Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Sardine Fried Rice Version 2.0

Sardine Fried Rice

Earlier, I've posted this Sardine Fried Rice but that version was more like mine using flaked sardines. This version is of my hubby's where the sardines were mashed up finely before mixing into the rice. I liked my sardine chunky but hubby preferred his all mashed up.

Just like normal fried rice, it's rather easy peasy. First, remove the bones and innards from the canned sardines in tomato sauce before mashing them up finely. Set aside. Fry some chopped garlic in some oil till fragrant. Add in the peas (I've used the frozen ones, defrosted of course) and cubed carrots. Sprinkle in some salt to taste (use just a little bit cos the sardines are tasty enough) and stir. Pour in day-old rice and stir quickly coating them with oil. Next, add in the mashed sardines and mix thoroughly. Once they are evenly mixed up, dish up and serve hot.

If you're not eating this immediately, you can keep the rice warm in a rice cooker under "Keep Warm" setting.

Note: Hubby did not cook this!

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  1. i love using sardines for cooking, and using it for fried rice is just brilliant! well done!

  2. ooo. I like my sardine in sandwiches but havent tried fried rice yet!! Good idea!

  3. huh.. like that also can?!!!..

    then it will be a great idea for us who wan to eat and lazy to cook...


  4. Never know we can use sardin to fry rice. Thanks for sharing this good idea.

  5. thanks rita

    daphne, if you like sardines then this will be yummy for you

    hahaha yes penang tua pui, can also use tuna

    no problem NKOTB, yummy and easy peasy :D

  6. Hi, i luv your review .It is vry appreciated if u can share ur review at restaurants in malaysia under directories !

  7. Sardine with rice is an interesting twist. I like roti canai with sardine filling and teh tarik :)

  8. Isn't it funny..!! i never used to like eating sardine.. but now i craved for it.


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