Friday, 12 August 2005

Sugar High Fridays #11 - Coffee

This is my first time participating in Sugar High Fridays (SHF) which was started by Jennifer of Domestic Goddess. This month will be the 11th installment of SHF... and the host this round is Ronald of lovesicily who incidently is the creator of Is My Blog Burning (IMBB) and Does My Blog Look Good in This? (DMBLGiT?) . He had picked Coffee as this month's theme. Whoa, first we have Tea for this month's IMBB and now we have Coffee, hehehe... so is chocolate next???

Sighhhh did you know that I can't drink coffee... since 1996. Prior to this I could but just suddenly, I can't. Don't ask me why... I won't be able to answer that. After drinking a cup of coffee, my stomach will churn like a front loading washing machine. Next, I feel dizzy and on a high as if I've downed THREE Long Island Tea! So cheap huh to get me high? Just one cup can cause such ruckus in my body. Till now, I've never dared drinking a cup but sometimes I'll steal some sips hehehe... Did you know that there isn't any designer coffee then in 1996, I missed out on all those delicious and expensive coffee concoction but I've no regret hehehe cos I still get free smell each time I drop by those outlets.

All right, for this SHF, I'm gonna submit this Coffee Ice, a recipe I found in a very old copy of HerWorld (a popular ladies magazine in Malaysia/Singapore). As I was stirring and mixing whilst checking the recipe out... I find it kinda boring, just coffee, milk and sugar. The next thing I knew, I grabbed hold of my stool and climbed up my kitchen shelf to reach for the bottle of Kahlua ahaks *super sized grin*

In went the Kahlua one tablespoon and two and three... tasting the liquid with each addition. I stopped at the sixth but feel free to add more if you like more uuummmpphhhh!!! By then I was already on a sugar high as I could not resist drowning the mixture by the teaspoon.

I was so worried the mixture won't get into the freezer hahaha so in went the whole container. I check on it after a few hours and stir the mixture up. Placed the container back into the freezer whilst I licked the spoon clean. I left it over night before I whizz the frozen mixture with my handheld blender. I popped it back into the freezer as it seems to be slightly on the soft side. Repeated a few times till the mixture is fine.

And here it is... served with some Kahlua over it. It tasted superb, yes, I ate the whole cup... no dizziness, no stomach churning... phew... but later that afternoon, I had a mild headache and I had the mother of all headaches later that night. Well, I've no idea whether it's caused by this delicious ice or because of the hot hot weather (it's so hot that the ice melted quickly in the cup, hence, the next round I freeze the cup before serving which did the trick) in KL but what the heck... I'm gonna eat more of this!

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"Spiked" Coffee Ice

2 tbsp instant coffee granules
100ml hot water
5tbsp castor sugar (more or less according to taste)
500ml fresh or UHT milk
6 tbsp
Kahlua (optional, more or less according to taste)

Dissolve coffee in hot water and stir in sugar. In a container with cover, combine coffee mixture with milk. Pour in the Kahlua and stir to mix. Place inside the freezer until frozen to a slush. Spoon coffee slush into a blender and whizz to break up the ciy mixture. Alternatively, my lazy way was whizz with my hand-held blender, muahaha, this thingy is a very handy gadget. Pour mixture back to container and freeze for another hour or more. Repeat process several times until a finely textured ice is achieved.


  1. Perhaps the headache was from the Kahlua? :P

  2. hamsta, i ate some another day, nothing wor... maybe the heat la. still have some in the fridge but i can see it's going fast... got fat rat in da house :D

  3. babe,

    Ohhh...Spiked Coffee Ice! Looks delicious. It is rather hot these days isnt it? And hazy! Hope this haze goes away!!

    -Makan Kings-

  4. Wow, Kahlua all iced up sounds sinfully good.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Makan Kings, thank goodness the haze is gone but its still hot.

    Boo, it is.

  7. This sounds like a great dessert - and looks divine to boot!Thanks so much for joining in and I'm so happy that your own coffee dessert didn't make you sick!

  8. Thanks for the compliment Jennifer. Yeah I was very glad that I could eat this hahaha


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