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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 9 August 2005

Modernised Ais-Krim Potong

Found a few boxes of these inside my mom's freezer...

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These are ais-krim potong (cut ice-cream literally translated from Malay), the modern way. One can opt for a Red Bean (kacang merah) flavour box or a mixture of Yam (keladi), Black Glutinous Rice (pulut hitam) and Red Bean flavours in one box.

Those days when I was still a kid, the ais-krim potong seller will come in his tricycle or bicycle. He will then asked us what flavour you would like and next, small or large portion. He will remove a long ais-krim and placed on a wooden board with a couple of lines as marking. Next he cuts the ais-krim according to our prefered size based on the marking. He will then poke in the lidi (coconut skewer in Malay) into the ais-krim before handing over to us. What we need to do is remove the greased proof paper wrapped around it before chomping down.

This is how a typical ais-krim potong seller looked like which was imprint on the box. How creative eh?

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With lesser traditional ais-krim seller coming our way these days, we have now, the modern ones where we can get from supermarkets. They are pre-cut and individually packed before placing into boxes. Some brands come in styrofoam boxes too. Very hygienic *thumbs up*

This is how the individually packed ais-krim potong looked like inside the box...

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And this is how an ais-krim potong looked like. The lidi is replaced with wooden sticks. This stick is Pulut Hitam (Black Glutinous Rice in Malay) flavour which is superb. Well balanced coconut milk with the right amount of pulut hitam, it's so divine! The yam flavour, my favourite, is enveloped with a layer of santan (coconut cream in Malay). Very delicious. Those who love red bean tong shui (sweet soup in Cantonese) should try the red bean flavour, it taste just like the real thing. Oooooo really yummilicious ok!

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So next time when you're at Frozen section of a supermarket, grab a box or two of these. Must get those with this logo... yeah King's Ice-Cream.

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p/s: all photos taken with EX-Z750 under flourescent lighting without flash


boo_licious said...

My mother loves the Walls ice-cream potong as she says it's creamier. Will get her to try King's to see if she likes them.

Makan Kings said...


The ice-cream potong looks good! Havent tried the King's one. Have always had the Walls one.

-Makan Kings-

Babe_KL said...

boo/makan kings, i think i tried b4 but can't recall how it tasted hehehe time to buy a box then