Monday, 29 August 2005

Sui Kow (Dumplings) in Clear Broth

With a rather large batch of paste made for Pan Fried Patties for IMBB#18 submission, I've gotten some sui kow (a type of dumpling in Cantonese) skin to make sui kow. Sui Kow is a type of dumplings either served in clear ikan bilis (dried anchovies in Malay) broth or deep fried.

Boil a pot of water with some ikan bilis for about 30 minutes or longer to get a pot of ikan bilis stock. Strain the stock. Prepare some choy sum and set aside.

These are the paste and sui kow skins. Majority people will add in mince pork in their sui kow paste especially those you eat in the shops but I didn't. Can add in black fungus (wood ear mushroom) and green peas to the paste too.

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To assemble, place some paste on one half of the sui kow skin. Try not to over stuff your sui kow skin as the skin can breakup easily. Next, wet the skin around the paste. Fold into half.

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Reboil the ikan bilis broth and add in the choy sum.

Boil some water in another pot and cook these sui kow in batches about 5 minutes. What I did was, I split one into half to test doneness in the first batch. From there I roughly gauge how long I need to cook these sui kow for the next few batches. When they're cooked, scoop them up with a slotted spoon and place into the ikan bilis broth.

Serve sui kow hot with some chili sauce, to me the best is with Kampung Koh* Garlic Chili Sauce. Yumzzz...

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* Kampung Koh is a small town located near Sitiawan, Perak. This town has a few garlic chili sauce manufacturer. The famous brand was Kampung Koh and when it flourished, the rest of the world (in Malaysia actually heh) decided to use the same name as well. Now you'll have Kampung Koh chili sauce produced in Kepong (in the Klang Valley) too. I'm not really sure if it's the same producer from Kampung Koh but if anyone of you are from Sitiawan, can clear this up? Thanks.


  1. Yummy sui kow. When you make it at home, can add all these nice "lui" inside it.

  2. yeah boo and can cater to wat we liked too

  3. was the sui kow homemade? if yes, what is the recipe? (cehh, like i want to make) or what kind of shops sell them? wonderful post! i love reading about your cooking adventures.

    i've never haeard of kampung koh chili sauce. hmm have to go look for a bottle i guess ;-)

  4. yes q, they're homemade. usually shops that sell wantan mee would have them but most of the time they would be non-halal.

    can be easily replicate at home, no worries, the skin can be found in supermarket in the chiller section. i dun hv exact recipe since i usually agak-agak hahaha.

    you can try the recipe here but kinda long list of ingredients though.


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