Monday 4 August 2008

Merdeka Open House 2008: Mee and My Malaysia

Updated 4 August 2008 14:20pm

The poll is closed and the result is very clear indeed. 67% of respondents have voted for the usage of non-halal meat and beef for this year's event. So there you go... you may use non-halal meat and beef!

Merdeka08 Survey

Thank you for your participation.

Updated 17:20pm

There are some requests to allow the usage of non-halal meat and beef which I think to a certain extend could make the noodle dish more authentic. Well, to make things easier, I've set up a poll right above my posts for the mass to decide. Go vote now!

31 July 2008 14:20pm

Thank you for all the suggestions. After going thru them, I think Jo's theme is the best fit. Hence, I don't need to set up a poll to pick the most popular one. Her suggested theme was Mee and My Malaysia with the reasons that there are many ways of cooking noodles be it laksa, fusion spaghetti (I presumed laksa Johor??), char kuey teow, mee goreng mamak, Hokkien mee and etc. She was very spot on that we, Malaysians, are never short of mee. I think this was brilliant!

It's not easy to pick and come out with a theme where virtually everyone can participate eg. if the theme is based on kuih-muih or colour of Jalur Gemilang; not everyone would know how to make kuih, plus it's quite tedious to make kuih... when it comes to colours, I guess we have a certain limitation in terms of ingredients that come in blue which I can only think of bunga telang.

This year, I'm going to let the cooking bit to be on an easier side cos the previous two are pretty challenging. Nevertheless, I was glad there were growth in terms of participations. I hope this year, we'll have more bloggers supporting this virtual party of mine. The challenging bit would be some write up about the dish.

Let's sum it up okay... Mee and My Malaysia theme would require participants to cook up a noodle dish of any Malaysian ethnic, of course the rare and unique ones from your family, hometown, kampung or some ulu place are most welcomed. Your noodle dish has to be something original and not fusionised or tweaked to fit the modern age. However, this rule will be relaxed for overseas participants since it's not easy to source for local ingredients. Don't forget, if you can't cook... try not to get away with store bought noodles hahaha just go charm your mom, dad, grandparents, sisters, aunties, uncles or whoever the cook in your family to come out with a noodle dish.

Next, take a picture (minimum 500x375 pixels) of your noodle dish, type in the recipe (if you have one, otherwise your ingredients and method would suffice if you're the guesstimate/agak-agak type) and write a post on why you cook up this noodle for this virtual party, if the noodle dish your favourite; if yes, tell us why and how you came across this noodle dish. Well, if you can write your entry in BM, it's all the better but I don't think I can round them up in BM cos I have left school aeons ago and it's very rusty hahaha...

Post it up in your blog by 29th August 2008 but of course if you can do it earlier, it’s all the better to ease me in rounding up on 31st August. Those who doesn’t own a blog but wish to participate, kindly do your write up and send it together with the picture to me. I’ll post it up for you.

As long as you’re a Malaysian, you can participate no matter where you’re located. Do note that you must be sensitive to our multi-racial and multi-religion society, hence you'll have to be wise in using certain ingredients that are sensitive to certain religion (ie. dish must be halal and try not to serve beef to our Hindu friends as well).

All entries must reach me by 29th August 2008, midnight Malaysian time at babe_kl(@)yahoo(dot)com. Our virtual party will be on 31st August 2008. In your email, please state the following details:

Name or nick
Permalink/URL of your post
Name of the dish

Looking forward to your entries and happy noodling!

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  1. What? No pork served? No beef served? What about vegetarians? I think we should respect each other's preference and allow each other to cook up whatever mee dish they want as I think we, Malaysians, ought to be matured enough to see pictures of pork, beef, meat or whatever.

    What say you?

  2. thanks for reminding me of this event!!! :)

  3. Small enquiry: Does original dish mean that its something from our heads or something traditional? And I think Pablo's right. We should all be big enough to handle seeing pictures of meats we don't eat. Thanks for the heads up! :)

  4. guys and gurls, sighhh the limitation was imposted and agreed by year one participants.

    however, if the majority of you decided to open it up, i will gladly do so. so please voice out yr comment here and i will count your votes by Monday noon ok? thanks :-)

  5. paris, from this para, your noodle dish has to be something original and traditional but then again hahaha somehow... it can get swayed one.

    "noodle dish of any Malaysian ethnic, of course the rare and unique ones from your family, hometown, kampung or some ulu place are most welcomed. Your noodle dish has to be something original and not fusionised or tweaked to fit the modern age."

  6. Ah, how can I miss the participation since berturut-turut 2 years I participate. Ok! I'll cook a foochow dish. Will halalfied it. usually when halal already means vegetarian wor. Chicken meat not nice wan.

  7. Hi Babe!
    Thanks for the reminder, time fly so fast this year and now it's merdeka. not so sure how i feel about merdeka what with all the political drama we have now. but i definitely have an noodle recipe to share with you guys!

  8. thanks jessie and nad for your support.

  9. Babe,
    Actually I was already thinking of either mee siam or laksa the way my family do it which I usually cook when I have open house here so this is a greatt theme for me!!! This is also a great theme because we Malaysian eat mee for brekkie, lunch, dins, supper and even when we're stressed we reach for maggi mee!
    I can get most of the ingredients here and the rest I substitutelah ;-) nad I will cook with no pork and no beef :-)
    I am looking forward to cooking this - 2 tahun planned nak masuk ada-ada saja halangan so tak jadi. This year better jadi eh?
    *hugs* Lisa

  10. Babe,
    I pilfered your words and put in my blog. Sorry for infringing the copyrights but please allow me for publicity sake! Me, the mee fiend is so looking forward to this!!! This is my kind of partay!

  11. Hi Babe, thanks for reminding me.
    I think I should be able to come up with something simple... something "Ipoh" :P

  12. Hey babe, thanks for choosing the theme. I am indeed......VERY PROUD! Can't wait to participate.

  13. Urg, can use ready mix paste for oversea M'sian or not? :P

  14. Wow this is cool man. First time I got invited to participate such interesting event. Ok must think hard what mee to cook. By the way wanna double confirm when you say original, can I substitude some of the ingredients with some instant thing ie. ready mix chilli paste rather than tumbuk the chilli here and there.

  15. Me vote any kind of meat except the endangered species.

  16. lisa & everyone, i dun mind having you guys copy this post wholesale. it's good to publicise this event to that more Malaysians can participate. thanks so much.

    thanks jason

    jo, thanks for the inspiration ;-). hope you can get more ppl to participate.

    yes belacan, not a problem

    no problem sue sue, i dun expect myself to do all the tumbuking too hehe. thanks and looking forward to your entry

    ya ya that should be it tummythoz. participating this time or not???

  17. I'm in! hehe. now headache..dont know what to prepare...

  18. Hi, I am a great fan of your blog. Been coming here everyday but never leave a comment. I will definately participate this year. Now have to crack my head to see what mee to cook :)

  19. sighh me too, daphne :P

    hey gertrude, thanks. loved your blog too! shld hv informed earlier. looking forward to your entry.

  20. Ahh...must think of something to cook! This is fun! What if you have duplicates of the same dish? Do you feature all of them?

  21. hi babe. Thanks for dropping by at my blog. I will try to think of something. Will try, definately. Must squeeze my brain a little bit.

  22. Would love to join you guys but me, new cook, new blogger, so a bit scared lah! But nevermind, promise, next year i sure join! Thanks for hosting such a lovely event.

  23. pureglutton, yes. it's not a problem cos even same dish but each will hv their own style or recipe

    thanks erina, looking forward to your entry

    hey family first, do join in the fun doesnt matter if you're a new or seasoned blogger.

  24. I would love to take part! Will send you info shortly!

  25. Babe_KL, posted my entry in my blog liao. Sorry ya, too lazy to send you a mail.

  26. hey, Babe_KL, I have posted my entry for the Merdeka Open House 2008, hopefully you have received my email ;-) Thanks for hosting such a fun and meaningful event !!

  27. aiyo i missed the deadline :P

    anyway i featured cantonese-ed kolo mee.


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