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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 19 August 2005

What I Did to the Multi-Coloured Capsicums?

Wondered what I did to the multi-coloured Capsicums?

I've bought a pack of those pre-packed salad leaves and a bottle of Italian Dressing. Yes, everything instant cos I prepared this at my mom's small kitchen. Diced the capsicums and dump them on the bed of various lettuces, carrot strips and some bland rock melon. Drizzle with dressing. Very refreshing... the capsicums are sweet and crunchy.

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Next I found a tin of Prego Mushroom and Herb Cheese sauce (can't find any link in the web, it's yellow labelled) in the larder. Mom told me my relative whom migrated a few months back gave her. Knowing very well this tin will most probably end up in the bin after expiry, so I better do something with it.

So I stir fried some chopped garlic in some oil. Dumped in diced capsicums and some sliced mushroom. Stirred for a couple of minutes and then poured in the tinned sauce. I added in some water to thin the sauce a bit. Simmer for a short while and dished up on a bed of cooked pasta. I've served the salad on its side too. Heh, healthy vege lunch.

The tinned sauce is really nothing to shout about but if you're desperately hungry or your culinary skill is still lacking, then it's superb. Just cook some pasta and reheat the sauce before pouring over the pasta. Voila!

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Makan Kings said...


Your capsicum salads looks wonderfully colorfull and fresh!

The pasta looks good as well. But as you said la, people with culinary skills such as yours wouldnt regularly use it! :D

-Makan Kings-

boo_licious said...

Crunch, crunch! I love capsicums especially the orange and yellow ones.

Sometimes when I want some real comfort food, I love to use Campbells Mushroom soup to make a pasta sauce. Full of sodium but what the heck, it's once in a while.

Babe_KL said...

makan kings, dun say like dat lah hahaha... i lup colourful salads.

boo, those individual packed campbell soup is a life saver hahaha yeah but what the heck!