Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Beef Stew Version 3.0

Beef Stew Version 3.0

This was the version of Beef Stew that made Yozora dashed to the store for a pressure cooker. The method is quite similar to my Version 2.0 with a change of some vegetables. Other than the usual onions, tomatoes, button mushrooms, carrots and potatoes, I have fennel and zucchini (green and yellow).

Beef Stew Version 3.0 - ingredients

Whilst the marinade and sauces are basically the same but this round, I fried the flour dredged beef in batches in the pressure cooker and set aside. Next, fried the chopped onions and fennel. Put in the beef and top with water plus all the necessary sauces like oyster sauce, Marmite and few dashes Woscestershire Sauce. I've also added in a can of whole tomatoes (use the spatula to smash them into smaller pieces). Cover up the cooker and cook for about 15 mins. Depressurised to open the lid to add in the vegetables. Top up with some water and cover the lid to cook for another 10 mins. Depressurise again to open the lid. Season to taste with salt and black pepper.

Serve with crusty bread.

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  1. My goodness, I need to get my pressure cooker out from the store-room. The finished product looks so good!

  2. wow. loving the use of worchestershire sauce and the mushrooms. yum!

  3. I reckon that marmite is the secret ingredient to stews!

  4. i spy with my little eye.. fat on beef! i get all excited over fatty red meat.. the best kind i tell ya! lol.. great stew( i hvnt eaten it.. but if looks could kill... haha)

  5. hahaha worldwindows yes you should, normal cooking can't achieve this kinda meat texture that melts in your mouth

    yes rita, worchestershire sauce made it slightly tangy

    daphne :D another accidental find

    cumi&ciki, sometimes cannot judge a book by its cover wor??

    LL, our fave!

    ling, best to mop them up with bread

    yes belacan, this is indeed delish. i gave some to yozora, the next day she went and buy herself a pressure cooker to make this hahaha

  6. My beef stew is like doing bak kut teh.. with a slow cooker.. i never used tomato and stuff.

  7. Ooh, very nice. I love that you added the veggies later so they are still whole and not mushy! Marmite?!?! Wish I could find that in Italy!



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