Monday, 18 August 2008

Review: Spices of Asia

Hubby took me to this Malay cafe, Spice of Asia, and we were both taken by their signage Laksa Johor (RM5.00) pasted at the glass display. We were hankering for a very good Laksa Johor we have long time ago so we ended up ordering a bowl each.

From the outside, Spice of Asia, looks like typical Malay warung with food displayed up front but as one walked inside, a nice and cosy cafe is revealed. There is an aircon section too.

Our laksa came looking like this... kinda unappetising... with a bowl of sambal belacan to go with it.

SOA - laksa johor RM5.00

When we dug in, tada... the noodles, in this case spaghetti (it's common that spaghetti is used for Laksa Johor), and the condiments (cucumber, onions, beansprouts, bunga kantan etc) were actually hidden underneath the thick laksa gravy. The gravy consisted heavily of fish meat and I tasted a variety of herbs (ulam) and spices. This is not too bad but I've tasted better. I have to say that the sambal belacan is really great.

SOA - laksa johor - forked up

Hubby had a bowl of bubur cha cha that came purplish looking with strands of colourful errr I'm not sure what do you call those but should have been made outta flour and large sago balls. They looked like cendol strands but it's not soft, just slightly chewy. These colourful strands can be found at supermarket's dry food section. So far I've found the Malay style bubur cha cha have such floury strands. Hubby dug and dug but couldn't find the usual yam and sweet potatoes inside. Is this how a typical Malay bubur cha cha looks like? Hmm I doubt so since we have eaten one of the best around recently and have yet to find another to match this stall in KL.

SOA - bubur cha cha

All in our bill for 2 bowls of Laksa Johor, one bowl of bubur cha cha, one glass of syrup bandung and another glass of plain water costed less than RM15, sorry can't remember the exact amount. Other than these, they have nasi campur (mixed rice), various fried noodles and rice plus ala carte dishes to go with plain rice.

Spices Of Asia
52 Jalan Datuk Sulaiman
Taman Tun Dr.Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-7725 5875

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  1. Those 2 dishes certainly look different! I suppose u will never know till u try them.

  2. wow i havent tried this type of laksa before...

  3. Ooo, I've never tried Johor laksa before. How thick is the gravy huh?! Is it hot though?

  4. that just goes to show.. do not judge a bowl by its brown slurry! lol.. also , that bubur chacha looks lame

  5. Don't sound like an impressive place you'll return huh.

  6. Very different looking.. not that appetising hor.

  7. Bad presentation but tastes better?

  8. AT first I thought it was some kind of rendang but turned out to be laksa!

  9. uh huh daphne

    rita, next time come to Msia and try it ok

    missmall, no not hot

    cumi&ciki ya ya, must always give it a try

    tummythoz, not impressive but they have other things i wanna try like the nasi campur. the dishes not bad looking

    mamabok & jason, look could be deceiving :D

    hahaha tigerfish, ya hor aiyoh :D


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