Wednesday, 24 August 2005

3 Years Ago, Today

12.30am Reached home after hubby fetched me from my parents'. He touched down KLIA at 8pm.

2.00am Only managed to sleep at this hour after some cleaning and what ever not.

7.00am Woke up and urinate but hey how come non-stop?

7.03am Ahhh finally finished. I got up but hey how come got water dripping??? I plonked myself back to the WC... could it be time???

7.05am FINALLY got up from WC and rushed outta bathroom. Noticed water dripped but who the hell cares. Woke hubby up groggily and told him "Hey, I think IT'S time!!". Hubby asked me if it's one of the signs, DUH!!! He said he's gonna check in the book.

7.10am Told hubby I'm gonna shower and wash my hair. Asked him to wake up and prepare himself.

7.30am Came out and saw him sleeping with the book wide opened and guess what? He took out the rubber sheet (baby's changing mat) and laid on the bed on my side. I woke him up and asked him what is he trying to do? He was still blur. Poor baby, he was very tired from all the running around in his biz trip. I have to almost yell at him that we need to move outta house soon since we've doctor's appointment at 10.00am.

7.45-9.15am Could you believed that I still went about doing last minute cleaning and packing? hehehe Ate some breakie and out we went.

10.10am Went direct to the labour ward, jeng jeng jeng, yes my water bag broke at 7.00am!!! I was in labour. The nurse called the doc and told him that I'm at the ward rather than meeting him at his clinic.

10.30am Hubby went about preparing the admission stuff whilst the nurses got me into the labour room. Impressive with nice wallpaper too. Nurse strapped me up with all the various contraptions so that the readings can be displayed on the monitor by the bedside and also at their workstation outside. Impressive huh?

11.30am Hubby and I were busy chatting, reading papers and laughing in there. I was only 4cm dilated. Still a long way to go.
Over heard nurses outside the door...
Nurse A: How is she doing?
Nurse B: Seems fine, both of them laughing and very happy in there.
Hahahaha... you know why? Cos I did not felt any contraction at all even though their monitor detected them!

1.00pm Now I can feel the contractions coming but I'm still not dilating.

2.30pm Pain getting intensed and they gave me pethedine. I think they overdosed me cos from then I was like drifting in and out of drowsiness. I was still in pain. Poor poor hubby was getting very tired giving me the gas mask ever so often until 7.00pm. I think the obgyn came in a few times to check on me.

7.00pm I was still drowsy. Hubby, extremely tired. I think I heard him asking me if I want epidural. I was like against this after we saw the needle that will poke thru the spine in our ante-natal class. It's no joke ok the needle is so thick that I can see light on the opposite end!!!

7.15pm Nurse asked final time whether we want to administer epidural cos she said if want they would have to do it quick before it's too late. Hubby gave green light. I think he's really tired and he can't stand to see the pain in me. I was too drowsy to fight back.

8.00pm Anaesthetist came and administer the epidural. It was a quick and painless process actually or was it that I was too drowsy to know what's happening.

8.20pm Hey presto, I was wide awake, pethidine must have worn off. Still dilating too slow. The epidural is a miracle, no more pain. Hubby happy, me also happy.

10.20pm In between the nurses were coming in and checking ever so frequently. Then suddenly the obgyn came in and he told us "It's time". Uh-oh the show is on... after huffing and puffing for 4 sessions, my boiboi came out with the help of vacuum as his head did not turned down. He came out a cone head but thank goodness there is no mark on his head. We both cried for joy when boiboi was plonked on my chest with blood and mucus. Aiks sepet (single eye lid) one wor hahaha and he has got so much hair!

And now, 3 years later... we're celebrating boiboi's 3rd Birthday. He turned out to be a very active brat, destroyer and a fast learner too. Super terror in remembering all the car logos, brands and models! And you know what, he's not a sepet after all hahahaha... Well, we wished him well and hope he would turn up to be fine lad. May Lord Buddha bless boiboi with peace and happiness.

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  1. hey the storyline is almost the same with our little hanie born in nov 11 2002. I was flying into KLIA from Cairo. The trip itself was tiring , coz in the plane I was place somewhere in the middle of a group of aged taiwanese drinking cans of beer.
    landed klia 7am , wife pick me up from airport , arrived home at abt 9am and she asked to be sent to the hospital. went to ampang puteri , false alarm , n we went shopping at ampang point . while shopping she had another one coming and went into labour from 2 pm onwards. towards the evening , (tgh nak buka puasa) emergency C section and voila , our dearest Hanie was born. and mum dedicate her blog to our dearest hanie at while dad on the crossroad whether want to stay on the job or turn pro golf.

  2. thanks ed

    golf addix, hahaha this is fun eh? thanks for coming by.

  3. Happy birthday to boi boi. Wow, that is sure some story about his entrance to the world.

  4. Happy birthday little boi boi!!

    -Makan Kings-

  5. hahaha boo, at least mine not so traumatic as some :p

    thanks makan kings


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