Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Chicken with Black Fungus and Lily Buds

Chicken with black fungus and lily buds

I don't have the exact recipe for this. From my experience, fry ginger slices in some sesame oil. Add in the chicken pieces and cook till lightly browned. Next, add in soaked black fungus and lily buds. Pour in just enough water to braise the chicken. Add in some abalone sauce to taste. BTW, if you've noticed, salt is not added in any of the confinement food.

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  1. I do a steamed version of this dish. I just marinate the chicken with a soy sauce, oyster/hoisin/abalone sauce, pepper, chinese wine, sesame oil and steam with the fungus and lily buds. Simple and nutritious dish :)

  2. I love this dish.. but the brat and the ang moh .. donch eat black fungus.. or lily buds.. :(
    sad hor.. :(

  3. nice one, babe..! Haha. Simple enough for me to try cooking this. Less salty is good, with the abalone sauce, I'm sure it's flavourful enough already. :p

  4. ooo. lily buds and ginger-that dish looks authentic!

  5. pureglutton, this dish was originally a steamed version but my mom thot it will taste better when braised

    mamabok, just cook one small portion for yourself

    ;-) twosuperheroes

    oh yes daphne, very delish esp the gravy laddled over hot rice


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