleagues of mine went to Penang recently and they brought back a box of Pandan Tau Sar Pneah. This one is from Seng Heang which I've never heard of. The colour of the pastry is tinted green and has a very strong pandan flavour that tasted a little on the sweetish side. Salty mung beans filling with sweet pandan pastry... to me it didn't go very well. Maybe they ought to tweak their recipe a bit to cut down the sugar for the pastry. I checked the ingredient listing... this is the "cheat" version hahaha cos they uses vegetables oil. Short review today, let the pics do the talking. For detailed description, read my previous post.

Gummi Bear sticking his fingers into the Tau Sar Pneah.

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Whilst BamBam stuffing himself on one mouthful!

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  1. actually gummi bear is imgining he's reaching for nipples, lots of them in one box

  2. Nice candid shots of the hand and the mouth action. Somehow, I think I prefer the original tau sar pneah though. That green tinge kinda freaks me out.

  3. yes boo, they dun jive somehow. haha those boys thot i was playing with my digicam since i took it out to download some pics heh... pics were posted wid their permission


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